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Do More With Your Dog! Find a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) in your area: Do More With Your Dog!® is the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks. The Do More With Your Dog!® instructors have been certified to ensure that they teach with positive and effective methods. Many CTDIs are experienced seminar presenters and perform live demonstrations for your event. All CTDIs are eligible Team Captains for the All-Star Performance Dog Team.     UNITED STATES Alabama Dothan: Lisa Gunn CTDI AL
Dothan Lisa Gunn
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  Webb: Mary May CTDI AL
Webb Mary May
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  Alaska Eagle River: Linda Boggs AK
Eagle River
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
  North Pole: Melissa Wallace, PhD, CTDI, CATT, TDAA Judge AK
North Pole
Melissa Wallace

Release Your Dog's Brilliance Melissa has been training dogs for many years; she trains her own Chihuahuas in agility, teacup agility, treibball, tracking, rally, obedience, nosework, barn hunt, and of course, tricks. Melissa is a frequent competitor in several of these sports in multiple venues and even travels to the Lower 48 to compete. She began training clients and their dogs in 2005. She has worked with Mastiffs and Belgian Malinois all the way down to Yorkie mixes and Pomeranians. She enjoys working with all ages of handlers. She teaches tricks, agility, Teacup agility, Treibball, rally, obedience, CGC prep, and tracking. Melissa has been a member of several performance dog clubs and served on the Board of Directors for the Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club in Utah as the Co-Director of Training. She is a Certified Teacup Dog Agility Association (TDAA) Judge, Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT) and judge, and an Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). She is a professional member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the American Treibball Association as well as a member of TDAA. She is currently working on her Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed certification. She brings her extensive experience as a judge, board member, and ongoing continuing education to all of her classes. FUN and developing a working bond are central points of her classes. Let's release your dog's brilliance.
  Arkansas Clarksville: Dayna Hilton AR
Dayna Hilton
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Conway: Pamela Padgett, CTDI AR
Pamela Padgett
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Jacksonville: Jeremy Kurck, CPDT-KA, CTDI AR
Jeremy Kurck

Certified Trick Dog Instructor I started my career in public safety, as a firefighter/EMT, and a law enforcement officer. I also hold an AAS in Fire and Emergency Response, and an AAS in Electronics. After burn-out, I decided to do something less stressful with my life. So I began training dogs professionally in 2008. I have experience training pets, service dogs, police dogs, and search dogs. Both of my dogs are CGC and my GSD is CGCA. My GSD also holds an Expert Trick Dog title. I am a CGC evaluator, an active member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and a CPDT-KA.
I currently volunteer with the United States Coast Guard in their Auxiliary program, teaching Boater Education classes, preforming vessel inspections, and maintaining marine safety.
Arizona Arizona City: Susan O'Driscoll, CTDI AZ
Arizona City
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  Buckeye: Marianne Haymanson, CTDI AZ
Buckeye Marianne Hymanson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor :I trained Service Dogs (disability & hearing) for 8+ years. I've titled two dogs in Rally Obedience, am a Rally Judge for 4-H and compete in many dog sports. I train private sessions using positive reinforcement. I was also Chapter Director for Therapy Dogs International.
  Chandler: Diane Stamp AZ
Associate Trick Dog Instructor I believe in positivity in training.
  Flagstaff: Laura Mork AZ
Laura Mork
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I started training dogs when I in the 4-H club dog program when I was a wee one! I have trained dogs all my life, and started training professionally 2 years ago, when I graduated from a school for professional dog trainers, interned for 6 months and then was hired. Now I am have my own business. I have a 8 year old bloodhound named Hemi that does several advanced tricks, and I just got a little 3 year old mixed breed shelter dog who is learning a few simple ones.
  Gilbert: C.J. Jackson, CTDI AZ
C.J. Jackson and Jasmine
Certified 12/11

  Live Life With Enthusiasm!
"My Favorite Pup Jasmine" is a popular trick dog who has been featured on TV, commercials, and print ads. She was trained exclusively using clicker training. I encourage relationship based training using positive reinforcement. I empower you with the tools and techniques you'll need to successfully train your dog.   Hereford: Nita Gandara, KPA CTP, TDCH, CTDI AZ
Nita Gandara, KPA CTP, CTDI
Head Trainer, On Cue Canines
Certified 4/10
(520) 234-6192
  Every dog deserves a chance to be a good dog.
In the early 1990s, while she was researching dog breeds online, Nita discovered websites talking about a new way of training dogs—clicker training. She continued to learn more about this style of training, and when she got her first puppy she was lucky to find a local clicker puppy class. From the first click, she was hooked! Nita is a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) and is very excited to help owners learn new tricks and have fun with their dogs. Her new goal is to master every trick in the 101 Dog Tricks book! She finds that dog training provides her a relief from the stresses of life, and would rather be out training her dogs than just about anything else. Nita is the owner of Canine Team Work. Hereford: Vicki Brown, CTDI AZ
Vicki Brown phillipe1@yahoo.com
azcaninevicki@gmail.com 520-249-4576
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor Vicki Brown has been teaching Basic and Advanced Manners classes as well as Trick classes since January of 2011, as well as offering private lessons. She is a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Vicki also worked for Soldier's Best Friend for two years where she trained dogs for soldiers with PTSD and TBI. Vicki and her dog, Kate, are active competitors in AKC Agility, competing at the Masters level.
Vicki especially loves teaching tricks because of the amazing bond it creates between human and dog. Her own dog has performed in professional photo shoots and videos. You can see Vicki’s name in the credits as Animal Trainer for the Independent film “Lucky U Ranch”- where one of the dogs from her Trick Dogs Class went on to perform specialized tasks and tricks that she trained for the dog’s part in that film. Tucson: Kate Hinner, CTDI AZ
Kate Hinner

Tucson Tail Waggers
  Positive Training for Positive Results
The adoption of my two dogs inspired me to turn their lives into something special and fulfilling. I discovered trick training, and found that it was a great way to have fun with dogs while boosting their confidence and enthusiasm. As dogs thrive on positive reinforcement, trick training is perfect for increasing the canine-human bond while promoting mutual respect and kindness. I offer the following services:
  • Group dog trick training
  • One-on-one dog trick training
  • Cat trick training
  • Dog walking/exercising
I look forward to working with you and your dog.
Mesa: Jonathon Kachlon AZ
Jonathon Kachlon
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Oro Valley: Carey Haas AZ
Oro Valley
Carey Haas
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been training full time for 9 years, work with over 2,000 dogs and their people companions. I achieved my CPDT; am applying for my APDT Rally Level 1 Judge. Most of my work is private training for fearful/neophobic dogs and I enjoy teaching "skillset", CGC & Therapy prep classes. I have a long time trick class called the "PAWSEE", which is my cattledog, a westie, a corgi, and a cavalier that do scripted skits. We've done 4 public 10 minute "shows" that start with a 5 minute obedience demo.I We are currently working on some skits to take to the many assisted living facilities here in Oro Valley/Tucson area. Our goal is to show people that they can have alot of fun with their own dogs and just have a blast seeing our dogs enjoy themselves!
Phoenix: Kelli McCoy, CTDI AZ
Kelli McCoy

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Queen Creeck: Sandy Beeler AZ
Queen Creek
Sandy Beeler
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for about twenty years and titled in obedience (CDX level), agility (multiple levels/organizations) but my love is freestyle. I am a World Canine Freestyle Organization judge and travel to judge live competitions as well as judge video comps. One of the things I find most rewarding is training beginners where I have the opportunity to be part of their wonderful life journey and get to show them there are so many fun things they can do with their dog!
Queen Creeck: Kama Rueschenberg AZ
Queen Creek
Kama Rueschenberg
Trainer, Club-Doggie.com
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I work full-time as a trainer with Club-Doggie.com and ArizonaAnimalActors.com. I have been training dogs and their owners for over 6 years. I have four dogs. Two of my dogs have been featured in online and print advertisements, three of my dogs have been trained to compete in agility, and I work all four of my dogs on sheep.
Queen Creeck: Amy Sandidge AZ
Queen Creek
Amy Sandidge

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Scottsdale: Sarah Horvath, CTDI AZ
Scottsdale Sarah Horvath
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I am a trainer with My Good Canine in Scottsdale, Arizona. I assist in training dogs for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and help with the socialization/training of dogs staying in the board & train program.  Sketch, my 2 year old Border Collie, and I have trained for and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen and the AKC Canine Community tests. We also participate in the sport of DockDogs. Sketch participates in Big Air, Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve. We have earned DockDogs titles in Big Air & Iron Dog (a competition consisting of all 3 disciplines). Sketch & I have received an invitation to compete in the 2014 World Championships in Iowa. Sketch and I love dog sports and are always open to trying something new. Sketch loves learning new tricks and I believe tricks are great way to bond with your dog. I am very excited to help owners learn new tricks and to have fun with their dogs. Sketch & I are working toward completing our Champion trick dog title.

Scottsdale: Kerstin Horvath, CTDI AZ
Kerstin Horvath
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am AKC CGC Evaluator and owner/trainer at My Good Canine in Scottsdale, Arizona. We offer a wide array of training options including group classes, private training, and board & train. I believe that training should be fun for both the dog & handler. Trick training is an excellent way to bond with your dog. In particular, tricks are an excellent way to get the whole family involved in the training of your dog. We look forward to introducing more clients to trick training and showing them how much fun it can be to train your dog.
In addition to obedience and trick training, my dogs are involved in a variety of dog sports. Sketch is our 2 year old Border Collie and he is now competing in DockDogs with both of my daughters. Sketch and the girls have received a number of invitations to compete in the DockDogs World Championships this fall. In addition, we have a 10 month old Border Collie named Arrow. Arrow has just started competing with the girls and we are excited that he has also received an invitation to Worlds! We also have a Scottish Terrier, a Miniature Dachshund and a Miniature Bull Terrier. Tricks are fun for the whole family and all dogs, regardless of their breed or size!
Tucson: Nikki Frahm AZ
Nikki Frahm
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've worked at a dog daycare for over 2 years and have been manager for about a year. I love learning different techniques to train dogs to their full potential to live a fun, happy life with their families.
Tucson: Rachel Molyneux AZ
Rachel Molyneux

sol.DOG Canine Services, LLC
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am co-owner of a dog training company. I have 11 yrs of experience in animal welfare and have fostered and rehomed hundreds of dogs, many of which came to me with behavior problems. One of my current dogs and I have learned tricks together to participate in a "canine drill team." I look forward to being able to share my knowledge with students.
Tucson: Brittany Robinson, CTDI AZ
Brittany Robinson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Tucson: Veronica D. Zimmerman CTDI AZ
Veronica D. Zimmerman
CEO and Head Trainer,
V's Cloud 9 K - 9 llc
"Properly Trained, Man Can Be Dog's Best Friend"
V's Cloud 9 K-9 LLC teaches people and dogs through positive reinforcement. We use principles rooted in the science of learning. Dogs actually learn during training — staying engaged, developing wanted behaviors, and building confidence - while strengthening the healing power of the human-dog bond. V's Cloud 9 K-9 LLC provides a variety of training services; however, it is the first in its kind to provide Tucson with the tools to train a Diabetic Alert Dog. These are dogs that are trained to alert to low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) and high blood glucose (hyperglycemia) to reduce the known short term and long term side effects of diabetes by improving glucose control. Veronica is also the author of the book, DOG: A Diabetic's Best Friend Training Guide - Train Your Own Diabetic & Glycemic Alert Dog Services Provided:
  • Assistance choosing the right dog
  • Temperament Assessments
  • A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Training & Evaluations
  • A.K.C. Community Canine Training & Evaluations
  • Confidence Building
  • Behavior Modification
  • Diabetic Alert Dog Training
  • Additional Assistance Task Training
  • Public Access Training
  • Fun Tricks
  • Chicken Clicker Training Workshops
  • Book Signing
  • Public Speaking
Tucson: Janet Galante AZ
Janet Galante

Owner, Sit! Stay! Play!
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have owned Sit! Stay! Play!, a dog daycare and training center for 13 years. I was on the original ABKA committee to establish standards in the dog daycare industry. I was a mentor for the Animal Behavior College. I am a professional member of APDT and am a CPDT-ka and have served on CCPDT committees. I have owned many breeds, but have been primarily involved with vizslas for the over past twenty years. I compete with my dogs in conformation, field trials, hunt tests, barn hunts, nose work, agility, and obedience. I am also owned by a funny little Chihuahua named Lulu! You can check me out at www.sitstayplaytucson.com
California Antioch: Eva KifrI CTDI CA
Antioch Eva Kifri
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Bakersfield: JoAnne Rowles, CTDI CA
Bakersfield JoAnne Rowles Certified 7/16
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Bakersfield: Cari Coston CA
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have grown up with dogs my whole life but I was always trained to teach them things by using a slip collar. My latest dog Jace helped me to seek out other ways to train and I found progressive reinforcement training. We have both been so much better off because of it. Now I am passionate about it and want to teach everyone that they can teach their dogs this way with no intimidation just lots of fun and treats! I have learned so much following your program and following a few other people with progressive reinforcement. Of course Jace has taught me a lot too. I started teaching a beginning trick class with the dog club I am a part of and we have been having a blast.
Buena Park: CJ (Carolyn) Fithian, B.A., M.A., ABCDT, TDCH, CTDI CA
Buena Park
CJ (Carolyn) Fithian

Trick Training for Fun and Bonding with your Dog CJ is an amateur dog trainer, specializing in dog sports, such as flyball, agility and disc dog. She also volunteers at many dog rescue shows and programs, demonstrating these wonderful dog sports, and all the other fun things that you can do with your dogs. CJ believes in having a strong, loving bond with her dogs, based on setting up clear, achievable criteria, marking and reinforcing the desired behaviors, while ignoring the undesired behaviors. There is no room in CJ's training program for any form of coercion or physical punishment. CJ is a vocal advocate of the Control Unleashed program by Leslie McDevitt. Any and every dog can benefit from the concepts of Control Unleashed. CJ has five Jam-Min' Aussies, also known as Miniature Australian Shepherds: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania and new little Adelaide. Melbourne is the 1st of the Jam-Min' crew to earn his Trick Dog Champion title with "Do More With Your Dog". Sydney has also earned her TDCh title, and Brisbane and Tasmania have their Expert titles. Little Adelaide is beginning training on her Novice title. All of the adult Jam-Min' Aussies have earned their Canine Good Citizen titles, and are also titled in Flyball, Agility, Disc Dog, and Tricks. Additional activities include Nose Work, Dock Diving and Lure Coursing. In addition to the Jam-Min' Aussies, the Fithian Family also includes a loving, supportive husband (Pat), and 4 not so supportive cats (Squeaky, Bruiser, Latte and Widget). You can find out more about CJ and her dogs, and about the wonderful sport of flyball, at the Surf City Flyball club's website.

Concord: Sheryl Onopchenko CA
Sheryl Onopchenko
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Dog Lover and service dog trainer looking for more ways to enjoy my dogs and inspire others.
Campbell: Josh Allen, CTDI CA
Josh Allen
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Capitola: Sandi Pensinger CA
Capitola Sandi Pensinger
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Castro Valley: Jasen Duncan, CTDI CA
Castro Valley
Jasen Duncan
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
On my off hours I am a long time student of Francis Metcalf’s Canine Circus School in Oakland, CA, a Draft Judge for the BMDCA and I Teach a Trick Class Monday nights at Oakland Dog Training Club. I am owned by 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs and have titled in Obedience, Rally, Nosework, Draft, Herding and Do more with your dogs Tricks. You can find fun videos and photos of Shasta and Kaylee on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JasenDuncan.
Chico: Sarah Richardson CTDI CA
Sarah Richardson Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Chico: Kathleen Kassebaum, CTDI CA
Kathleen Kassebaum
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Costa Mesa: Shannon Thier, CTDI CA
Costa Mesa
Shannon Thier
(949) 4DOGS-99
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training since mid-90's. I train strictly force-free, R+ methods. I use verbal & clicker as markers. I teach basic training classes/privates through B-Mod, and trick training is my niche. Animal Behavior College graduate, APDT Full member, Pet Professional Guild member, PetTech certified in pet safety/CPR, SCDTF member (Southern California Dog Trainers Forum) My companions are 2 Husky/Dalmatian sisters who were found in a dumpster at 8 weeks old. They are now 11 yrs old, have passed their CGCs with flying colors, & are the biggest blessings I have ever received in this lifetime.
Del Mar: Dearing English CTDI CA
Del Mar
Dearing English
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Dearing is a dedicated clicker trainer who enjoys training tricks. She trains service dogs and believes that every dog can benefit from learning tricks. The more dogs learn, the better they behave! Dearing is very much looking forward to helping pet parents "Do More With Their Dog!"
Emeryville: Peta Hitchens, MVPHMgt, PhD, CTDI CA
Peta Hitchens
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Hailing all the way from Australia, Peta holds a Bachelor's degree in
Equine Studies, a Master's degree in Veterinary Public Health
Management and her doctorate in Medical Research (investigating risk
factors for horse racing jockey falls, injuries and  fatalities). She
currently works as a Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis researching
human-animal interactions. In her spare time, Peta trains and teaches at Francis Metcalf's Canine Circus School in Oakland. She is experienced as both a horse and dog trainer, and has titled in agility (ANKC, AKC, TDAA) and rally-obedience (HDTC). Further, Peta performs with her amazing circus dog Ra: pleasing crowds of all ages at fundraisers, birthday parties and vaudeville shows in Northern California.
Escondido: Penny DiLoreto ABCDT, CTDP-KA, CTDI CA
Penny DiLoreto
Owner/Head Trainier, K9 Dog Park
Creating Happy Dogs and Happy Owners One Trick at at Time!
As owner of K9 Dog Park® located in San Diego/Escondido CA, Penny DiLoreto - ABCDT, CTDP-KA is known for her Positive Reinforcement based training. Penny is a Graduate of Animal Behavior College, and a graduate of the Escondido ROP Veterinary Assistant programs Vet I. & Vet II. Her training classes include: Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Beginning Agility, Rally, and Tricks.
Fort Bragg: Lea Smith CTDI CA
Fort Bragg
Lea Smith
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Gardena: Faith Brandstetter CA
Faith Brandstetter
Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Graton: Pat Engel CTDI CA
Pat Engel
Owner, Co-Pilot Dog Training
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I became a CPDT-KA in 2008. In 2009 I earned a diploma, pass with distinction, from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Canine Behavior Science and Technology. I own my own training business, Co-Pilot Dog Training. I would like to add trick instruction to my training repertoire as a way to help people bond with their dog, and have fun while training attention and responsiveness.
Hopland: Stella Fleming CTDI CA
Stella Fleming

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Harbor City: Ethel Mercer CTDI CA
Harbor City
Ethel Mercer

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been teaching classes for 25 years. I started clicker training in 1989. I finished my Miniature Pinscher and my border collie's UD in obedience with clicker training. My BC, Heaver, is in Kyra Sundance's DVD "The best of the 101 tricks". my papillon, Zip, has been doing Tricks, Obed, Agility, Trick to music. I mix it all up to keep it fun.
Irvine: Tasha Miner Salsido, CTDI CA
Tasha Miner Salsido

Owner, Granted Wishes K9
Certified 9/12
Pawsitive training for both ends of the leash!
I have been training my own dogs since 1995, and I opened my professional training business, Granted Wishes K9, in 2010. I use the Natural Way to help owners and dogs learn to communicate with each other through positive reinforcement techniques. We don't use any forceful, coercive, or punishment-based methods for training… It is unnatural to expect a dog to speak English, so unethical to punish them for failing to do so. I have experience with a wide variety of breeds, ages, temperaments, and behavioral difficulties. I have a FREE Meetup.com group called IDOGS geared toward helping recover socialization and maintain it. We are priced low to be more widely available to those who have rescued dogs with issues, but we are definitely equal to the challenge. I hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music Performance with an emphasis in Education -- I feel very strongly that this background enables me to come up with very creative and successful solutions for my dog training clients.
Irvine: Pam Johnson CA
Pam Johnson
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a current Certified Dog Trainer through CPDT-KA. I have been working with dogs for over 12 years. I volunteer for the Orange County Pit Bull Rescue, I help out at their fund raising events and donate my time as a personal trainer to our foster volunteers. I just teamed up with GrantedwishesK9 to assit with classes and host some of my own in the future. Currently I have been doing a lot of private, puppy, behavior and obedience classes.
Irvine: Brittany Quon CA
Brittany Quon

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
After getting my degree in Animal Science and minoring in Psychology, training dogs sort of fell in my lap as the perfect career choice! I did an apprenticeship at a dog daycare and training facility to earn my CPDT-KA, and worked with hundreds of different types of dogs covering a variety of behaviors from obedience to fun tricks. I now work at spcaLA as an Animal Behavior and Training Specialist working with the shelter dogs as well as teaching public classes.
La Mesa: Danielle Theule DDS, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA CA
La Mesa
Danielle Theule
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been training dogs, horses, cats and birds for many years. I am CGC evaluator; I train therapy dogs; and I provide training and guidance as a Dogs & Storks presenter.
Laguna Beach: Marla Friedler-Cooper, MA CPDT-KSA, TDCH, CTDI CA
Laguna Beach
Marla Friedler-Cooper, MA CPDT-KSA

creativedogs@gmail.com HollywoodDogStars.com SouthCoastDogTraining.com

All with Positive Reinforcement
In addition to being a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Marla has an M.A. and B.A. in Communications, a California teaching credential, graduated from wild animal training school, where she worked with wolves, lions and tigers, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology. She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Marla is a nationally ranked agility competitor and has been a National Agility Finalist with her golden retriever, MACH 3 ADCH Roxy, who is in the Agility Dog Hall of Fame. Her border collie, MACH ADCH Sage, is a nationally competitive agility dog who won the Del Mar Dog Agility Speed Challenge. Marla’s border collie, Spritz, is on the US Agility Team and will be competing in Europe this summer. She is training her young border collie, Synergy, and her chihuahua, Samba, to be both agility and trick dogs. Marla trains all her dogs lots of tricks and considers it the foundation for all dog sports. Her website is: SouthCoastDogTraining.com
Lancaster: Kajla Decastro CA
Kajla Decastro

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I feel it is important to do more stuff with your dog, not just throw them in the back yard. I have two boxers and do all sorts of training with them. My love for dogs is what makes me very happy and is my therapy! I do agility, obienece and rally.

Lancaster: Matthew Hissong, CTDI CA
Matthew Hissong

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Matthew is a Certified massage therapist who has worked on numerous dog injuries and ailments. Matthew has been training dogs for the last 12 years using positive training methods.

Larkspur: Anni Black CTDI CA
Anni Black

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Lebec: Nadine Johnson CA
Nadine Johnson

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Lincoln: Valerie George CTDI CA
Valerie George

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Livermore: Laura Angelo, KPA CTP, CBAC, CTDI CA
Laura Angelo

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Laura is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, a graduate of Trish King's Canine Behavior Academy I, II and III, and Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Kyra Sundance's Do More with Your Dog. Laura's own dog currently has an Expert Trick Dog Title. Laura believes that we should teach dogs our expectations in a safe and joyful manner, without the use of any force or intimidation. She enjoys helping people learn to communicate in this way with their furry friends.

Los Angeles: Danielle Hurley CA
Los Angeles
Danielle Hurley

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Los Angeles: Elisha Stynchula CPDT-KA, CNWI, CTDI CA
Los Angeles
Elisha Stynchula
I Said Sit! School for Dogs www.isaidsit.com elisha.stynchula@gmail.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Elisha has been working with dogs for over 10 years in a professional capacity. Her career started many years earlier when she used to walk the neighbors Great Dane as a child. Continuing education is very important to Elisha. She stays current on the most current science based methods by attending various seminars in dog sports, training and behavior. Elisha is also actively involved with her own dog in dog sports, particularly in Nose Work and Mondioring. Elisha and her dogs have competed in some fun competitions and made a few television appearances. You can find her in Los Angeles at "I Said Sit!" School for Dogs where she is the General Manager and partner.
Los Gatos: Vikki Boyd, CTDI CA
Los Gatos
Vikki Boyd
408-358-3205 k9s4happiness@yahoo.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Vikki Boyd is a certified dog trainer through CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.) Vikki's dog training interests include: training for the urban family dog, puppy training, therapy dog training, and trick training. Vikki's methods are positive, reward based using play, toys, treats and the environment. But most of all, Vikki teaches her clients how they themselves can become the reward for their dog.
Mill Valley: Lisa Caper CTDI CA
Mill Valley
Lisa Caper

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Moreno Valley:Adrianna Hahn CA
Moreno Valley
Adrianna Hahn

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Nicasio: Holly McArthur, CPDT-KA, CTDI CA
Holly McArthur
Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Counselor
Optimist Dog Training

Think Positively. Train Positively.
Holly McArthur is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a Behavior Counselor. She has been training animals for 20 years. Through her business, Optimist Dog Training, in Marin County, CA, she helps owners and dogs communicate better and live happily together. She believes in personalized approaches to training any behavior, from the simplest sit to the most complicated trick, based on the skills, learning styles and goals of both the handler and dog. In addition to being a CPDT-KA, Holly is a professional member of APDT, an AKC CGC Evaluator and a 4-H Dog Project Leader.

Oakland: Deirdre Strickland-Meads CTDI CA
Deirdre Strickland-Meads

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a dog volunteer at the local animal shelter and I started a Chihuahua and Chihuahua mix rescue to pull long term and at risk dogs who are then placed in qualified foster homes until forever homes are secured. As part of this effort, I want to train these wonderful little rescues in agility and tricks in order to help them appeal to a wider range of potential adopters.
Oceanside: Lianne Shinton, CTDI CA
Lianne Shinton IQ K9 Training (619) 777-6330 Lianne.iqk9training@gmail.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Some of the most frustrating problems dogs develop are the ones that involve behavioral issues. If your dog barks for no reason, chews up your house, digs, runs away or just doesn't listen, you know exactly what we are talking about! While some unwanted behaviors can be explained by medical conditions, many stem from excessive energy and lack of structure and training. Our programs are designed to give busy dog owners the fastest and most reliable options to get the results you need! Give us a call today at (619) 777-6330 to book a FREE Consultation for YOUR dog!
Palmdale: Abbey Hood CA

Abbey Hood

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Palmdale: Suzanne LeRoy, CTDI CA

Suzanne LeRoy

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Currently I teach a K9 Nose Work© class and a Conformation Handling class. I’m a certified K9 Nose Work© Instructor, and Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed® (CPDT-KA®). I teach with positive reinforcement. I also work as a trainer for a Southern California all breed rescue group and work with a large variety of dogs breeds with everything from behavior problems to just poor manners. I’m a member of numerous dog clubs including the Antelope Valley Kennel club (I handle their website). My background in dogs started In 2000, when I started training and competing in agility, then added conformation, herding, obedience, tracking and K9 Nose Work. In 2009 I left my job at Sony Pictures (VP, International Marketing) and started working full-time as a dog trainer. I’ve done very well in competition including numerous high level awards in herding, agility, conformation, rally & K9 Nose Work©. I currently own 6 Border Collies, a Whippet, and a Parson Russell Terrier.

Pearblossom: Laura Mitobe, CTDI CA
Laura Mitobe, CTDI
Party Paws
Certified 11/09

    Tricks and Training
Laura has been competing in dog shows over the past 20 years. Laura and her standard poodle Maestro love to go dog mushing. Maestro and Reign also enjoy agility, freestyle and all kinds of scent games. Laura has been training her dogs and helping others for over 20 years in conformation and other venues. But mainly, the Party Paws poodles like to have fun doing tricks and scootering. Playa Del Rey: Robin Bronner, CTDI CPDT-KA CA
Playa Del Rey
Robin Bronner

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs using only positive methods for nearly 5 years. For the past two years, I have focused training with my own dog, Shiloh, on Tricks, Agility, & Disc. Last year, I became a CPDT-KA. Currently, I own a dog training company called Good Choices Dog Training in the Los Angeles area. I also work in television production as a First Assistant Director for the Disney Channel.
Pleasanton: Kristine Shimmin CTDI CA
Kristine Shimmin

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have so much fun working with my dog that I decided to become a trick dog instructor to learn more training skills. I’m not a professional dog trainer but I love working with dogs. My Maltese Lillen is working to become a Pet Therapy Dog and will be showing her tricks to kids who are seriously ill, nursing home residents, etc.. I’m team captain of Paws4Fun, an Allstar Performance Dog Team – we currently have 2 members in Pleasanton.
Pleasanton: Christine Salazar CA
Christine Salazar
Dodger's Paws LLC
Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Porterville: Florenza Pizanis, CTDI CA
Florenza Pizanis

info@roobydoocanineacademy.com www.roobydoocanineacademy.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Florenza Pizanis, owner of Rooby-Doo Canine Academy, believes that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners and bad experiences. She helps dogs gain confidence and structure through both mental and physical stimulation. When asked why she uses positive reinforcement her reply is „ apart from not wishing any pain on the dogs, frankly hurting or stressing the dog just doesn’t work.“ She also believes in getting to the underlying cause of any and all behavioral issues not just addressing the symptoms. She incorporates tricks into her training which help dogs gain confidence as well as challenges them mentally and physically. Proof of the pudding is when she adopted her dog Busta (Rooby-Doo), an abused staffforshire terrier, who had aggression issues towards both people, dogs and other animals. He has transformed into a happy and friendly dog, who loves to show off his knowledge of tricks! He is not only an advocacate for the pitbull type breed but also for how well positive reinforcement and trick training really works! Florenza’s capacity as a professional dog trainer ranges from basic obedience, advanced obedience, aggression, service dog training, protection and of course trick dog.
Rancho Cucamonga: Kienan Cowen CA
Rancho Cucamonga
Kienan Cowen

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've taught numerous classes ranging from Puppy Classes to CU classes. I've put UKC titles on my dogs.
Redondo Beach: Pamela Regan, CTDI CA
Redondo Beach
Pamela Regan
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have over 35 years of experience training and exhibiting in conformation and performance events (and I'm not as old as that makes me sound!). I started performance sports in earnest with a pair of big-hearted, loyal, wonderful Collies, and I currently compete with my Belgian Tervuren in obedience, rally, agility, herding, and conformation (she likes to do stuff). My dogs have achieved over 300 qualifying scores and class placements, more than 20 national Top 10 performance rankings, multiple all-breed High in Trial and High Combined awards, and 30 performance titles (none of which, by the way, are as important to me as the sheer fun we have doing these activities together). I'm also an obedience and rally instructor, as well as a licensed AKC judge and CGC evaluator. Over the past couple of years, I've become increasingly aware that for many people, training is NOT fun - it's about competition, about winning, about drilling, about the ribbon rather than the journey. And I don't like this - I see unhappy, stressed people and dogs in my ring at trials; I see people drilling their dogs repeatedly and punitively; I see people who will not play with their dogs or take them for walks because that might interfere with their training regimen. I find myself continually wishing that those people would stop, and breathe, and really enjoy the time they have with their dogs — go for a walk, learn a new trick, have a laugh and an enjoyable moment together. I love the positive "do more with your dog" philosophy, and I've seen in my own dog - as we've started learning new tricks - a spark, a happiness to be learning these new things (most of which build on her earlier obedience, rally, and agility training!), that absolutely gladdens my heart. I've done neighborhood demos, and I've begun incorporating tricks into my obedience and rally classes. I believe (and have found with my own dog) that trick training is a great way to build trust between dog and handler and also to inject some fun into traditional obedience exercises that can grow a little stale with repetition. My basic training philosophy - grounded in clear communication, positive reinforcement, and a good sense of humor - fits with the goals of "Do More With Your Dog!."
San Anselmo:Yuching Desch, CTDI CA
San Anselmo
Yuching Desch

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

San Bruno: Margaret Kling CTDI CA
San Bruno
Margaret Kling

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

San Diego: Tristan Barnum CTDI CA
San Diego
Tristan Barnum

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

San Clemente: Diane Leonard CA
San Clemente
Diane Leonard

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been working with Pet Project Foundation as a dog walker, volunteer, and Chairman of the Board for about 8 years. We support the San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter. I am enrolled in a Dog Trainer Apprentiship program.
San Diego: Pamela Johnson, B.S., M.A., CPDT-KA, TDCH, CTDI CA
San Deigo
Pamela Johnson, B.S., M.A., CPDT-KA, CTDI
Certified 1/11
Pam's Dog Academy

  Pam's Dog Academy: Building the human/canine bond, one click at a time!
Pamela Johnson's passion is using positive reinforcement/clicker training to train tricks for canine freestyle, agility, and solve dog behavior problems. Pamela's background is in education and is a natural teacher of all things. Pamela is the co-founder of the San Diego Canine Freestylers. She belives that the more one can do with their dog the stronger the human/canine bond becomes! Pamela competes with her own dogs in agility and canine freestyle. Her family consists of a Husky Mix (Isabelle), Two Border Collies (Bandit & Twix), Cat (Sabrina) and husband (Marxsen). She is known for posting free dog training videos on YouTube under the channel "pamelamarxsen", in hopes that people around the world will see that positive reinforcement training is fun and most of all; works! Pam's dogs have both earned their prestigious Trick Dog Champion (TDCH) titles.
San Francisco: Monica Medrano CTDI CA
San Francisco
Monica Medrano
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

San Francisco: Shelley Leong-Peterson CTDI CA
San Francisco
Shelley Leong-Peterson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a force-free dog trainer in San Francisco. I train basic obedience, leash reactivity, confidence for shy dogs, and tricks.
San Rafael: Celeste Barker CTDI CA
San Rafael
Celeste Barker
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Santa Cruz: Janice Tronick CTDI CA
Santa Cruz
Janice Tronick

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Santa Rosa: Mark Hansen CA
Santa Rosa
Mark Hansen

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have worked at a vet and kennels since 1996. I am now a trainer at a boarding and training kennel. I attended and graduated Trish Kings Canine Behavior Academy level 1 and 2. I attend multiple training and behavior seminars each year.
Santa Rosa: Felicia The, CTDI CA
Santa Rosa
Felicia The

Service Dog Trainer
I volunteer at shelters. I am a service dog trainer (I will be receiving an Associate of science degree in service dog education from Bergin university of canine studies this may).I currently own 2 dogs and i am currently volunteering at a rescue training their dogs.I had attended numerous seminars. I am a member of APDT and working towards CPDT certification. This is my training philosophy: By catering to each individual dog and owner, I use positive reward training methods, incorporating lure reward training, shaping and a range of other training techniques that fosters relationship building and trust between owner and dogs through love, training and play time.
Sebastopol: Olga Browning CTDI CA
Olga Browning

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Sherman Oaks: Janet Graham, CTDI CA
Sherman Oaks
Janet Graham
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Janet has worked as a professional dog trainer for over six years at "I Said Sit!" school for dogs in Los Angeles, CA. She has been a CPDT-KA certified trainer since 2012. She believes in furthering her career by participating in conferences on postive dog training and seminars with lead dog trainers Kyra Sundance, Ian Dunbar, and Pat Miller. She currently works with dogs of all breeds and ages on tricks, basic obedience, and behavioral issues. She aims to keep training entertaining and engaging for both you and your dog. Join her and gain an exciting and much improved relationship with your dog today!

Sherman Oaks: Cathy Stanley, CTDI CA
Sherman Oaks
Cathy Stanley

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Shingle Springs: Chris Ruppenthal CA
Shingle Springs
Chris Ruppenthal

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Chris Ruppenthal teaches several group classes a week at The Local Bark. When not training, Chris competes in agility and rally.
Sonora: Margery Cavins CA
Margery Cavins

Associate Trick Dog Instructor I'm a lifelong dog owner, and dog hobbyist, particularly in dog sports such as Agility and Canine Freestyle. I'm an instructor and judge for Judy Gamet's Dogs Can Dance, and I'm a huge fan of Julie Flanery's RallyFree, which I hope to teach sometime soon. I'm a class and seminar junkie, at least in the past, but these days I seldom travel, so most of my current learning is through online courses.

Sonora: Marla Carrie Dymesich, CTDI, CGC Evaluator CA
Marla Carrie Dymesich

Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been training dogs for over twenty years. I have always used positive reinforcement methods. I switched to clicker training several years ago after a friend introduced me to the technique. I have been using this method for obedience, nose work, and trick training. I have personally seen a lot of improvement in many dogs when using this form of training. Even with reactive and aggressive dogs, where other methods have failed. As with my own dog, they really respond to positive reinforcement using clicker training. Trick training improves behavior overall and builds confidence in dogs. I would like to help others achieve the working relationship like the one I have with my dog. Trick training is not only fun for the dog, but for the owner as well. It builds a strong lasting bond, between you and your dog, by creating a working team. This also helps keep your dog mentally and physically fit. This team work helps with all other aspects of the dog’s life as well as with other sports.

Quartz Hill: Claire Doré, CTDI CA
Quartz Hill
Claire Doré, CTDI, Studio Animal Trainer
Certified 11/09
Performing Animal Troupe

Every dog is a star.
I am a studio animal trainer and I train dogs for movies, commercials, and print shoots. I enjoy working with my animals- 4 dogs, 3 cats, 6 rats and some madagascar hissing cockroaches.

Vacaville: Alisyn Fiala CA
Vacaville Alisyn Fiala
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Van Nuys: Jennifer Phillips CA
Van Nuys
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
My background is in zookeeping and working with exotics such as primates and birds. I recently joined Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers. I have a high-energy, super motivated dog that LOVES this program.

Visalia: Matthew White, CTDI CA
Visalia Matthew White focuseddog@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Matt White is a certified dog trainer and graduated from the Animal Behavior College in 2012. He's also earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Fresno Pacific University. Matt serves as a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College. He could best be described as a dog-friendly, reward based, force-free trainer. He's also a member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Vista: Aleandra Plasil, CTDI CA
Vista Aleandra Plasil 760-420-0382 Kandidk9dogtraining@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Walnut Creek: Elizabeth Barber CA
Walnut Creek
Elizabeth Barber
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've always loved dogs, and when I finished puppy school with my Dalmatian, Devon, last year; we started working on trick training. Originally I was using trick training as a way to continue bonding with him until we started Agility. Once I discovered the titles, and how much he and I love doing tricks together, I decided to get him certified as a trick dog. Tricks are just so much fun that I love to share them with other people and their dogs!
Walnut Creek: Michelle Butler CTDI CA
Walnut Creek Michelle Butler
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Westminster: Lynnette Berker, CTDI CA
Westminster Lynnette Berker
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been training since early 2000. I am a representative for PAWs with a Cause, which is an assistance dog organization. I help people with disabilities work with their service dogs.
Windsor: Angela Silvestri, CTDI CA
Windsor Angela Silvestri
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been involved in a variety of dog sports since 1997 when I adopted a lab mix from the shelter. It started with wanting a well mannered house dog, to a passion for competition, to what some may call an obsession. I began training my mixed breed dogs with the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of American prior to mix breed eligibility to register with AKC. I have exhibited and titled dogs in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, nose work, herding, schutzhund, and barn hunt. I currently share my life with four Belgian Malinois.

I currently teach classes for the local AKC obedience club, County-Wide Dog Training Club, and I offer some private lessons.
Woodacre: Suyash Prasad CTDI CA
Woodacre Suyash Prasad
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Woodacre: Tamsin Prasad CTDI CA
Woodacre Tamsin Prasad
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Woodland Hills: Dianna Santos CA
Woodland Hills Dianna Santos
Associate Trick Dog Instructor I have been a professional dog trainer since 2011 and have worked in shelters, training centers and run my own private dog training business. Currently owned by an extremely smart and talented Doberman, Valor, I look forward to obtaining as many Trick Dog Titles with him as possible, and share the joy of trick training with my clients.
Yorba Linda: Kim Kane, CTDI CA
Yorba Linda
Kim Kane
Certified 9/2013
Positive Training for Positive Results
After having homeschooled both of my kids and they were each at their respective colleges, I decided to homeschool the dogs. I have put many titles on my poodles over the years, and in 2013 I took my standard poodle to the AKC Agility Nationals in Tulsa. I've accomplished it all with a clicker, some tasty treats, and a lot of praise. Tricks training and canine musical freestyle are my favorite things to do with the dogs and they seem to enjoy the one-on-one attention as well as the applause from the audience at a show. So, come on… if I can do it, so can you!
Yucaipa: Linda Allen, CTDI CA
Linda Allen, CTDI
Certified 10/11
Zero to Hero Dog Training

The Trick is in the Training Linda has been involved in dog sports for over thirty years, titleing in conformation, rally obedience, and tricks. She owner-handled her dog to his Intl. and American Champion title, and is on her way to achieving her Trick Dog Champion title. Linda holds classes through Zero to Hero Dog Training, where she "unleashes your dog's true potential!"
Colorado Bennett: Leah A. Morse, CTDI CO
Bennett Leah Morse Certified 8/16 rmclassiccanine@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor  
  Broomfield: Maureen Stevens, CTDI CO
Broomfield Maureen Stevens Certified 8/16 Maureen@beeagooddog.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor My goal is to help you teach your dog using force free methods
that builds a bond of mutual love and trust. I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CDTI) Tricks Training and Canine Conditioning which builds a stronger bond with our canine companions. Along with in home private training and volunteering as the Assistant Dog Trainer with Domino Service Dogs in Lakewood. I have had dogs and cats all my life. I've loved all critters from a young age, and have always enjoyed working and playing with our family dogs. I was taught the choke chain method of training, but that method always felt invasive and it never felt like the right thing to do. I knew there had to be a better, more positive way to train.
Chester the Wonder Pup, a rescue from Boulder Humane Society, has been my biggest inspiration to become a full-time, gentle-method dog trainer. I graduated from Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy in December 2012. Since then I have had opportunities to do a lot of hands-on volunteer work as well as complete additional courses to expand my knowledge while continuing to work clients and their dogs. Whether you want your dog to learn basic manners and socialization, tricks, or you're interested in having your dog become a Canine Good Citizen, I am confident I have the tools to help you have the dog you desire.
I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) Instructor and Evaluator. Member of the Pet Professional Guild.
I continue to attend workshops and seminars to make sure I am always up to date on all of the new and innovative ways to have fun with dogs and their Humans ~ Always learning more to better help you and your dog.  
  Cedaredge: Rayna Stout, CTDI CO
Cedaredge Rayna Stout totalcayos@yahoo.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor  
  Colorado Springs: Cindy Still, CTDI, CGC Evaluator CO
Colorado Springs Cindy Still Email: woofermutt@gmail.com
Webpage: www.woofermutt.com
FB page:
https://www.facebook.com/Woofermutt/ Phone: 710-440-3169
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Learning how to live and have fun with your lifelong friend. Owner of Woofermutt Dog Training, Colorado Springs, CO. Longtime dog instructor working with all ages from children (8yrs and older) to adults. Currently owned by a Bernese Mountain Dog - Jammer, (Berners are my breed) and a rescue Australian Shepherd - Newton (Because he defies gravity). When I teach, my goal is to teach you how to teach your dog, by using a bagful of training methods I have learned over the years. Positive methods such as clicker, luring, shaping, pedestal. If what I teach doesn't work we can always try something else. Different dogs are just like kids some learn differently than others. I am always willing to help you with questions. There are no dumb questions, and I learn things too. “Do More With Your Dog” try Tricks, Showmanship, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Beginning Agility , Canine Good Citizen, all which give you and your dog a chance to have fun.
  Ft. Collins: Joanne Thompson, CTDI CO
Ft. Collins Joanne Thompson   tho0123@earthlink.net
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  Greeley: Lisa Hayes, MA, CPDT-KA,CTDI CO
Lisa Hayes

Director of CCH Training, Canine Community Heroes Inc.
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Director of CCH Training
  • Member of Assoc. for Pet Dog Trainers
  • Disabilities Specialist
  • Community Impact Award recipient

Canine Community Heroes (CCH)
"Training Dogs to be Family Members and Community Heroes" CCH specializes in helping people train their own Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs. We also offer many opportunities for our pet dog community to join us. At CCH we believe that having fun and training go paw in hand. Whether you want to just have fun with your pet or work towards trick titles and performance team we have a spot waiting for you. Pssst don't tell your dog that they are learning… its just fun and games to them! We offer:
  • Puppy Preschool
  • Skill Development
  • BraveHeart Class
  • Rally for Fun
  • Service Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Trick Dogging

Greeley: Lisa Walters, CT, CPDT-KA,CTDI CO
Lisa Walters

Director of CCH daily operations, Canine Community Heroes Inc.
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  • Certified Sign Language Interpreter
  • Director of CCH daily operations
  • Member of Assoc. for Pet Dog Trainers
  • Disabilities Specialist
  • Community Impact Award recipient

Canine Community Heroes (CCH)
"Training Dogs to be Family Members and Community Heroes" CCH specializes in helping people train their own Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs. We also offer many opportunities for our pet dog community to join us. At CCH we believe that having fun and training go paw in hand. Whether you want to just have fun with your pet or work towards trick titles and performance team we have a spot waiting for you. Pssst don't tell your dog that they are learning… its just fun and games to them! We offer:
  • Puppy Preschool
  • Skill Development
  • BraveHeart Class
  • Rally for Fun
  • Service Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Trick Dogging

Connecticut Cheshire: Martha Bailey CTDI CT
Martha Bailey

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Greenwich: Betsy Schwartz CT
Betsy Schwartz


Associate Trick Dog Instructor I am a CPDT-KA working in Stamford, CT at a canine facility that features pet-friendly, positive dog training, along with doggie daycare and grooming. I teach 15 classes a week including Good Manners and Agility for Fun.
Clinton:Trudy Paquin, CTDI CT

Trudy Paquin

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Newington:Laura DeMaio Roy, CTDI CT

Laura DeMaio Roy LEDR Dog Training and Boarding LLC
(860) 462-1672

Laura is an energetic, passionate person who loves to teach people how to bring the best out of their dogs. Laura is a certified Guide Dog Trainer/Instructor for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation and owns a private training business, LEDR Dog Training (http://ledrdogtraining.com). She also teaches herding and trick training, along with competing in Barn Hunt and herding trials. Laura teaches trick training at summer camps and performs trick shows with her rescue pup Jake. She loves trick training for it’s ability to build confidence, strength, and a better relationship with your dog.
Trick Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX1kj6cnRjU
Norwalk: Jackie Pariseault CTDI CT
Jackie Pariseault

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Rocky Hill: Kathy Mayer, CTDI CT
Rocky Hill
Kathy Mayer

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Wallingford: Dawn Geremia CT
Dawn Geremia

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Windsor: Lorraine Moule CTDI CT
Lorraine Moule

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Woodbury: Kiera Stampp CT
Kiera Stampp

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
DC, Washington DC Washington DC: Michelle Yue DC
Washington DC
Michelle Yue
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a trainer in DC since 2006. I am currently the Director of Behavior and Training for the Washington Animal Rescue League. I own two dogs - Iry a 9 year old PekX, who knows several tricks, and Max, a 6 month old GSD.
Delaware Hockessin: Anne Shehab, CTDI DE
Anne Shehab

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Millsboro: Lori Leonard CTDI DE
Lori Leonard

Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been a certified professional dog trainer for 13 years. I recently obtained my Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) training and am loving all the new things that I now can do with my own dogs and my clients. My motto and goal with all Dogs And Their Companions, from the beginning, has been to live and help others "Live In Harmony."
Newark: John Hadfield DE
John Hadfield

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Wilmington : Anne Breden CTDI DE
Anne Breden

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Florida Bayonet Point: Lisa Morrissey, CPDT-KA, CTDI, TDCH, ABCDT-L2, CDE, AKC CGC & STAR Puppy Evaluator, Certified K9 Fit Club Instructor, PCAS Behavior Coordinator, Certified in Feline Management & Training, Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer. FL
Bayonet Point  
Lisa Morrissey

Why Tricks... Build your dog/cat's confidence, create a strong bond with your pet, have fun with your pet, drain your pet's energy, earn titles, entertain friends & family....
Lisa is owner & head trainer at Trick Dog U K9 Training Academy in Bayonet Point, Florida, located with in Hudson, on the West Coast of Florida. She is certified by the Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA and a graduate of the Animal Behavior College and recently earned her L2 designation. Her rescue dog Brody is a DMWYD Trick Dog Champion & K9 Artist who paws it forward raising money for shelter dogs and cats. Lisa's rescue Dog Dali is a DMWYD Advanced Trick Dog, Dali prefers dock jumping & scent work and is currently taking a break from tricks while she titles in Dock Jumping & Barn Hunt. Lisa also has a dog that was set for death at the municipal shelter where she is contracted as their Behaviorist/Trainer, Penelopup who was deemed aggressive, untrainable and a danger by shelter staff has her DMWYD Novice Trick Dog Title and is working hard on her Intermediate title with her rescue Feline brother Fender (Named after the location he was rescued from in a cars fender well) who is a DMWYD Novice Trick Cat.
For upcoming classes visit Trick Dog U's website: Trick Dog U K9 Training Academy Lisa & Brody are also a DMWYD All-Star Performance Team and are available for Charitable functions as well as private events! Brody has been seen on Good Morning America, DayTime TV and Fox 13 News.
For more info on Brody visit his website: Brody the Border Collie
Brandon: Terri Latronica, CTDI FL
Terri Latronica
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a member of APDT, CPDT-KA, PPG. I have numerous titles in Obedience, Rally, Freestyle, and now Trick Training. I work for a veterinarian teaching puppy classes. Working with dogs is not just my profession it is my passion!
Brooksville: MaryAnn Campbell FL
MaryAnne Campbell
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been training dogs professionally for about 5 years. I've always encouraged my classes and clients to teach tricks because that's the attitude I want them to train everything with. I've put titles on my dogs in agility, rally, dock jumping, terrier racing and now tricks. Two of my current kids are therapy dogs. I've published a few articles in DogSport and I'm also a freelance copy editor.
Boca Raton: Michelle Martiya FL
Boca Raton  
Michelle Martiya

martiya@pawsfortraining.com Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been training for almost two years. Maintaining a relaxed and fun atmosphere is key to keeping the people and the dogs interested and engaged. Cantonment: Kelli Whitfield, CTDI FL
Kelli Whitfield

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have always loved dogs and been drawn to spending time with dogs. As a child my dogs were my best companions. My love for dogs led me to figure out fun ways to teach my dogs tricks and skills to compete in AKC events like obedience and agilty. My dogs enjoy a variety of dog sports from barn hunt to coursing to rally. Teaching tricks to my dogs has given me a stronger bond with them as well as lots of fun times. Cape Coral: Crystle Barrs, ABC FL
Cape Coral  
Crystle Barrs

kryztale311@hotmail.com Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a graduate from Animal Behavior College and am currently teaching classes as an assistant trainer. I love tricks and would love to add this to my list of skills. I have 2 dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Husky. My Golden is extra special to me because he is my Guide Dog. I am Legally Blind. Cape Coral: Claudia A. Brooks FL
Cape Coral  
Claudia A. Brooks

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have had dogs most of my life, and started serious training 4 years ago. I love to train and recently received my CGC Evaluator certification and just graduated my first class of CGC students. Cheifland: Kathy Bowker, CTDI FL
Kathy Bowker

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Coconut Creek: Andreina Borges, CTDI FL
Coconut Creek  
Andreina Borges

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Coconut Creek: Kris Vallone, CTDI FL
Coconut Creek  
Kris Vallone

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Edgewater: Cheryl Buckingham FL
Cheryl Buckingham

cheryl@dogsarefrompluto.net Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Fort Lauderdale: Sally Saxton KPA CTP, CTDI FL
Fort Lauderdale  
Sally Saxton KPA CTP, CTDI

Cerfitied 5/12
Partner, Performance Pups, Inc.

A tired dog is a happy owner
I am a partner in my company Performance Pups, Inc. and we host disc dog events, lure coursing events and we have a beautiful doggy lake and dock jumping dock that is visited weekly by community dogs and their owners to get the exercise they need. Although I have been training dogs since the late 80's, I recently graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy. One of the first passions for me was trick training back when I was training my first dog. So I really love trick training for the accomplishment it gives both dog and handler. It helps strengthen the bond between dog and handler and helps them both gain confidence. I love watching dogs think which helps exercise the dog mentally. You get this in trick training. And… you can show off to your friends (which is always fun!) I can also help you with good manners training if that is what you need.
Fort Lauderdale: Helen Verte Schwarzmann, CTDI, TDCH, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator FL
Fort Lauderdale  
Helen Verte Schwarzmann

lovewagsatail@gmail.com 954-684-5288 Motivational Dog Trainer—Shaping Stellar Behaviors One Dog at a Time
Besides pet dog and behavioral training, Helen’s interests include dog sports. She and her dogs compete and are titled in AKC Rally, Obedience, and Agility. She enjoys teaching her dogs tricks as a way to stimulate their minds, exercise their bodies, and build a stronger bond with them. Helen is the owner of Love Wags a Tail, LLC – dog training. Having started training dogs in the stone age, she has grown with the profession and uses only up-to-date, humane training methods. Besides being certified by Kyra Sundance as a Trick Dog Instructor, Helen studies at The Academy for Dog Trainers under Jean Donaldson, reads, and learns from a variety of industry leaders. Helen taught English to adult learners for over a decade, and is now using her teaching skills to promote humane training and communication between dogs and their humans. “Training should be a joyful experience that both humans and dogs look forward to doing. Tricks are an especially favorable way to do this - no matter the age of the dog or human. And performing tricks for friends and relatives is a lot of fun.” Have a look! Email Helen at lovewagsatail@gmail.com to start training stellar behaviors with your dog!
Fort Lauderdale: Yolanda Freeman, CTDI FL
Fort Lauderdale  
Yolanda Freeman

Evolutionary Dog Training, LLC
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Fort Lauderdale: Jamie Diaz, CTDI FL
Fort Lauderdale  
Jamie Diaz

Dynamite Dog Training
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Fort Myers: Julie Armstrong, CTDI FL
Fort Myers  
Julie Armstrong

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Fort Myers: Kelli-ann Reilly, CTDI, CCPDT-KA, TDCH2, CGC, ABCDT FL
Fort Myers  
Kelli-ann Reilly
Certified 4/11
Boxer Girl’s dawgs LOVE tricks … and yours WILL too when you join them to learn all about the hottest dog sport sweeping the world.
Kelli-ann & her Champion Trick Boxers (TDCH2), Tag & Pompeii, love to CLICK & work as a team. Her passion is trick training & she’ll bring out the “Trick-i-tis” in anyone who wants to see their pet’s talent shine using clean, positive, and FUN training techniques. It all began when the BOXERS applied to Trick Training School, were accepted, worked hard to obtain their Champion Title status, and strive currently to become BOXER HIT movie/performancTag (rest easy sweet boy) & Pompeii are Champion Trick boxers (TDCH2). Trick & Star are well on their way becoming Boxer Girl’s latest trick champs. All three are prepping for their Stunt Dog Titles at DMWYD’s FIRST Trick Dog Expo at Purina Farms Event Center in Gray Summit, MO, March 15th – 18th 2018. Their passion for tricks all began when Tag & Pompeii applied to trick training school, were accepted, and worked hard to obtain their Champion Title status back in 2011. Check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BOXER.kelliann AND their personal website: www.tagpompeiitrickstarproductions.com. Both sites will engage you and allow you to ‘get to know’ this FANTASTIC team. What are you waiting for? JOIN THEM … you will have SO much FUN hanging out with two boxers and a border collie. Now that’s a trio to follow. Boxer Girl and her AWESOME dawgs! e stars. They have their very own FACEBOOK PAGE, www.facebook.com/BOXER.kelliann where they share their story. Check out and “LIKE” to keep tabs on the lovable boys. In addition, check out their YouTube channel. Kelli-ann is captain of the new All-Star Performance Dog Team specifically named TAG's Trick Team located in the Fort Myers, Florida area. We hope soon to make our debut and ROCK this town.   Gainesville: Richard Warfel, CTDI, CGC FL
Richard Warfel

Dream Dogz Behavior Center
Have the dog you've always dreamed of. The trainers at Dream Dogz Behavior Center offer a wide array of training options, including group classes, private training, and board & train. Our full service menu also includes Socialization and behavior modification. Richard is a trainer at Dream Dogz Behavior center. Richard is a member of the International Association of Canine Professions (IACP) and AKC Approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and S.T.A.R. Puppy Instructor & Evaluator. Watch a video of Richard Warfel!
Gainesville: Brandie Hudecek FL
Brandie Hudecek
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Hollywood: Sandra Machado, CTDI FL
Sandra Machado
Dynamite Dog Training
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Jacksonville: Anne Baxter FL
Anne Baxter

Associate Trick Dog Instructor I have been training dogs professionally for 30 years. My resume is Competition training. I have titled several dogs in Obedience, Rally and Conformation. I am a CGC evaluator, I currently hold classes, STAR Puppy, Competition Puppy, Basic, Novice, Advanced, Rally, K9 Fitness classes using Fitpaws.
Lakeland: Debbi Snyder, CTDI FL
Debbi Snyder
Owner, Dogsense Obedience 863-647-4557 debbi@dogsenseobedience.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been training dogs to do one thing or another since the mid 1960's, I was a young teen. As an adult my passion became to help dogs remain with their original owners. To become a family member, not just a possession. I have competed in traditional Obedience, Agility, Earth dog, Conformation, and Rally. I have operated my own Obedience school for 20+ years. I love working with people to build relationships with their dogs! I am convinced that the tricks program is a valuable part of building those relationships! I have the best job in the world!
Jay: Cindy Sanford, CTDI FL
Cindy Sanford
Owner, Help U Train
Take a break from serious… Try trick training today!
I believe training should be integrated into everyday life; dogs should have jobs, and a tired dog is usually a good dog. Trick training is a great way to meet these goals and to have fun! In addition to being a CTDI, Cindy is a graduate of the prestigious Triple Crown Academy. She offers affordable group classes through Pensacola State College. Also available, private lessons in house manners and service dog tasks. Doggy Boot Camp is available on a limited basis for those that need a little extra help.
Leesburg: Bobbie Kurivial, CPE Judge, CTDI FL
Bobbie Kurivial

Have Fun!
My dogs are titled in AKC, CPE, USDAA and NADAC agility, and AKC obedience and rally. I am a CPE agility judge and obedience and trick dog instructor. I believe a positive approach using games and tricks is the best way to build a relationship with your dog. It's all about the journey, and having fun!
Margate: Karen Beroza FL
Karen Beroza

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for a few years. I am currently a dog trainer for Petco and privately. I volunteer at the humane society. I graduated from Animal Behavior College. I have a 15 year old deaf cocker spaniel Lynx, a 12 year old blind cocker spaniel Angel and an almost 2 year old golden retriever Dexter. Dexter just passed his CGC test last week. We are starting agility tomorrow. He also knows a lot of tricks. Milton: Heidi Owens FL
Heidi Owens

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been a dog trainer assistant for about 3 years andI am in the process of training two service dogs. Naples: Mary Baker, CTDI FL
Mary Baker

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs professionally for about 6 years, I am a positive trainer. I teach group classes mostly and am a huge fan of tricks for socialization, body awareness and strengthening the dog human bond. I have 5 of my own and 3 of them are working on their advanced and expert titles. I am a member of PPG and APDT. Oldsmar: Tina Marie Richardson, CPDT-KA, CTDI FL
Tina Marie Richardson


Love and Leadership
Balanced Training for a Better Canine

I am a CPDT-KA and an AKC CGC/STAR Puppy Evaluator. I have been training and competing with my German Shepherd Dogs for over 35 years, achieving multiple titles on multiple dogs in a variety of canine related sports. These include AKC Obedience, Schutzhund, K9 Nosework and Tricks. I teach Basic Manners classes at a Guide Dog School as well as a Doggie Day Care Facility. In addition, I volunteer at several local shelters through our Statewide Animal Disaster Response Team. I am experienced in working with a wide variety of breeds. My teaching methods are based on current scientifically proven reward based positive training. I stay updated by attending workshops and seminars. I love the way training builds and strengthens our relationships with our dogs. At the same time it strenghtens a dog's confidence, provides focus and mental stimulation. I believe the time we spend with our dogs should be positive and joyful. I am dedicated to working with you and your dog to achieve this! Orange Park: Eva Noble FL
Orange Park  
Eva Noble

Owner, Wiggle Butt's Academy Dog Training
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am the owner/instructor of Wiggle Butt's Academy Dog Training. I'm a Puppy Start Right Instructor, and am Pet First Aid certified. I have trained one of my dogs to her ITD title, and two of my other dogs to their NTD. I also have one dog who has her CGC and is a Therapy Dog. Orlando: Erika Kurtz, CTDI FL
Erika Kurtz

DogWorkz LLC www.mydogworkz.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Erika has been professionally training dogs and their people for over 20 years. She takes great delight in helping owners reach success with their dogs, whether their goals are learning basic obedience and manners, overcoming behavioral problems, competing in dog sports, or just having fun! Her training style concentrates on providing clear, consistent communication between dog and owner while creating a solid bond that will last a lifetime. Orlando: Lindsay Kelly, AKC Certified Evaluator, CTDI FL
Lindsay Kelly


Building a positive lifetime bond between dog and owner
As the little girl who never got the puppy she asked for, I had to find other outlets for canine interaction. Since my early teenage years, I have put in countless hours at dozens of shelters around Florida, doing anything I could. To this day, I still work with local shelters, helping to find wonderful homes for wonderful pets. In 2010, I started working with dogs professionally, and in 2011, I finally got my wish in the form of an Australian Shepherd named Freyja. As a trainer, I use positive, reward-based, voluntary techniques that yield both well mannered dogs, and happy owners. I am also an AKC certified evaluator. I hope to help every dog reach their potential, and to inspire every owner to do more with their dog!
Orlando: Linda Fishkind, CTDI FL
Linda Fishkind

Fast Friends Dog Training Club

I have been teaching rally classes for 9 years; manners plus basic obedience classes for 5 years. I rescue rhodesian ridgebacks with RRRI. I have trained and titled 4 dogs in rally including RE level. Have an obedience CD on 1 dog, BN on another and am working on CD. Have a JC in lure coursing on 1 dog. Agility titles on 2 dogs. Track with 3 dogs and play in Treibball and Nose Work with all 6 dogs. I have an agility field on my property and a small training pavilion that I share with friends and their assorted dogs. We all actively show in AKC events. I would like to offer tricks at our training facility, Fast Friends Dog Training Club in DeLand, Florida Pensacola: Karen Prichard, CTDI FL
Karen Prichard
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I am very enthusiastic about my love of dogs! I enjoy working with different breeds and mixes of all ages. My main passion is volunteering with animal assisted activities and therapy. I currently have three dogs that go to various nursing homes, schools and more. I have also been teaching therapy dog classes for a number of years. I got involved with Do More With Your Dog about a year ago and absolutely love how much it has enhanced my training skills. It is a wonderful program!
Margate: Anne Marie Giri, CTDI FL
Anne Marie Giri

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  • K9 Natural Diet Consultant
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified
  • Member: Pet Chamber of Commerce - Florida
  • Member: Operation Socialization
  • Member: Women In The Pet Industry Association
321-253-6229 Certified 5/11
Clicker Learning 4 Dogs!
Mari's dogs are titled in:
AKC, CPE & TDAA Agility, AKC Rally, CGC Mari's dogs are active in:
Freestyle, Scootering, Treibball, Disc, Dock Jumping, Agility & Dog Scouts, Registered Therapy Dogs
Classes offered:
  • Clix 4 Trix (trick titling class using Kyra Sundance books and curriculum, including beginning Clicker)
  • Platform
  • Fit Paws
  • K9 Body Shop
  • Hoopers (new this fall)
  • Treibball (new this fall)
  • Rally
  • Scootering Meetup
  • Freestyle
  • Nosework
  • Learning Play Group
  • K9 Running Partners
  • DOGA
All my classes are taught using Progressive Positive Reinforcement Learning with Clicker marking and high levels of reward. If you are new to clicker training, the Clix 4 Trix class is a great beginning class to learn this positive method of communicating and building a trusting relationship with your dog while learning fun new tricks and behaviors. This strong foundation of learning will enable your dog to progress into any sport with confidence and success! I emphasize a 'NO STRESS ZONE' in my class so participants work at their own pace, level of interest and ability, meaning no two dog/human teams are alike or carry the same goals so each team learns individually. All classes are built around FUN for you and your dog while learning in a safe, clean, social and positive environment.
    Student/Particpant Comments: I adopted "Lucy" from the Italian Greyhound rescue 2 years ago. She was very anxious and had never been walked on a leash. We had tried another play group and the dog park without much success. I was trying to socialize her and reduce her anxiety around men and new dogs. Mari's Learning Play Group has really helped her in more ways than I can describe. Mari creates a wonderful, non-threatening environment for both learning and playing....and it's fun. When I ask Lucy on Monday nights if she wants to go to "school" she comes running and jumping as if to say "yes, yes, yes." The confidence Lucy has gained there transfers to her outside world. We were visiting some close friends the other day when their relatives stopped by. Lucy was immediately surrounded by two unfamiliar teenagers and two adults. Instead of tucking her tail and shaking, she went around to each person to say "hello" and even let a very big man pick her up and hold her! I can't recommend Mari's classes enough and Lucy gives them "two paws up"!!!
—Jackie Andoniades
We are having a grand time. Each week we learn something different and the time flies by. One of the best classes I have taken, and I have taken a few! We love Mari!
—Cache and Jane Murphy too!
My Chihuahua, Bunny and I have been taking classes from Mari Hiltz for over two years. We absolutely love the classes for many reasons. The focus is on fun and bonding with your dog, rather than just dragging them around on a leash in a training class. Although Mari has classes for all size dogs, she always has a play group for small dogs. This has been extremely important for me to socialize my Chihuahua in a safe environment. Mari tries to customize and help each person with whatever behaviors and tricks that they want to learn. Taking classes from Mari has made Bunny a happy, fun, well socialized and well mannered Chihuahua. No ankle bitter here!
—Sandy Novotny
I am the owner of a very exhuberant, stubborn, independent dog!!!! He is lots of fun but we needed some help to channel his energy! Riley just loves his Tricks Class and is doing so well! Mari is helping us to become a team and work together. She is a great instructor..... loves all the dogs and helps each team according to their individual needs! I am so proud of Riley and how well he is doing! Thanks Mari!
—Susie Blackledge and Riley, Novice Trickster
Mari is very patient with the animals and has shown us how to be patient with them as well. She has some innovative techniques for training a dog that I was sceptical of - but they are working! I can see my dog is thinking on his own trying hard to please me. I very much enjoy the class.
—Robert Ruhge
Miami: Dee Hoult, CPDT, APDT Trainer, AKC CGC Evaluator, Licensed Dogs & Storks Presenter, CTDI FL
Dee Hoult
Applause Your Paws

You Don't have to be RUFF to Teach Your Dog Stuff
Dee Hoult is a CPDT in sunny Miami, Florida. Dee is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator, a professional member of the APDT, a Dogs & Storks presenter, and founder of the South Florida Dog Trainers Networking Group. In addition to training dogs and managing her staff, Dee currently serves as Director of the South Florida Veterinary Foundation, head trainer for Paws4You Rescue, Lead Training Volunteer for Miami-Dade Animal Services, and as a mentor for Animal Behavior College. Dee holds a BS and an MBA from the University of Miami and has been a professional dog trainer since 2005. With more than 1,000 trained dogs under her belt, a growing company and awesome profit margins, Dee is not only the highest rated dog trainer on Yelp.com in Miami but is considered a "master networker" by her business owning peers in Miami's professional community. Dee has three canines, two felines and a husband. All of them are clicker trained.
Miami: Amber Oliver, CTDI FL
Amber Oliver

Amber Oliver
Miami: Emmanuel Parra, CTDI FL
Emmanuel Parra

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Miami: Jessica Ellis, CTDI FL
Jessica Ellis

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Miami: Morgan Westberry, CTDI FL
Morgan Westberry

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Mount Dora: Dee Gretzler, CTDI FL
Mount Dora  
Dee Gretzler

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Naples: Danielle Grimm, CPDT-KA, CTDI FL
Danielle Grimm

Certified Oct. 2013 Relationship-based training for the dog you've always wanted and the human they've dreamed of It was when my Golden Retriever, Duke, came into my life that I knew I was to dedicate my life to dogs. Now, five years later, I have done just that. The more I work with dogs, the more I see a need for trick training in everyday life. Not only is it fun (for both people and dogs), but it helps to form the fun, obedient, confident dog that everyone wants.
Naples: Michele Ryan, CTDI FL
Michele Ryan

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Show Off Your Tricks & Do A Little Dance! Michele Ryan Owner/Trainer/Choreographer of Animal Modeling and Acting, Train Pawsitive and Pure Energy! Michele is a graduate of CASI and ABC-Level 2, AKC Evaluator, My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S Instructor and Certified Trick Dog Trainer. Michele Ryan has been featured on Fox 4 News, I Love Dogs, Coastal Life Magazine, Southwest Florida Parent & Child, Pet Pages and Florida Weekly. Michele not only trains dogs for good manners, but also trains dogs and cats for commercials, print ads, film, theatre, events and performances! She also instructs and choreographs Canine Freestyle (doggie dancing) for competitions and shows. Her student dogs were featured in commercials and print ads with, Duke Energy, Fossil, National Fashion magazines, Infomercials and more. Michele has two trick dogs, Remington (Remi) and Gator and a cat Sundown who all are working on their trick titles. Remi is working on her Expert.
Michele Is also professional award winning performer, certified dance Instructor and choreographer. Michele also judges across the USA. She’s been in the dance and theatre industry for over forty years. She performed in Ballet and Theatre companies, music videos and shows along with the NBA and NFL. Dancing for recording artist like Mark Walberg, 2 Unlimited, Crystal Waters, Whitney Huston, B2K, Neil Young, The Ramones and many more. She received extensive training in all forms of dance, ballroom and latin in USA along with dance workshops in London and Paris. She owned and founded Studio 1 Dance Centers in Northeast Pennsylvania and Southwest Florida. She has been featured in Dance Studio Life and Dance Teacher magazines along with being broadcast on National and International television. North Miami Beach: Andrew Murphy, CTDI FL
North Miami Beach  
Andrew Murphy
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
North Miami Beach: Christine Snelgrove, CTDI FL
North Miami Beach  
Christine Snelgrove
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
North Miami Beach: Leby Gonzalez, CTDI FL
North Miami Beach  
Leby Gonzalez
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Oakland Park: Shoshana Rappaport, CTDI FL
Oakland Park  
Shoshana Rappaport

Head Trainer, Beyond Limits Dog Training LLC
(561) 909-8858

"Beyond Sit and Stay"
Hello! My name is Shoshana Rappaport, I am an avid Dog-Lover who takes pride in being a Trainer who utilizes fun humane methods to teach you and your dog alike! I have spent years training and working with Service Dogs to assist individuals with various disabilities, including: Hearing Alert Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs, Veteran Assistance Dogs, and Diabetic Alert/Response Dogs. I believe training should be as fun as possible, for both the dog and handler. Whenever we train with our dog, we are building a stronger connection with them; One of love and trust. In order to build trust and love, we must be gentle with our companions. For this reason, I prefer humane positive reinforcement training methods! Not only will your dog thank you for it, but the methods are effective and help motivate your dog to want to learn. There is a suitable saying that goes “you get more with honey than you do vinegar.”
Orlando: Debra Wood, AKC CGC Evaluator, Therapy Dogs Inc. Tester/Observer, CTDI FL
Debra Wood

Orlando Dog Training Club
Have fun with your best friend
I have been a volunteer instructor at the Orlando Dog Training Club since 2006. I believe dogs learn best with positive reinforcement and that training leads to forever homes. I am an AKC CGC instructor/evaluator and a Therapy Dogs Inc, tester/observer.
Palm Bay: Christine Scott, ABCDT, CTDI, APDT FL
Palm Bay  
Christine Scott
Great Scott Dog Training Inc.
Training Dogs and their People
I am a Certified Dog Trainer that graduated with Honors from Animal Behavior College. My heart is to inspire people to have fun with their dogs. No matter what is being taught, I believe that it can be done in a way that is enjoyable for both dog and human. I offer group and private classes in basic obedience as well as behavior modification. Aside from teaching trick classes, I am also the only Treibball trainer in the US taught by its inventor, Jan Nijboer. I am a member of Space Coast Therapy Dogs, the American Treibball Association and a “Be a Tree” Presenter for Doggone Safe. I enjoy doing treibball, tricks, agility and urban hunting with my rescue dogs Mutley and Rusty.
Palm Beach Gardens: Karin Vermeegen FL
Palm Beach Gardens  
Karin Vermeegen

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Palm Harbor: Lisa Lanser Rose, CTDI FL
Palm Harbor  
Lisa Lanser Rose

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lisa Lanser Rose believes dog tricks are a force of happiness in the world. Although tricks are their favorite, Lisa and her two Border Collies, Mick and Maisie, also work together in obedience, agility, and herding. Lisa fosters dogs for herding dog rescues and has seen tricks change dogs' lives. She teaches trick dog training at Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club. Lisa believes tricks help build a mutually respectful and affectionate relationship with your dog. Your dog feels safer, smarter, and more lovable. You build patience, understanding, and playfulness, so your dog is more motivated to work with you. For competitive trainers, tricks can take the pressure off when the stakes have gotten too high or you've hit a roadblock. Tricks make training a whimsical outside-the-box activity for both you and your dog. Plus, you can practice anywhere any time and wow friends, family, and even crowds. Tricks training improves intelligence, confidence, and self-esteem for both of you. It's the best medicine for any dog/human relationship. Every trick is a magic trick! Learn more about her at http://lisalanserrose.com/about/
Pembroke Pines: Isabel Allison, CTDI FL
Pembroke Pines  
Isabel Allison
For The Love of Dogs
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Pinellas Park: Maureen Henderson, CTDI FL
Pinellas Park  
Maureen Henderson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Plantation: Priscilla Donahue, CTDI FL
Priscilla Donahue

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Port St. Lucie: Valerie Mendez FL
Port St. Lucie  
Valerie Mendez

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Tallahassee: Dana Brillante, CTDI FL
Dana Brillante
Animal Training Adventure Summer Camp
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Animal Training Adventure Summer Camp
Tampa: Penny Noriega, CTDI FL
Penny Noriega
Dog Training Club of Tampa
Certified 9/12
Join us to have Fun with your Dog!
Penny Noriega has been teaching Dog Agility since 2007. She branched out into Canine Freestyle and Dog Tricks in 2010. Through the Dog Training Club of Tampa, she has organized and presented many demonstrations of Dog Agility, Freestyle, and Tricks at State Fairs, Pet Expos, Humane Society and other animal fund-raisers, Responsible Dog Ownership Days, school and church events, and other venues. She has also volunteered with Kids and Canines and is a Foster Mom for Florida Poodle Rescue. She believes dogs bring joy into our lives and that training should be fun while strengthening then bond between people and their dogs.
Tampa: Allison Alexander FL
Allison Alexander
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Allison has been working with dogs for over 40 years. She teaches puppy and basic manners classes, holds private lessons, and her two most popular classes are trick classes and treiball. Tampa: Ellen Kurland FL
Ellen Kurland

Lil Bit of Magic Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have trained my dogs in agility, rally, Obedience and Freestyle. They are all Canine Good Citizens, Delta Society Dogs or Therapy Dog International dogs. I have earned my CAP ! certification and do Dog Safety programs in schools. One of my dogs and I go to schools and participate in the dog R.E.A.D. program. I have recently opened a Dog Training Co-Op in Zephryhills, Fl called Lil Bit of Magic.
Tampa: Kimberly Lewis, CTDI FL
Kimberly Lewis
Dog Training Club of Tampa

Training Best Friends

Kimberly Lewis loves to have fun with dogs! Using positive training methods, she has worked tricks, obedience, agility and freestyle. Kim and her trick dogs can be seen throughout the Tampa Bay area performing demonstrations with the Dog Training Club of Tampa, where she also teaches obedience. Kim has one dog that is a therapy dog at a local VA Hospital. Tricks Classes offered through Learn With Jenza dog training. Find class details at dogtrainingtampabayflorida.com where all packs are welcome to come have fun building owner-dog bond through teamwork, hard work and fun work.
Titusville: Kim Mayes- CPDT-KA, KPA-DSE, CTDI, AKC CGC & STAR Evaluator, Service Animal Trainer/Evaluator, TDCH3, DN-FSG FL
Kim Mayes CTDI, TDCH3
Rockin' Dawgs Positive Dog Training LLC
Certified 6/11
321.848.7886 Mobile
  Acknowledge the Potential in Your Pet!
Kim has always had a passion for trick training and canine freestyle. Over the years she has trained animals to work in print ads, demonstrations, competitions and live animal shows. She has also trained many animals that go on to become therapy pets in the community and service animals, providing invaluable service to the disabled. It is Kim's mission as an animal trainer and behaviorist to help as many pet parents as possible recognize the amazing potential of their dogs and to help new potential owners see the talent and skills of our rescue and shelter pets. Kim offers a variety of class options across Central Florida including: Group & private classes at her Rockin' Dawgs Training facility in Rockledge, FL Seminars, demonstrations, and classes in various Brevard County and surrounding areas For more information on Kim Mayes and how to reach your pooch's full potential, please check out Kim's website at RockinDawgs.com  
      Georgia Athens: Sara Beth Pinson, PhD CTDI GA
Sara Beth Pinson, PhD CTDI
Manager, Pawtropolis
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Sara Beth has worked with companion pets for nearly 15 years. Along the way, she earned BSAs in Avian Biology and Biological Science and a PhD in Avian Biology, but has returned to a full-time career she loves where she gets to spend every day with well-loved pets. She is a Manager at Pawtropolis, a one-of-a-kind dog daycare, boarding, training, grooming, and retail facility in Athens, GA. She has been training her personal and foster dogs for nearly 10 years and in recent years started training clients and their dogs. She enjoys training her 3 rescue dogs Bailey, Icey, and Nimbus for a variety of sports and activities. She has earned agility titles from several venues with her mature dogs Bailey and Icey, coursing & Advanced Trick Dog titles with all 3, and CGC, advanced CGC, and therapy dog certifications with Icey. She is training her newest dog Nimbus for agility, tricks, rally, obedience, disc, and flyball. The sky is the limit! Sara Beth's philosophy is that training, whether it is for manners, tricks, or competition, should be a fun and exciting game for dogs and humans alike. She uses only reward-based training to achieve this goal. She is currently teaching Novice Trick Dog and Advanced Trick Dog classes at Pawtropolis Eastside. These classes emphasize building a strong relationship with your dog through fun clicker training and figuring out what your dog values. About 15 fun tricks are taught in each 7-week session and each and every class gets your dog on some basic agility equipment so they can advance to running short agility sequences. By the end of the Novice class you’ll have more than enough tricks for your Novice Trick Dog title and the Advanced class will get you enough tricks for Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog titles. And you’ll have a ton of fun getting there!
Columbus: Carolyn Weinbaum GA
Carolyn Weinbaum
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Conyers: Danny Lowery GA
Danny Lowery
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Palmetto: Molly Tillander GA
Molly Tillander
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have 3 dogs, and I sometimes foster and train dogs for the Atlanta Beagle Rescue. I was featured in the National Inquirer last summer and on my local news for my dog rescue work and trick training! I use positive, force free methods to keeping training fun. :)
Smyrna: Amber Burckhalter GA
Amber Burckhalter
Owner, K-9 Coach, LLC
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Owner of K-9 Coach, LLC
Snellville: Beth Pedersonm CTDT-KA GA
Beth Pederson
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training animals for as long as I can remember; mostly dogs and horses, but also cats, donkeys, birds, and various zoo animals. I am a CPDT-KA trainer and teach private and group classes. I absolutely love training and often forget that it is a job. I am a clicker trainer and promote the use of positive reinforcement techniques.
Sugar Hill: Paula Nowak, CTDI, CPDT-KA, CNWI GA
Sugar Hill  
Paula Nowak
Canine Country Academy
Certified 12/11

  Having fun with dogs and their owners
Paula Nowak has been training her own dogs at Canine Country Academy for the last 3yrs. Her goal is to inject fun into all aspects of dog training to help dogs and their owners live together happily. She currently attends Advanced K9 Nose Work® classes. She has earned her AKC Novice Rally title with one of her dogs, Curly. She has also achieved a NW1 title with her dog Molly. Two of her dogs have Trick Dog titles through Kyra Sundance’s Trick Dog program– Curly, Advanced level and Franky, Novice level. During her training at Canine Country Academy she fell in love with teaching not only her own dogs, but the ability to help other dog/human relationships develop the close bond she experienced through training. Her love of animals dates back to early childhood and continues to grow with each new experience. Paula teaches Puppy 101, Intro to Rally, Tricks, Sports Sampler, K9 Nose Work®, Reactive, Agility Fun and Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) and is available for in-home consults. She has also been involved in rehabilitating Rat Terriers through rescue organizations over the last 5yrs. She currently volunteers with New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue & Adoptions: www.NewRattitude.org. Paula is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a K9 Nose Work® Certified Instructor, a Canine Life and Social Skills Evaluator, AKC Star Puppy Evaluator and Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Kyra Sundance’s program. She is also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. While educating others is her passion she also takes every opportunity to learn from some of the best educators by attending seminars, conferences and reading their books.
Iowa Boone: Rita Brueland IA
Rita Brueland
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I I did some search & rescue training with my GSD. I now have a Dutch Shepherd and 2 yorkies. I would love to teach all my dogs tricks and I believe it keeps the dog mind active and they can problem solve faster.
Cedar Rapids: Penny Colby IA
Cedar Rapids
Penny Colby

Associate Trick Dog Instructor About You:I have been training dogs for 17 yrs. I volunteer, train & foster dogs for Last Hope Rescue. I teach obedience & agility. My dogs have titles in AKC CGC, they have TDI, Flyball, Rally O, Dance & Trick Dog & have competed in Herding, Tracking, Dock Diving]

Illinois Aurora: Carrie Rzewnicki IL
Carrie Rzewnicki
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I teach all sorts of canine classes; agility, family obedience, coming when called, and puppy classes. I am also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.
Aurora: Karen Reeves IL
Karen Reeves
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a trainer at Belly Rub Klub in Lombard and have own 3 dogs of my own. My dog Bailey has earned her intermediate trick dog title and Hannah has earned her Novice Trick Dog Title. I am a graduate of Penn Foster and have a certificate of completion of Professional Obedience Dog Training. I am also a member of APDT and and certified CLASS Evaluator. I have been teaching my dogs and my students tricks for over a year.
Berwyn: Jill Hillock IL
Jill Hillock
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for over 20 years. I have train and compete in Obedience, Agility, Rally, and K9 Nosework.
Belvidere: Marilyn V. Johnson, CTDI IL
Marilyn V. Johnson
Certified 5/16 dogma718@aol.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Belvidere:Loretta (Lori) Swanson, MFA, MA, KPA-CTP, CNWI, CTDI IL
Loretta Swanson
Certified 5/16 Loretta@spotondogs.com 815-520-5619 www.facebook.com/spotondogsillinois
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Loretta (some folks prefer her nickname, Lori) Swanson began what has become a lifelong love affair with dogs when she was very young; training her first dog, a mixed breed Collie-type, to an obedience title when she was 12 years old. A few decades later she is the owner of Spot on Dogs and continues to train dogs, now using scientifically proven and emotionally sound methods of training with the +R (adding reinforcement) quadrant of operant conditioning. Specifically, she uses a clicker as a bridge to mark a desired behavior, and then follow it with a reward. Loretta embodies the “Do More With Your Dog” philosophy. In addition to proudly being a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, she is a Certified Nose Work Instructor, a Certified Clicker Trainer from the Karen Prior Academy, a canine massage therapist, reiki practitioner and an essential oil specialist. She also holds a Master of Fine Arts degree as well as a Master of Arts degree. As a lifelong educator, helping folks learn to understand their dogs and train them to live together in harmony comes naturally to her. When Loretta isn’t working with dogs, she works as a freelance art historian, teaching art history and art appreciation courses at several colleges in Northern Illinois. Email: Loretta@spotondogs.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/spotondogsillinois Mobile: 815-520-5619
Bloomingdale: Emily Hilgenberg, CTDI IL
Emily Hilgenberg
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Chatham: Sandra Carbonell, CTDI IL
Sandra Carbonell
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I love training with my dogs and love sharing the joy of training with others with their dogs, too. All of my training is done through positive methods with dogs and lets the dog make the right choices. I have trained my dogs in obedience, manners, agility, barn hunt, nosework and dog tricks. Please feel free to contact me via email at slcarbonell3@gmail.com.

Cherry Valley: Mary Moritz, CTDI IL
Cherry Valley
Mary Moritz
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Chebanse: Elesa Hilsheimer-Smith CTDI IL
Elesa Hilsheimer-Smith
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Elesa Hilsheimer-Smith has worked with two CPDT instructors over the last four year, gaining experience in both private lessons and group classes. She's a long-time volunteer at the local shelter where she works with foster dogs training them for adoption.
Chicago: Britni Ratliff IL
Britni Ratliff
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a trainer in the Chicago area. I lead introductory classes for puppies, adults, upper level obedience class, and k9 nose work. I am a ANWI with NACSW
Chicago: Rich Tamborski, CTDI IL
Rich Tamborski
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Chicago: Debbie Bickford , CTDI IL
Debbie Bickford
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Debbie has been helping people train their dogs in Chicago since 1999. She is an honors graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers headed by world-renowned trainer, best selling author, and behavior specialist, Jean Donaldson. She received her CTC (Certificate in Training and Behavior Counseling) from the Academy in 2000.
Debbie teaches a wide variety of classes ranging from puppy to advanced, agility to tricks. She is proud that for each of the last five years that the publication “Chicagoland Tails’ held their ‘favorites’ contest, readers voted her as one of their ‘favorite’ trainers. Debbie is a proud member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, The Associationn of Animal Behavior Professionals, and the Pet Professional Guild. She has trained past clients dogs and her own dogs in the sports of agility, flyball, canine disc, canine freestyle, rally obedience, nose work, weight pulling, and Treibball. Her rescue dog, Ludo, is training in many sports, has acted in commercials, and makes a great demo dog in her classes. Debbie is excited to be the first and currently only trainer in Chicago to become a Victoria Stillwell Positively Dog Training – licensed trainer - a team of trainers handpicked by Victoria who use only the most up-to-date, humane, effective, reward based methods.
Clarendon Hills: Marcy Mossburg IL
Clarendon Hills
Marcy Mossburg
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
CPDT Trainer
Earlville: Eileen Balcom-Vetillo IL
Eileen Balcom- Vetillo

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Edwardsville: Gail Czarnecki, CTDI IL
Gail Czarnecki

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Gail has been training dogs and teaching obedience classes for nearly 30 years.  She provides customized individual dog training and small group classes in the Metro-East and St Louis area.  Gail uses the latest science-based positive training methods.  In addition to being a CTDI Gail is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, an advisory team member for Family Paws Parent Education, a licensed Family Paws Parent Education Educator, and a Doggone Safe Be A Tree presenter.  She specializes in family pet manners and promoting positive relationships between dogs and children.
Elgin: Kimberly Houska, APDT, CTDI IL
Kimberly Houska, CTDI
Partner, Topnotch Canine Dog Training
Certified 8/11
www.topnotchk9.com Kimberly
Topnotch Canine Dog Training
Having fun, one trick at a time!
Kimberly has over 14 years experience training dogs. She teaches obedience and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes, and co-teaches Scent Detection ("Fun Nosework") classes. Kimberly uses positive reinforcement training, emphasizing having fun with your dog by promoting communication through interaction. Kimberly is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).
Elgin: Lori Waters, CTDI IL
Lori Waters

The Dog's Advocate
I have been training and showing dogs for over 25 years. I have titled many dogs to the highest levels in sports including Obedience Trial Champion, Tracking Champion, Herding Champion, Breed Champion, Schutzhund, Agility, Disc, Flyball, Therapy work, and Tricks Champion. I teach many competition obedience students and include many tricks to keep students thinking that obedience is just another trick.
Elgin: Nedra Jansen IL
Nedra Jansen

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training tricks to my own dogs since I was a little girl. I really believe in the Do More With Your Dog principles and have always thought trick training is the most fun for both dog and trainer. I've earned a few obedience, agility, tracking titles through the years, but I have to laugh at myself, when most people just want to know, "Does he know any tricks?" The average person could care less that the dog has a kazillion hard-earned titles behind his name. They just want to see a trick! So here we are!
Glen Ellyn: Liz Mishima IL
Glen Ellyn
Liz Mishima

Wiggles-n-Wags Dog Training
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am an instructor at Wiggles-n-Wags where we use positive training methods. I teach Family Dog, CGC, and other classes that incorporate music, games, tricks and shaping.
Hawthorn Woods: Audrey Carter CTDI CGC/S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator IL
Hawthorn Woods
Audrey Carter
Owner, Flint Creek Dogs
Flint Creek Dog Training
Happy Dogs are a Must
Audrey prides herself in her ability to successfully use reward based training. She enjoys having a special bond with her dogs, and loves the fact that her dogs are not fearful of her. It is her goal to teach owners how to develop this fruitful and lasting relationship with their dogs. Trick training is a fabulous way to build a working relationship with your dog, or to just have some fun! Outside of Trick Training, Audrey competes with her two Border Collies and one Australian Shepherd in Obedience, Agility, Rally, Conformation, and Herding events. She has earned over 100 performance titles with her beloved dogs. Audrey is the owner of Flint Creek Dogs and offers Training and Grooming services to the Lake Zurich, IL area.
Highland Parks: Marius Geykman, KPA-CTP, CTDI IL
Highland Park
Marius Geykman

Snappy! Pet Services

Snappy Pets
Snappy Pets
Creating a stronger bond through positive reinforcement training. Marius’ first memory as a child, living in Lithuania, was of his father coming home with a wicker basket. Inside was a cocker spaniel puppy later named Jessi. In 1992, the family, including Jessi, picked up and moved to the United States. In her late teens, after a battle with breast cancer and other maladies, Jessi passed, leaving Marius with a piece of his heart missing. After a few years without a canine companion, he ignored the pressings of his family and came home with Kitsune, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. “Kit,” as he became known, made Marius’ life a little brighter, reminding him of what dogs can do for the heart. But one was not enough, and he found himself rescuing a Cardigan Welsh Corgi after seeing how well Kit played with other Corgis. Cleo, named for her love of lounging on her throne, aka, the couch, is like night and day when next to Kit. After years at a grueling corporate job, with the only happiness coming from his two dogs, he had an epiphany. In the winter of 2011 he enlisted at Karen Pryor Academy and after much hard work with Kit, the following summer Marius became a Certified Training Partner. Nothing brings more joy to him than seeing the communication skill between animal and human increase as well as the enthusiasm to train. After opening Snappy! Pet Services, Marius now offers dog walking, dog park visits, photography and training to all pet owners. Marius has felt the spiritual and psychological benefit that has come from increasing his human-animal bond with his two dogs, Kit and Cleo. He now enjoys every time he can share his knowledge and how to increase the human-animal bond by using positive reinforcement and force-free training practices with others. Marius was named February 2013 Certified Training Partner of the Month, you can read his interview by clicking here. “It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.” ~ Anonymous ~ Continuing Education:
  • Clicker Expo 2013, San Fransico, California Lectures and Labs with Kathy Sdao, Kay Laurence, Alexandra Kurland, Ken Ramirez, Susan Friedman, Ph.D., Cecilie Køste, and others, Janurary 2013
  • Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? Seminar about the mental lives of animals and what new discoveries in neurobiology can tell us about the minds of our companion animals. With Patricia McConnell, October 2012
  • Lost in Translation? Seminar on how dogs use sight, sound, and smell to communicate. With Patricia McConnell, upcoming (October 2012)
  • So Many Choices: Kathy Sdao Unplugged Two-day workshop with Kathy Sdao, October 2012
  • Play! Play! Play! Seminar on Dog-Dog and Human-Dog play with Patricia McConnell, August 2012
  • Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety and Dog-Dog Play with Nicole Wilde, August 2012
  • Clicker Expo 2012, Nashville, Tennessee Lectures and Labs with Kathy Sdao, Julie Shaw, Ken Ramirez, Debbie Martin, Tia Guest, Theresa McKeon, Helix Fairweather, and others, March 2012
Joliet: Susie Mazzorana, CTDI IL
Susie Mazzorana

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Justice: Karen Stasky, CTDI IL
Karen Stasky

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I work as a vet assistant; I teach beginning people training (to work with their dogs); and I train in agility and freestyle (I have a wonderful Swedish Vallhund).
LaGrange Park: Roxanne Dwyer, CPDT-KA IL
LaGrange Park
Roxanne Dwyer
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've partnered with my canines in animal assisted therapy programs in schools, hospitals and behavioral programs since 1995. A repetoire of tricks is an effective way to engage patients with the dogs. Showing adolescents how to teach my dog a trick simultaneously models humane interactions with dogs, teaches patience and improves observational skills. Tricks also open the door to creativity for both the dogs and the students.
Lake Zurich: Heather Pohlman, CTDI IL
Lake Zurich
Heather Pohlman

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Heather Pohlman, CTDI, CGC/STAR Puppy Evaluator
Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Treibball Instructor with ATA and NATE, AKC CGC Evaluator, and STAR Puppy Instructor
Specializing in shelter/rescue dogs and nutrition Two Paws Up Dog Training, Inc.
Lake Bluff, Illinois
(847) 235-2263
Lisle: Barb Ruehl IL
Barb Ruehl

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've taught traditional family dog obedience (correct, smile, and praise) for 12 years. Now I am a certified Nose Work Instructor.
Lombard: Bobbie Roeske, CTDI IL
Bobbie Roeske, ABCDT, CGC evaluator

Wiggles-n-Wags Dog Training Inc
216 E St Charles Rd,
Lombard IL 60148
Challenge yourself and your dog by learning together
When a new positive training facility opened up near my house, I took my dog, Dodger, and things have never been the same since. I so loved the positive training concept and the people I worked with that I joined their mentoring program and have been assisting in puppy and other classes for over two years. After graduating from Animal Behavior College, and becoming a CGC evaluator, I now teach family dog classes, sub for other trainers, and am excited about sharing with owners the joy of teaching and learning with their dogs. I also continue to train Dodger, try new things, and hone my own skills. As a retired educator I know it is important to create a friendly, comfortable, and supportive environment for my owner/dog teams. Using positive reinforcement, and building strong communication skills are keys to success.
Melrose Park: Nancy Reyes IL
Melrose Park
Nancy Reyes
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I own a dog training facility where we offer puppy, basic, and dog sports classes. I have been training dogs for over 20 years. I really believe in developing the bond between people and dogs.
McHenry: Jennalee Bee IL
Jennalee Bee
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am certified through the Karen Pryor Academy and through the Certified Professional Dog Trainers.
Naperville: Rachel Fein, KPA-CTP, CTDI IL
Rachel Fein, KPA-CTP, CTDI
Cloud K9 Academy
Owner, Trainer
(630) 699-3154

Building Relationships Through Fun
Rachel grew up working with dogs. Her first experience with training came with her dog, Nico, when she was seventeen. She later trained a rescue dog named Kali. Kali went on to earn a champion title in agility as well as titles in obedience and tricks. Rachel has participated in agility, dock diving, tricks, obedience, nose work, disc dogs and therapy work. Her young dog, Flash, is preparing for a career in agility, herding, dock diving, tricks, disc dogs and obedience. Flash has also earned trick-dog titles. Rachel enjoys the chance to participate in new activities and loves to have fun with her dogs. Rachel is a force-free trainer. She loves to help owners bond with their dogs through positive reinforcement training and has been working with dogs for more than 10 years. In that time, Rachel has worked with dogs of various ages, breeds, backgrounds, and temperaments. She has trained dogs for agility course work, herding, dock diving, tricks, obedience, disc dogs, and therapy work, and has worked with dogs and owners to solve behavioral problems. Rachel is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP). To further her education, Rachel has completed seminars with Suzanne Clothier, Patricia McConnell, Steve White, Dana Pike, and Katie Oilschlager. She has also trained with Susan Garrett and other top trainers in the area
Naperville: Donna Slobodnik IL
Donna Slobodnik
Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Palatine: Sandy Fuller, TDCH2, CTDI IL
Sandy Fuller
Certified 8/12
Focus on Fun
Ever since I got my two shelties my life has changed. I have learned so much about dogs and have enjoyed working with them so much that I want to help and encourage everyone else to have that much fun. I compete in excellent level agility, train in K9 Nosework, and both my sheltie's have their Champion Trick Dog Titles. I am an Agility Instructor at a dog club in the Chicago suburbs. I'd love to help you have fun with your dogs!
Ottawa: Marisha Maier, ABCDT, CTDI IL
Marisha Maier
Owner, Discover Pet Training LLC
Discover what your pet can be with Discover Pet Training.

I am a certified dog trainer with Animal Behavior College and owner of Discover Pet Training LLC. My training technique focuses on creating a fun and positive learning environment for both the dog and human. I offer both in-home training and group classes on a variety of topics.
Ottawa: Pam Booras, CDBC, CTDI IL
Pam Booras
815.433.5433 unleashed-potential-dogs.com unleashed_potential@yahoo.com
Unleashed Potential Canine Teaching & Behavior

I have been training dogs most of my life, professionally since 1995. I am currently a member of APDT and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) with IAABC. I have had many past affiliations with dog related organizations including Paws With a Cause where I was a field trainer of assistance dogs. I am a certified master Third Way trainer. I also offer a variety of modalities to move dogs and their owners toward a better understanding of each other. I currently have three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Tillie, Gus, and Sara. All three are certified therapy dogs through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Tillie is also a certified advanced trick dog. We make visits throughout Ottawa and the surrounding Ottawa area. I also teach mini-classes on dog behavior offered through Illinois Valley Community College. I am currently offering trick classes in a group setting and private behavioral consultations.   Owaneco: Connie Large, CTDI IL
Connie Large

Certified Trick Dog Instructor I am an AKC CGC Evaluator. When I discovered Do More With Your Dog, the door opened to learning how to teach my dogs tricks, and also skills I could use to teach other behaviors not listed on the trick sheets. I am currently working with my two Standard Poodles on Canine Freestyle with the help of trick training. I want others to be able to share time and fun with their dogs through trick training.
Romeoville: Sarah Pyle, ABCDT, CTDI IL
Sarah Pyle
Owner, Sarah Pyle Dog Training
Trick Dog Instructor
I am an certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College. I have a small training business where I offer private lessons, board and train, dog sitting, and I sell trained puppies. I always find a positive way in training dogs. I participate in agility with my own dog.
Romeoville: Anne VanderMeulen IL
Anne VanderMeulen
Who Wants To Pawty LLC
Trick Dog Instructor
Teaching people how to get more out of their friendship with their pets is what I love! I have worked as a vet assistant for many years and now run a pet sitting/dog walking and dog training business in Illinois.
South Elgin: Julia Lane, APDT Trainer, CGC Evaluator, CTDI IL
South Elgin
Julia Lane, CTDI
Owner, Spot On K9 Sports
Certified 11/11
Julia Lane
How-to videos

Fun activities for every dog! Spot On K9 Sports: Fun activities for every dog! Julia Lane passionately believes that positive reinforcement and relationship building create confident, well-behaved dogs. She helps dog owners solve common behavior problems through games, tricks and thoughtful training that give dogs mental and physical exercise. When she isn't teaching, Julia competes in agility, disc dog, Rally obedience, and K9 Nose Work, and writes about dog sports and training for Bark magazine (www.thebark.com). She and her husband, Brian, enjoy life with their two cats, Bruiser and Cricket, and variety pack: Shelby (Pit Bull mix), Darby (Dalmatian), Jolie (Dalmatian), and Ginger Peach (Dutch Shepherd).
South Elgin: Kim Sipple IL
South Elgin
Kim Sipple

aussiepaws264@ comcast.net
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have trained dogs since 1985. I do obedience, rally, pet therapy, trick dogs, and agility. I love anything fun to do with my dogs. I worked at an animal hospital for 25 years. My whole life is dogs. I love to watch people train their dogs to do something they didn't think that they could. Happy Dogs & Happy People. I am a single mom with a disabled son. Our lives have been blessed with awesome family, fabulous friends and the best dogs ever!!! We have alot of struggles but so much joy. We are blessed. We have 4 dogs: Hogan (13) Australian Shepherd, Dakota (11) Australian Sheherd, Scout (5) jack russel/corgi X, and Trucker (12 weeks) cardigan corgi. I love to try new things with my dogs.
Springfield: Linda Hinsman, CTDI IL
Linda Hinsman

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Swansea: Natalie J. Eichelberger, CTDI IL
Natalie J. Eichelberger

Trainer, SmartyPaws Dog Training

Come Join the Fun!
Natalie Eichelberger is 23 years old and has been dog training since 2012 and currently works at SmartyPaws Dog Training located in Belleville, IL just 20 minutes outside of Downtown St. Louis, MO. She loves to have fun with her dogs using positive reinforcement training methods, trick training and agility. She has two Pembroke Welsh Corgis named Luna and Neville ( Harry Potter anyone?) who keep her busy in all the activities they do. Natalie has a Bachelors of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Missouri- St. Louis and is currently working on her Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Oklahoma.
Tiskilwa: Lynette VandeVenter IL
Lynette VandeVenter

Owner, First Harmony Farms
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a veterinarian in IL. I own First Harmony Farms. We raise Border Collies and Miniature American Shepherds. I have been doing Flyball and Obedience for over 20 years and started agility 3 years ago. I also occasionally do herding, rally, and conformation with our dogs.
Villa Park: Susan Eastwood IL
Villa Park
Susan Eastwood

Owner, Wiggles n Wags Dog Training
(630) 768-7131
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I own Wiggles-n-Wags Dog Training located in Lombard, IL, just outside of Chicago. We have an active Tricks program and 4 CTDI's on staff. I am a big proponent of teaching tricks, not only as a fun thing to do with your dog, and to improve both human/dog relationships and dog's lives, but I also work with reactive dogs and use tricks to redirect the dog when getting stressed. It's more fun to have something to ask your dog to do than just 'sit'! I've been a trainer for close to 25 years, and a business owner and agility instructor for 12.
Winfield: Nancy DiMenza, CTDI IL
Winfield Nancy DiMenza
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Woodridge: Rebecca Cann, CTDI IL
Rebecca Cann, CTDI
Senior Trainer & Director of Training,
Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.
Certified 11/11
630.904.0895 10143 Clow Creek Road, Unit A
Plainfield, IL 60585
200 Read Street
Lockport, IL 60441

Good Dog! I love teaching. For 12 years I have been teaching high school English, and I loved it. I took time off to stay home and raise my daughters and my dogs. This has left me enough flexibility in my schedule to take my love of teaching and join it with my other love… dog training. I initially began my dog training career in 2005 at Narnia Pet Behavior and Training in Plainfield. In 2010, I also began working at Wiggles-n-Wags Dog Training, Inc., in Lombard. I am very fortunate that I have to opportunity to work at two different places that are both dedicated to positive reinforcement training. From puppy classes and family dog, to triebball, K9 Noseworks, and agility, these two places have a class for everyone. Not only do I spend my time teaching dog classes, but I am also a presenter for Dog Gone Safe which is a dog bite prevention program that helps education kids about dogs. Additionally I work with other trainers in the area to present to rescue groups about a variety or training and behavior issues that many foster families face. I regularly attend workshops and seminars all over the country in behavior modification to stay on top of what is new in the field of training. There is ALWAYS something new and fun to learn about and train with your dog, and I hope the people that take my class feel that excitement that I feel when it comes to spending time with their dogs.  
Woodstock: Cheryle Homuth IL
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Indiana Fort Wayne: Mary Schelling, CTDI IN
Fort Wayne
Mary Schelling
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Fishers: Tiffany Lambert IN
Tiffany Lambert
Paws & Play
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been involved in the pet industry since 2004 and professionally training dogs since 2011. Having fun while learning is key which is why I love trick training!
Huntertown: Angela Monteith, CTDI IN
Angela Monteith Owner, The Empowered Dog LLC angela@theempowereddog.com 260-338-9449
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been working toward becoming a dog trainer since 2008. I assist with training dogs and doing classes and teach puppy preschool and apprentice adult dog obedience. I started doing tricks with my Weimaraner just for fun, but we've decided to start offering a Tricks Class, so now that Kona has her Intermediate Trick Dog title, I feel ready to move forward with offering this wonderful opportunity to bond with a dog to our clients.
Indianapolis: Shannon Honeycutt IN
Shannon Honeycutt
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Shannon Honeycutt trains agility at a local facility.
Muncie: Bonnie Krupa, CTDI IN
Bonnie Krupa

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
New Carlisle: Karen Dodd IN
New Carlisle
Karen Dodd
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I train in Rally and Agility. I belong to Trail Creek Dog Training Club in La Porte, IN where I have been helping with Puppy and Beginner classes. I have a 7 yr old and a 6 month old Flatcoat, plus 2 resue dogs.
Kansas Emporia:Rebecca McKenzie, B.S., CTDI KY
Rebecca McKenzie rwhisler1234@gmail.com

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor I grew up with a family that always had dogs and always allowed us to have small animals as pets. I developed a great love for animals at a very young age, which turned into a desire to work with animals as an adult. In my early 20's I got my first dog as an adult, a little naughty Jack Russell Terrier named Darwin, who inspired me to do a lot of research on dog training. In an effort to give him a "job", I also started doing dog sports. I have now been studying dog training methods and playing flyball for 10 years. I have moved several times over those 10 years and have had the great privilege of working with several flyball teams around the country. My training methods have evolved over time to positive reinforcement and clicker training. I recently have reached a place in my life when I can finally work towards professionally training dogs. I am currently teaching group classes at Camo Cross Dog Training in Topeka, KS. I am also working on bringing the sport of flyball back to the state of Kansas. I have three dogs who all started out as shy rescues who have gained confidence through trick training and dog sports. Two of them hold their CGC, Trick Titles, and several flyball titles. Our third dog is working on her Novice Trick Title and is currently in flyball training.
Kentucky Georgetown:Tracey Hagan, CTDI KY
Tracey Hagan tysmom30@gmail.com

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been working and training dogs for almost 10 years. I teach puppy classes and have taught obedience classes and service dog classes. I am also an AKC CGC Evaluator. I am currently working on earning my 2 dogs (one blind) their first trick dog title (Novice) and plan to advance to at least Expert level (hopefully Champion). I love working with dogs and watching them learn new things and helping owners understand how to communicate with their dogs and have fun too.
Independence: Jeff Gowen CTDI KY
Jeff Gowen

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lexington:Chris Miara, CTDI KY
Chris Miara

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Louisville: Kea Grace, CTDI KY
Kea Grace, CTDI
Certified 4/11
Head Trainer,
Gimme Grace Dog Training

  Dogs for every need; training for every dog.
Kea Grace is a Service, SAR and professional Working K9 instructor located in central Kentucky. She is the founder and head trainer at Gimme Grace Dog Training. Every working dog that comes through the program learns trick work for bonding and motivation. She uses purely positive methods while teaching tricks in order to teach the dogs how to think and problem solve. Contact Kea in order to get on the fun side of life!
Louisville: Ann Sheltz, CTDI KY
Ann Sheltz
Dog Training Instructor

  Teaching people to teach their dogs.
I teach manners classes at a kennel near Louisville. My current dog is a Standard Poodle. I certified him with a local therapy dog group and we visit schools and library for reading programs. I have been inspired to do tricks so that my can do a few a tricks during his therapy visits.
Owensboro: Sydney Taber CTDI KY
Sydney Taber

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Villa Hills: Virginia Simpson KY
Villa Hills  
Virginia Simpson

  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Louisiana Greenwell Springs: Glenda Banta, CTDI LA
Greenwell Springs
Glenda Banta

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
After two spine surgeries I was having trouble getting my mobility back. Therapy and walking weren't helping or very motivating. One of my motivators to keep me moving in the past was our beloved Shih Tzu - Kiley but unfortunately, she had recently passed away. My husband could see how heartbroken I was and agreed to start helping me look for our new fur family member. He'd joke with me saying...."Let's get a border collie....I bet that would help you get some of your mobility back"! After being a life long pet lover/owner, I was up for the challenge.
Luckily for me, my hubby was on the right track! After months of searching, we found Trooper, our amazing red and white border collie who loves everyone! From the time we got Trooper I started teaching him a multitude of tricks. When people would meet Trooper, it would immediately strike up a conversation about my trick training, which would lead to, "Will you train my dog?"
I thought what a great field to get into physically, mentally and emotionally but surely I'd need a certification to train someone else's dog. I spent hours doing extensive research on the top dog professionals and their programs and found - DO MORE WITH YOUR DOG! - the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks. Their code of conduct along with their positive training philosophy was a perfect fit! It was all the methods I believed in and it looked super fun and exciting! The program has allowed me to learn even more about dogs and trick training, in addition to allowing me to test and become a CTDI - Certified Trick Dog Instructor and for Trooper to test for various trick dog titles. Our next goal is to form an All-Star Performance Dog Team sponsored by -DO MORE WITH YOUR DOG! and do some event entertaining. This program genuinely encourages owners to spend time and participate in activities with their pets, which will strengthen them BOTH in more ways then they'll ever know! I'm blessed to have found this avenue for myself and to be able to share this positive training method of team building with dog owners. I truly believe it's the first step to keeping pet families together, forever! Hopefully, this story will inspire someone to take a chance in making a positive lifestyle change for them self and also have an amazing opportunity to - DO MORE WITH THEIR DOG! Give us a call -come join the fun!
Lake Charles: Margaret Hebert LA
Lake Charles
Margaret Hebert
Owner, Off The Leash! LLC
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Graduated from Animal Behavioral College. Have been training clients in-home and I am now looking to open a full service training facility.
Lake Charles: Victoria Bourgeois, CTDI LA
Lake Charles
Victoria Bourgeois

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a positive reinforcement dog trainer for 2 years. I love clicker training. I have also done pet therapy work with Delta Society and CGC titles.
Morgan City: Cathy Lee Stephens LA
Morgan City
Cathy Lee Stephens
Owner, Canine Etiquette LLC
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a certified dog trainer in Louisiana with my own business. I work with basic obedience as well as behavior problems.
Maine Bowdoinham: Jenny Ruth Yasi, CTDI ME
Jenny Ruth Yasi, CTDI
Head Trainer,
Whole Dog Camp
Certified 8/11
(207) 756-9421
  Take Training to a New Level!
Jenny Ruth Yasi is the head trainer at Whole Dog Camp, a wholistic animal boarding, training and daycare club in Maine. Having grown up on a farm, with experience in trick training a variety of animals (horses, dogs, goats, birds, rabbits), she graduated Vermont College with a self-designated study in behavior science and character development. Jenny uses operant and classical conditioning, with a marker signal, conditioned encouragement, discouragement and release cue in her "Signal Training" system. At Whole Dog Camp Jenny has had special experience rehabilitating dogs with severe problem behaviors and she also enjoys training for competition in freestyle, agility, and rally. Jenny has studied with some of the best dog trainers in the world, including Susan Garrett, Diane Kowalski, Carolyn Scott, Kathy Sdao, Terry Ryan and others. Hard of hearing, Jenny is often swimming or on a boat where hearing aids don't do much good, so she trains all her dogs in hearing service behaviors. She also volunteers with Spring Harbor Hospital, and she uses "trick training" to enrich the pet assisted therapy she provides in the pediatric psychiatric unit of the hospital.
Rumford: Christle Alexander ME
Christle Alexander
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
3 yrs doggie daycare, training, boarding, and grooming.
Pittsfield: Breanna Norris, CTDI ME
Breanna Norris
Right On The Mark Dog Training, LLC

  “Teaching dogs through games and play” Breanna is a force free trainer for Right On The Mark Dog Training LLC in Pittsfield, Maine. She teaches Trick and Game classes, offers private lessons and assists in training Foundation classes. Breanna is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. Breanna has two dogs and two cats. All four came from rescues. Along with her own four pets she also takes in foster dogs and volunteers with a local dog recue group. Breanna enjoys taking classes with her own dogs and traveling to hear speakers in the field of dog training and dog behavior. In the past she has apprenticed with horse trainers and currently working with another dog trainer. Breanna is working towards her CPDT-KA. When she is not busy training dogs you can find her cross country skiing, hiking or jogging with her dogs or gardening with her dogs nearby.
Unity: Judith Stoodley, CTDI ME
Judith Stoodley
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for over five decades, starting with a Basenji when I was fifteen. My dogs have earned titles in obedience, tracking, freestyle, tricks, rally, Barn Hunt and agility, and I did some bitework training with my Doberman in order to enable her to pass the breed club's Working Aptitude Evaluation (WAC). My training methods have evolved over the years, and I am a big fan of clicker training. I have done workshops, demonstrations, group classes and individual instruction, although never on a large scale. My current training partners include two French Bulldogs and a Standard Poodle.
Massachusetts Acton: Kathy Austin, KPA CTP MA
Kathy Austin

Partner, Dogs' Learning Center
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm Kathy Austin, KPA CTP and partner at Dogs' Learning Center in Hudson, MA. My canine partner, and best friend, is Clancy a 6.5 yo Irish Terrier. We have trained in agility, Rally-O, and Wag It Games. Our current focus is training and competing in the sport of K9 Nose Work. Building a better relationship with my dog while making it fun for both of us has always been my goal - and it's something that I work to practice with my students - both human and canine! Acushnet: Cheryl Viera, CTDI MA
Cheryl Viera

Trainer, Doggie Daycare facility

Tricks to build relationships
Tricks are a fun way to build stronger relationships between dogs and their families. They are also a great way to exercise the dog's mind and body. I incorporate tricks into my puppy and basic manners class and am planning to add a "Tricks Class" soon. I give private lessons and have very small group classes using positive reinforcement/ clicker training. I also have experience with deaf dogs. I have an Expert Trick Dog title and Obedience titles. I am currently working on more trick titles, K-9 Nosework, and am learning Freestyle.
Amherst: Chelsea Allen MA
Chelsea Allen
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am 19 years old and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to work with dogs. I loved working with my German Shepherd as a kid, and my little Papillion mix now. My goal is to, one day become a professional dog trainer. Beverly: Jennifer Frankavitz, CTDI MA
Jennifer Frankavitz
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a full time dog trainer and work with quite a few rescues as well. I enjoy teaching and promoting positive reinforcement techniques along with seeing the progress made in my students each week! I have a 7 year old Pit Bull mix named Riley who was my inspiration for becoming a dog trainer. Byfield: Erika Jackson, CTDI MA

Erika Jackson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I'm the proud owner of a cattle dog named Earl who has her Advanced Trick dog and a retired service dog named Sundee. With my dogs I've done agility, Rally-O, Nose work, Canine Good Citizen, and Service Dog Demos. Currently my dogs are in semi- retirement enjoying hiking and the beach! I train private lessons, group classes, and puppy specific courses at Seacoast Canine in Byfield, MA. We focus on fear free, pain free, science based dog training to get long lasting results. Our website is http://seacoastcanine.com and I can be reached at Erika@seacoastcanine.com Dalton: Amy Mack MA
Amy Mack

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I work at the Berkshire Human Society teaching obedience, agility, puppy kindergarten and I do private lessons. I'm also a CGC evaluator. Danvers: Anne Springer, B.A., PCT-A, CTDI, VA MA
Anne Springer, CTDI
Owner, Paws for Praise
Certified 6/11
  Make a Tail Wag!
Paws for Praise offers group classes from beginner through advanced and specialty classes, seminars, workshops, and our famous Yappy Hour play groups. We use modern, scientifically sound and humane dog training methods in a relaxed and supportive environment that focuses on both canine and human needs. Owner, Anne Springer, is a graduate of Salem State University and has diplomas in both dog training and instruction and in professional pet grooming. She is a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild, the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, and Truly Dog Friendly. Anne is accredited by the Pet Professional Accreditation Board.
Easthampton: Mary Dzialo MA
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Gloucester: Jennifer Titus MA
Jennifer Titus
TheJen@comcast.net Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a trainer, dogwalker and boarder in Massachusetts. I have a Masters degree in Education, a certification in Special Education (Beh. Mod.!) I completed a training apprenticeship with Anne Springer (CTDI) in 2012. I am applying to Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers. Hopkinton: Cassie-Leigh Stock, ABCDT MA
Hopkinton Cassie-Leigh Stock
Higher Expectations Dog Training & Behavior Modification (HEX) Obedience. Fun. Love. Results.
My name is Cassie-Leigh Stock, and I have been professionally training dogs & their people in MA & the surrounding states since 2007. I work with any age & breed, but as president & founder of the New England Bully Breed Club, I have a special affinity for misunderstood breeds, especially pit bulls. I specialize in reactive bully breeds, but offer private training and group classes/workshops ranging from puppy manners to Canine Good Citizen testing, public access test preparation, and tricks classes too! Come check us out at www.hexdogs.com!
New Bedford: Melissa Viera, CTDI MA
New Bedford
Melissa Viera

Helping you and your dog reach your goals Melissa uses reward-based positive dog training and clicker training methods to get results. She believes in giving animals both mental stimulation and exercise through training. Melissa teaches tricks to give both dogs and owners a fun way to work on training and building their bond. Melissa has been involved in a number of competitive dog sports. She also enjoys doing trick demos with her dog, Riley. Melissa trains dogs with true concern for their well-being. She enjoys helping and encouraging people and their dogs.
Norfolk: Rachel Fliger CTDI MA
Rachel Fliger
Bonding Canine and Owners with Fun
I grew up with dogs my entire life and I absolutely love the strong bond that grows between handler and dog during the training process. I believe training is not only vital to a dogs mental well-being and to fitting in well with our lifestyles, but also an amazing opportunity to learn how to communicate with another species and bond closely with them. I incorporate training daily into my dogs’ life and make training less of a “chore” and it comes just a part of how you interact. Everything is a training experience; play, a walk, new people coming over, new objects in the house, endless potential everywhere. Be creative and encourage the individual personality of your dog. Plymoth: Judi Steele ABCDT, APDT Trainer, CTDI MA
Judi Steele, CTDI
Certified 12/10
  "Train with Trust"—Rebuilding broken relationships.
My life long passion as been dogs. I have owned many different breeds throughout my life and have successfully shown dogs in the breed ring, as well as trained dogs for obedience. In September 2010, I graduated from the Animal Behavior College, becoming a certified dog trainer.

The training techniques I use are based on positive reinforcement training. I use a clicker to communicate which behaviors I desire or want to shape. While in school, I used my own 2 dogs to perfect my new skills and easily trained my dogs many new and fun behaviors. My American Staffordshire Terrier, Peaches, also has her CGC and TDI and quickly earned her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles.

At present, I am employed at Joseph's Obedience Training School in Pocasset, MA where I teach a puppy class, assist in Reactive and Management dog classes as well as offer private lessons and consultations. I am also a member of APDT. My goal is to teach a tricks class, as well as compete in agility, learn flyball and nosework. I will also enjoy earning more tricks titles! I would like to incorporate tricks into working with reactive dogs to encourage thinking and focus.
Rockland: Ike Iacovino MA
Ike Iacovino Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Southhampton: Jim Helems Jr., CTDI MA
Jim Helems Jr., CTDI
Dog Pals
Certified 6/09

Enjoy your dog—training is fun.
Jim believes in positive, motivational dog training, where the emphasis is on fun. If you or your dog pal is frustrated or bored good training is impossible. Jim’s passions are for Dog Agility and Trick Training, and he also enjoys Obedience, Rally-O, Puppy training and dog Scootering. Jim teaches tricks to his own three Aussies, and is working on multi-dog tricks. Jim believes good training comes from trust and each partner having fun.

Jim is now providing dog training throughout the North East as Dog Pals, offering One – on – One training. Jim and his crew, Jake, Ember and Pyro also perform Dog Stunt Shows and routinely volunteers at dog rescue shows, children hospitals and fund raisers. Watch video of Jim Helems Jr.

Jim is also a Dog Scouts of America troop leader, which he started in 2010. Dog Scouting is another great way to "do more with your dog". You can check out this Western Massachusetts Dog Scout Troop, #211 at: www.dogpalstraining.com/dog-scouts/ Stow: Jean McCord, CPDT-KA MA
Jean McCord
Owner, Dogs' Learning Center, LLC
978-394-3108 Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been instructing classes for over 12 years and also teach private lessons and do behavioral consultations. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed, a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, a Certified Nose Work Instructor and a Certified Wag It Games Instructor. I also provide boarding and dog daycare, and have been in business since 1991. Sturbridge: Deborah Taylor MA
Deborah Taylor
Pack of Paws Dog Training Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a trainer at Pack of Paws Dog Training in Southbridge, MA. I train sports foundation, flyball, puppy class, basic obedience and I plan to eventually teach reactive dog classes and nosework. I am teaching a tricks class. Maryland Baltimore: Amie Glasgow, CPDT MD
Baltimore Amie Glasgow
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a CPDT and Head Trainer at the MD SPCA. I share my life with three pit bulls, twelve cats, a turtle and a very patient man. I've trained Rally, Agility, SAR, Tracking, and obedience.
Baltimore: Chelsea Singer, CTDI MD
Chelsea Singer
Certified 7/13
Keeping Tails Waggin'!!
Keeping things light, fun, and friendly are my training methods. I believe in Positive Reinforcement with the clicker as the foundation and patience as one of the building blocks. Every dog can learn tricks and so can you!! I'm in my first year piloting a tricks class, but have not been doing them for years after having not 1, but 2 challenging dogs to train. It has brought a tremendous amount of Attention and Focus to our training sessions.
Boonsboro: Lori Kobayashi, CPDT-KA, CTDI MD
Lori Kobayashi, CTDI
Certified 6/09

  Fun Foundation Dog Training; teaching your dog to learn.
I'm a dog trainer, and I train my own dogs for therapy work, Obedience, and Rally-O. I also love to ride motorcycles, and do race emergency work (cornerworking).
Charlotte Hall: Dee Hart, CTDI MD
Charlotte Hall Dee Hart
Owner, Pawfessional Pet Care
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am the owner of Pawfessional Pet Care. PPC is a pet sitting company that has been servicing Southern Maryland since 1997. I set myself apart from my competitors by always trying to learn different aspects regarding pets.
Damascus: George Cockrell CTDI MD
George Cockrell
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Frederick: Marie Donahue CTDI MD
Frederick   Marie Donahue Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Marriottsville: Tamara Tucker, CTDI MD
Marriottsville   Tamara Tucker, CTDI Owner, WiggleButts Dog Training LLC 410-259-5136 tammy@wigglebuttsdog.com Certified Trick Dog Instructor I own WiggleButts Dog Training LLC in Maryland. I offer a variety of classes from Basic Manners to Games and Tricks. I also train service dogs for disabled US Veterans. I love to train dogs who help people in some way - service, therapy, etc. I am an AKC CGC evaluator. I am also a Certified Nose Work Instructor. I have a black Lab name Abraham Lincoln. He keeps me laughing.

Owings: Sherril L. Lilly, CTDI MD
Sherril Lilly
Owner, Sirius Manners
siriusmanners.com Making Dogs Stars!
I retired from a long, wonderful career in public education a few years ago. My retirement allowed me to once again be involved with the wonderful sport of training dogs. Training provides us an opportunity to build a strong, loving and respectful bond with our dogs. I believe in giving high value rewards for desirable behaviors. It is my belief that fear, pain and intimidation create fearful, possibly even aggressive behaviors in dogs and have no place in my training program. Follow one simple rule and you will have a lovely, well-mannered dog: REWARD the behaviors you want and IGNORE the behaviors you do not want. Sirius Manners will teach you how to follow this rule so that your dog will be the wonderful companion you imagined when you brought him home. I will help you teach your dog all the basic manners such as sit, stay, leave it, wait, and more, plus many awesome tricks like speak, clean up, sit pretty, say your prayers, and more.
Owings Mills: Diane Sammarco, CTDI MD
Owings Mills Diane Sammarco
Owner, Pet Experts
410-504-2422 Certified Trick Dog Instructor

I am a Certified Dog Trainer, AKC CGC Evaluator & Instructor, An American Red Cross Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor. I have my own training facility in Reisterstown, MD and it's a dream come true that I've worked towards ever since I was a teenager (I'm a middle-aged woman now). I just love working with dogs and their owners to build strong lasting relationships.
Pasadenas: Samantha Daley MD
Pasadena Samantha Daley
Owner, Leash Free Living
AssociateTrick Dog Instructor

I have been training dogs for 7 years, focusing on pet obedience and competition obedience. I have an OTCH Maltese and a young Doberman who is working on her CDX. Tricks are a great, fun way to keep their Obedience fresh and strengthen their competition skills by taking them out of context.
Upper Marlboro: Stacie Beasley MD
Upper Marlboro Stacie Beasley
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Silver Spring: Summer Ragulsky, CTDI MD
Silver Spring Summer Ragulsky
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Silver Spring: Yvette Ellsworth MD
Silver Spring Yvette Ellsworth
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Waldorf: Chesna Vitanovec, CTDI MD
Waldorf Chesna Vitanovec cvitanov@asu.edu
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Training tricks can be fun for both your dog and you. It doesn't matter if they are a puppy or a senior as every dog can learn to perform tricks. I hope to inspire more owners to train their dogs in fun and positive manner.
Michigan Adrian: Anna Aranda CTDI MI
Anna Aranda
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Allendale: Mikayla Lafave, CTDI MI
Mikayla Lafave
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Battle Creek: Sarah Rodeheaver, CTDI MI
Battle Creek
Sarah Rodeheaver
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Brighton: Tayna Johnson CTDI MI
Tayna Johnson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Brighton: Linda Lipford, CTDI MI
Linda Lipford
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Ferndale: Gabi Vannini CTDI MI
Gabi Vannini

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Flint: Misty Yohannan CTDI MI
Misty Yohannan

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Grosse Ile: Wendy Bemis CTDI MI
Grosse Ile
Wendy Bemis

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Grosse Pointe: Willie Viarnes CTDI MI
Grosse Pointe
Willie Viarnes

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Grosse Pointe Farms: Catherine Heffner CTDI MI
Grosse Pointe Farms
Catherine Heffner, CTDI

More Than A Walk In The Park Cath has been an animal trainer since 1975 in a variety of sporting activities.  Cath guides growth while capitalizing on innate abilities to develop a well-rounded companion.  Her goal is to help you build a relationship that lasts for life.

Life Member, Southern Michigan Obedience Training Club
Holt: Amy Schupska MI
Amy Schupska

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a licensed veterinary technician. I own a pet sitting and pet nursing care business. I am also a puppy raiser for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I teach a therapy dog prep class for a local trainer.
Howell: Laura Maulbetsch CTDI, CGC Evaluator MI
Laura Maulbetsch
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Lansing: Roxann Wilkinson , CTDI MI
Roxann Wilkinson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lapeer: Terry Swanson, CTDI MI
Terry Swanson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have a golden retriever that I show in Obedience, Rally and Freestyle. He is also a Therapy dog. I love working with him and my training time with him. I am a member of Companion Dog Training Club in Flint. I teach a Senior puppy class and a Therapy dog preparation class. I believe the relationship with your dog is the foundation. Trick training is an important part of the fun and relationship you develop and maintain with your dog every day.
Novi: Roz Granitz, CTDI, BA, MEd. MI
Roz Granitz

Owner, My Hero Dog Training
30915 Haggerty, Novi, MI.

The more you do with your dog, the more your dog will do!
Roz Granitz has been training and showing dogs in obedience and agility for more than 30 years. She has achieved success both locally and nationally, attaining the national rank of 2nd in Open Obedience with her all-star dog, Coffee. Roz is an exceptional teacher, having earned her MEd at University of Michigan and Wayne State University. She is certified as an APDT C.L.A.S.S. instructor and evaluator and is also an AKC C.G.C. evaluator. Roz is the owner of My Hero Dog Training in Novi.
Monroe: Michele Bodoh, CTDI MI
Michele Bodoh
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Monroe: Cheryl Wassus, CTDI MI
Cheryl Wassus
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Montrose: Mary Jo Bradley, CTDI MI
Mary Jo Bradley

Certified 9/12
All Dogs Can
I have been training dogs for over 20 years. I believe that all dogs can be what you want them to be, with love, patience and training. Training teaches your dog skills and focus, while creating a bond between you and your dog that will last forever. While each breed's training style may vary a little, I only use positive reinforcement training techniques for all dogs.
Mount Clemens: Barbara Reinhold, CTDI MI
Mount Clemens
Barbara Reinhold
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Petoskey: Nicole Roman CTDI MI
Nicole Roman
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Shelby: Jordan Covington, CTDI MI
Jordan Covington
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Shelby: Christine Fox, CTDI MI
Christine Fox
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Stevensville: Lisa Antonini CTDI MI
Lisa Antonini
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Troy: Jennifer Crawford, CTDI MI
Jennifer Crawford
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Walled Lake: Elaine Chan Whitlow, APDT, ABCDT, AKC CGC evaluator, DSA MI
Walled Lake
Elaine Chan Whitlow

Trainer, Petsmart
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I graduated from ANIMAL BEHAVIOR COLLEGE in 2008. Since then, I've been working as a full time instructor at the local Petsmart Store. I have 2 Maltese-Bichon Mixed. Both are active therapy dogs and they love to perform tricks at the nursing homes and at work (demo at petsmart). I love teaching tricks to help dogs who lack confidence or are shy, and to help their owner to bond with them. I am also a full member of APDT, and in my free time, I run a dog trainer network group for the local trainers to help spread the word about positive dog training.
Westland: Michael Burkey MI
Michael Burkey
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Westland: TBD Burkey MI
TBD Burkey
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Westland: Yang Zhao Burkey CTDI MI
Yang Zhao Burkey
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Minnesota Center City: Gerald Murray, CTDI MN
Center City
Gerald Murray
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Detroit Lakes: Donna Dustin MN
Detroit Lakes
Donna Dustin
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Minneapolis: Nancy Brooks, CTDI MN
Nancy Brooks
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Plymouth: Leah Glynn, CTDI MN
Leah Glynn
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been teaching tricks to my dog for about 2 years. It is very rewarding for me to see them figure things out on their own and offer behaviors that get rewarded. I use a clicker when I am teaching a new trick and a verbal marker after the trick is learned. I believe in positive reinforcement and rewarding small steps that get you to the desired behavior. You should reward progressive behaviors and reward often enough that the dog learns to repeat these behaviors. Most importantly, I want to help you improve your relationship with your dog and give you another avenue to pursue that is fun, challenging and rewarding.
Rochester: Mikaela Gustafson, CTDI MN
Mikaela Gustafson
Certified 3/16
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been training dogs for many years and have competed in various dog sports. I enjoy Agility, Disc, Rally, and Dock Diving. I have two Miniature Schnauzers, and they are the first of their breed to have earned their Trick Dog Championships (TDCH). My tricks class is a great class to help you and your dog build a stronger bond and relationship while learning exciting new behaviors. This class will improve your skills in training your dog as you will learn how to use various methods to teach a new behavior and improve your timing and clarity. These skills will also help you in any sport you may choose to do competitively or just for fun.
Your dog will be the life of the party wherever you go!
Rochester: Annalissa Johnson, CTDI MN
Annalissa Johnson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Shakopee: Connie Priesz, CTDI MN
Connie Priesz
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been working on tricks with my Pet Partners therapy dog, Molly, for about a year. We have advanced to earn our Champion title in nine months. After attending the DoMoreWithYourDog workshop in MO, Nov 2015, I became a CTDI. The use of positive training methods and positive encouragement can help you achieve your goals. As an educator for 37 years, I can adjust and monitor to any level you may be at. Trick training is fun, and it allows you to bond with your precious pet !!!!
St. Cloud: Sarah Thoreen KPA-CTP, CTDI MN
St. Cloud
Sarah Thoreen
Paws Abilities Dog Training (504) 624-0190 pawsabilitiesmn.com paws4umn@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Trick training is about so much more than tricks! It really is the basis for everything else you teach. Any behavior you teach your dog can be taught as a trick and that makes it more fun and more likely to be practiced. In my trick training classes you will learn how to communicate with your dog. One on One and small group classes are available. I love using shaping to teach new behaviors whether they are simple or complex sequences; they can all be taught with a clicker and positive reinforcement. You will learn how to talk to your dog and your dog will learn how to understand you. Most importantly you will form a great connection and bond with your dog – which will carry over to other activities and everyday life so you can always, Do More With your Dog!
Winona: Kera Wilhelmsen, CPDT-KA ABCDT CTDI MN
Kera Wilhelmsen CPDT-KA ABCDT CTDI
Paws Abilities Dog Training
Certified Trick Dog Instructor AKC CGC Evaluator #92948
APDT Professional Member #84586
IAABC Supporting Member
Mississippi Gulfport: Brennan Autry, CTDI MS
Brennan Autry

Brennan S. Autry, MS, CAAMA, CDT, CTDI Brennan received his Master of Science Degree in Health Sciences from University of Central Florida. He is continuing his education with a specialization in Applied Animal Behavior from Companion Animal Sciences Institute and through Duke University in Dog Emotion and Cognition. Brennan is a certified dog trainer, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Certified American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator / Instructor and a Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) Instructor / Evaluator for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. He is active in the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and Association of Animal Behavior Professionals. He is a committee member for Pet Professional Guild Social Media Marketing Committee and Member Services Committee. He has been recognized as the only trainer on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to meet the positive no force standards of the Pet Professional Guild. Brennan's dedication shows through his service to his country. As a Medical Service Corps Officer for the United States Navy, he has worked with and trained dogs in and out of combat. He has overseen veterinary clinics and has been a champion for service dogs in the U.S. Navy. He has made and instituted policy for service dogs and their handlers at several Military Treatment Facilities. At present, he is working with Maddie On Point, a not for profit organization dedicated to training rescue animals to become certified Service Animals in accordance with the International Association of Assistant Dog Partners. He has worked with Kings Second Chance, a not for profit organization dedicated to giving disabled veterans needed service animals at little to no cost. A Master Trainer/Instructor for the U.S. Navy and was awarded a subspecialty code in Education and Training Management, he has continued his education in animal behavior and training at various schools.
Jackson: Lauren Tsao, CTDI MS
Lauren Tsao

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lauren has been training animals as a hobby since she was twelve years old. Even when she didn't have a dog, she was training her pet cat, Binx to perform canine Freestyle moves. Once Lauren got her grandmother's dog, Daisy, enrolled into an agility training class, that was all she wrote! Lauren was bitten by the training bug! Lauren went on to hold a strong interest in agility and competition dog training, that sticks with her today. Now Lauren owns Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC in Jackson, MS and trains professionally full time. She owns two wonderful dogs, Booski, the Corgi/Jack Russell mix and Beretta, the Australian Kelpie. Lauren is currently Mississippi's only Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed. Lauren holds an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Psychology and is currently completing the final year of her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She also holds several other titles including American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Therapy Pets Unlimited Pet Evaluator, Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations and Shelter Training Graduate, APDT C.L.A.S.S. Instructor, and Animal Behavior College Verified Mentor Trainer.
Missouri Bonne Terre: Pam Wiles, CTDI MO
Bonne Terre
Pam Wiles
Certified 5/16 pam.wiles@icloud.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Gladstone: Laura Hills, CTDI MO
Laura Hills

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

HIllsboro: Angela Bentley, CTDI MO
Angela Bentley

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Kansas City: Wende Wagner, CTDI MO
Kansas City
Wende Wagner
Owner, Train Don't Complain
Train, Don't Complain
Helping others train their dogs is my passion.
I have trained my own dogs for the past 22 years and to the public for the past 8 yrs. I have been teaching through 2 community education school districts and my own business called "Train Don't Complain". I am also an AKC CGC evaluator and teach competition obedience and Rally. I enjoy watching the dogs evolve and comminication open up.
Ozark: Francis Micham, CTDI MO
Francis Micham
Certified 5/16 fmicham@yahoo.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor I am the primary group class and service dog instructor at On the Spot Dog Training. Through positive reinforce we help clients build a better relationship with their dog. I was introduced to positive reinforcement and clicker training several years and I could not image using any other method to train my dogs or client’s dogs. I have three dogs, including an American Eskimo named “Snowball”. She is a Certificated Therapy Dog through Pet Therapy of the Ozarks, participates in Barn Hunt and has her Novice and Intermediate Tricks Titles. A Belgian Tervuren named “Molly”. She participates in Agility, Rally Obedience and has her Novice Trick Title. A Sheltie named “Kyla Jo”. She attends the classes that I teach and participates in Agility.
Pleasant Hill: Brianne Durham, CTDI MO
Pleasant Hill
Brianne Durham
Sit Now Stay, LLC Certified 7/16 brianne@sitnowstay.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Saint Louis: Chris Baumann, CTDI MO
Saint Louis
Chris Baumann

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Chris Baumann has been involved in obedience for many years and has worked with a variety of dogs.
Saint Louis: Mary Duncan MO
Saint Louis
Mary Duncan

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a trainer with the Greater Saint Louis Training Club.
Saint Louis: Shelly Goebel, CTDI MO
Saint Louis
Shelly Goebel

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been working on achieving Trick Dog titles with my do Sophie for the last year, as well helping my friends with achieving Trick Dog titles with their dogs. It has been so much fun and has helped to build my bond with my dog! I am a dog trainer with Greater St. Louis Training Club. We are the only club in the St. Louis, Missouri area that uses ONLY force free, positive reinforcement training methods - for the dogs and the people. So, Do More With Your Dog has been a perfect fit for me. Springfield: Jean Christensen, CTDI MO
Jean Christensen

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Springfield: Karen Kathka, CTDI MO
Karen Kathka

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Springfield: Cristen Owen, CTDI MO
Cristen Owen
Certified 5/16 jkocnm@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Hi my name is Cristen Owen. I am a member if the Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club, where I am also an instructor. Our club is strictly volunteer base; filled with people with a passion of training dogs. Each instructor meets the standards to instruct or assist classes. I love helping others to achieve their training goals. I have a lot of great support around me in my training and I enjoy giving a little of that back to others. I have trained mostly in obedience that is where my passion lays. In teaching and learning obedience work I have found, teaching tricks is a great way to build a bond with your dog and also to relieve stress. You can’t take any treats in a show ring but have yourself and a few tricks helping your dog focused on you, keep it fun and stress levels low. I currently have two dogs, a Wheaten Terrier and a Havanese. Both dogs have their CGC and are Certified Pet Therapy. My Havanese is my dog that enjoys the Obedience, Rally and Trick work. She has several titles. I am new to the dog training world but I’m looking very forward to seeing where it can take me.
St. Peters: Lynsey Fuegner, CTDI MO
St. Peters
Lynsey Fuegner
Infinite Pawsibilities
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lynsey is a certified Professional Dog Trainer, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) Evaluator, and an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. A graduate of the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers, Lynsey attended both the Professional and the Master Trainer programs. With a Bachelors degree in Education, Lynsey is skilled at teaching owners, in addition to their dogs. Since 2003 she has been working with dogs at various kennels, at her own boarding/daycare/training facility, and individually in and around the St. Louis and St. Charles areas. In addition to working in the pet industry, she is also a trainer for Logan Haus Kennels Canine Trainer's Course. She has experience with a wide variety of breeds and mixes of all ages, sizes and types. She regularly fosters and rehabs dogs for placement into permanent homes. With her own personal dogs, she has been training for years in various dog sports (including Agility, AKC Obedience, Rally Obedience, Iron Dog Events, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, and Schutzhund/IPO) and has competed at a national level. She follows the theories of operant conditioning and, through continuing education programs, stays up to date on the most current theories and practices of positive dog training.
Weatherby Lake: Greg Laslo, CTDI MO
Weatherby Lake
Greg Laslo

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Wentzville: Jamie Heberlein, CTDI MO
Jamie Heberlein

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Jamie is a strong believer that trick training is the gateway to doing more with your dog. As you teach a dog tricks, the bond grows between handler and dog. It really is quite amazing to watch the ability to improve your dog's thought process and behavior, all while having fun. If you are looking to form a great connection and bond with your dog, come sign up for our Trick Training Classes at Westinn Kennels in Wentzville, Missouri. Remember ... train, don't complain. And what more fun, positive way to train than with tricks?!?
Montana Belgrade: Carolyn Murray, CTDI MT
Carolyn Murray

Owner, The Canny Canine
The Canny Canine - Where Smart Dogs Train Boutique Training Services—The Canny Canine provides personalized training services. Our classes are created around the goals of the people and dogs participating. No class is ever the same! Clients can pick from a generous selection of classes including Canine Etiquette, Trick Training, Treibball, Puppy 101, Agility, Head Games, and more. Our mission is to create a strong bond between dog and owner through positive reinforcement training methods, pain-free equipment, patience and enthusiasm. Owner, Carolyn Murray, works with owners to develop and achieve specific goals. She is currently working towards eligibility for her CPDT certification, is an AKC CGC evaluator, a member of the Pet Professional Guild and APDT, and proud to be a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More With Your Dog.
Bozeman: Katrina Martin MT
Katrina Martin

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a 13 (14 in May) year old Junior handler. About 2 years ago, I started to get really into training dogs with the purchase of my first Australian Shepherd! My ultimate goal was to compete in NADAC/AKC agility, but to start my girl out with a good foundation, I turned to tricks. I found DMWYD when my pup was about 5 months old. Before I knew it, my girlie had her ETD going on TDCH, and I was an assistant instructor for a agility foundation class, while teaching my own trick and basic obedience private lessons by word of mouth. I love training dogs, and hope to start a career in the profession after College. Training dogs is what I am on this earth to do, and I will go to any length to get positive training into the minds of the people around me. I do clicker (or marker) training, all positive. I have given private lessons to kids, as well as grown adults.
Clancy: Vicki Thacker, CTDI MT
Vicki Thacker

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Learning should be fun for both you and your pet!
After adopting a high energy Border Collie/Kelpie from the local shelter in 2006, Vicki quickly realized that there were a lot of fun training opportunities beyond basic obedience. She enjoys training her dogs in agility, rally, Rally FrEe, nosework, freestyle, herding, treibball, and of course, tricks!
Vicki utilizes positive, reward-based training techniques and loves helping others hone their clicker and shaping skills. She uses trick training to strengthen the bond between the handler and dog, build thinking skills and confidence in dogs, and as an enrichment activity for dogs young and old. She is also member of APDT and an AKC CGC/STAR Puppy Evaluator.

Helena: Adele Delp, CTDI MT
Adele Delp
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Adele Delp CMP, CPMP, CTDI is the owner of Canine Fitness in Helena Montana. She conducts weekly classes for puppies, family dogs, agility, rally, tricks and obedience training. She also offers private lessons, consultations for problems with companion dogs and dogs that have recently been rescued. Workshops on Canine Massage are also conducted upon request. Adele has been training and showing dogs for over 25 years in a number of venues including obedience, rally, agility, herding and therapy dogs. She is experienced in working with many different breeds and uses positive training methods to get results. Credentials: Certified Trick Dog Instructor w/ Do More With Your Dog Full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator. Certified as a Small Animal Massage and Canine Performance Massage Practitioner. AKC Canine Good Citizens and Puppy Star Evaluator. Trainer/Evaluator for Intermountain Therapy Animals Inc.
Whitefish: Donna Jackson, CTDI MT
Donna Jackson
406-261-6718 donnajackson281@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Donna Jackson is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. She is the best friend of her young Labradoodle, Kate the Wonder Dog. Donna and Kate train in agility, tricks, and obedience, with an eye toward therapy work in the future. Donna teaches a reward-based positive training method in Whitefish, Montana. Through the Kinderpuppy course, she seeks to alleviate problems by early socialization and training for the dog, as well as early education for the owners on how to manage and train their dog. Through the Tricks for Fun and Focus and Foundation Agility courses, she offers fun, exciting ways for owners to bond with their dogs as they strive toward common goals and delight in their successes. Private consultation also available by appointment. What's next for you and your best friend?
Nevada Carson City: Rachel Smokey NV
Carson City
Rachel Smokey

I LOVE DOG TRICKS!!!! I started with my pit bull/ridgeback mix riley when I was about twelve years old :) He was a super happy super pawsy dog,it was then that I learned I can teach shake hands and capture things he did like laying on the floor on his side turned into play dead! Then I got a pug/Chihuahua puppy that just wanted to learn everything!!!! He was almost bored everyday I was finding new tricks new things to teach him and that's When my training blew up and became my passion! Loofa my pug/Chihuahua now has his intermediate and novice titles:) I LOVE showing people how smart their dogs are and how easy it can be to communicate and bond with their dogs!
North Las Vegas: Michelle Anthony, CTDI NV
North Las Vegas
Michelle Anthony
Be awesome and dare greatly.
Teaching tricks to your dog strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It is awesome to see the dog start to think through a puzzle and watching the owner light up when their dog performs a new trick. It is never to late to teach a dog new tricks. Teach your dog how to learn and you will be hooked on teaching your dogs tricks.
Pahrump: Judith Guthrie NV
Judith Guthrie

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
My parents raised German shepherds and worked both SAR and Schutzhund dogs. My job was puppy socialization and some of the early learning exercises and training. From there I have self studied and have a library of over 100 dog training books plus reading everything I can get from the libraries. I also read every article I find. I learn from anyone and everyone I can. Even if it is what not to do. I take workshops and join training groups whenever I can swing it. I am a certified nose work instructor and also train horses. I have a bachelors in equine studies. I train and show rally, obedience, agility, K9 Nose Work as well as training tricks, urban mushing, tracking, and schutzhund. I have taken several dogs through their trick titles and am working toward their Champion title.
Reno: Colleen Dewitt, CTDI, CGC/Puppy S.T.A.R. Evaluator, APDT Trainer, Therapy/Service Dog Trainer NV
Colleen Dewitt,
Certified 6/09
Colleen DeWitt CTDI, CGC/Puppy S.T.A.R. Evaluator, APDT Trainer, Therapy/Service Dog Trainer
Colleen is our very first Certified Trick Dog Instructor. She is the Owner/Trainer of Imagine Your Dogs, where she teaches, Conformation/Handling, Obedience, Tricks, Obedience (pet and competation), Rally-O, Therapy/Service dog, and Puppy S.T.A.R.. Born in 1955 in Corona, California...Colleen moved to Reno, Nevada with her sons in 1982. A transplant as they say.. Her love affair with dogs began very early in life, but it wasn't until she moved away from home at age 16 that she was able to pursue her canine passion. She retired from the City of Reno in 1996 where she was an Animal Control Officer. She has competed in all venues of dog sports and has excelled with Obedience and Trick Dogs. Colleen has trained with Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club for numerous years before opening her own dog training business, Imagine Your Dogs. In addition, she is the Co-Owner/Trainer of Mountain View Ranch in Reno, Nevada and holds an Associates Degree in Equine Studies from Feather River College with concentrations in horse training, ranching and pack station and stable operations. She is a member/trainer with the Assoc.of Pet Dog Trainers, Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club, Sierra Nevada Border Collie Club, Quick Silver Pawsitive Traction Demo Team. She owns Australian Shepherds and Border Collies, a cat, horses, and a donkey. Sparks: Linda White CTDI NV
Linda White

Certified 11/14
Small Miracles Dog Training
"Working small miracles with your little dog"

I have trained big dogs and small dogs over the years. Since 1995 I have trained and/or taught obedience, rally, agility, clicker, tricks, and doggy dance. Recently I have specialized in small dog training. I use positive reinforcement, clicker training, and finding the motivation that works for each dog.
Sparks: Kelly Roche CTDI NV
Kelly Roche
kckittensdogs@gmail.com You get out of your dog what you put in.
Training dogs should bring dog and owner closer together. Positive training methods build confidence, both as individuals and as a team. The dog's well being is of the utmost importance and all training sessions should be fun. Trick training has given me a special connection with my dogs: Jetta, who is a diabetic and doesn't like to compete loves to learn tricks. Baily, who can no longer compete in agility, loves the challenge the tricks provide.
Sparks: Liz Carter NV
Liz Carter

Revolution Dog Sports

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a multisport competitor and trainer for over a decade, using positive methods and play to build lasting relationships between dogs and their people. Teaching tricks snd special behaviors is an important part of that process; plus it is fun!
  New Hampshire Bedford: Linda Cagan NH
Linda Cagan
Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Brookline: Maribeth Lazich, CTDI NH
Maribeth Lazich
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Increase your dog’s fun and focus with tricks! You’ll both love it!

Maribeth is the owner of Wagging Tail Academy, located in Southern New Hampshire. She teaches Pet Parents to train their precious dogs in group classes at Salty Claws, as well as offering private in-home classes.
“I frequently use tricks and games to make training exciting for dogs –they learn faster when learning is fun!”

For details on Maribeth and her positive reinforcement training style, check out her website: www.WaggingTailAcademy.com .
Milford: Deniece Johnson, CTDI NH
Deniece Johnson

Owner, Good Mojo Dog Center
What did your dog do today?
Deniece Johnson is the owner and primary trainer of the Good Mojo Dog Center in Milford, NH. At Good Mojo, we teach positive reinforcement training methods and use games and other fun activities to reinforce bye behaviors our dogs are learning. Our focus is helping you build communication and trust with your dog. Group classes are and excellent way to socialize your dog while they are learning to listen, focus and have fun. Join a class today!
Plaistow: Patricia Scribner NH
Patricia Scribner
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I compete in obedience competitions and hunt tests. I have placed OTCH/UDX titiles on 6 dogs and 3 have had MH titles. I also teach competition obedience. I love teaching my dogs 'stuff'. I currently live with 7 Golden Retrievers.
Apex: Maribeth Lazich NH
Maribeth Lazich

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been a full-time dog trainer for the last 9 years, the previous decades I took classes with my dogs and competed in obedience. I have been attending the APDT conferences since 2005, and I got to see Kyra Sundance present there! I have always enjoyed teaching tricks classes -- it calms people down, and they realize that their dogs have better attention and learn faster with a laughing, happy Pet Parent! I am a positive reinforcement trainer, so I believe that my ethics fit nicely with your program (and vica versa!). I am blessed with a Coton de Tulear, a Leonberger, a bulldog, and a very old and somewhat opinionated lab mix.

Campton: Karen Ferguson, CTDI NH
Karen Ferguson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Proud parent of a 12 yr old rescue Golden and a 11 month old NTD Golden. I work part time at a local training center teaching tricks and obedience.
New Jersey Annandale:Laurie Knight,CTDI NJ
Laurie Knight
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Berlin:Carol Creamer,CTDI NJ
Carol Creamer
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Brick:Lauren Rubin,CTDI NJ
Lauren Rubin
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Burlington: Andrea Watson CTDI NJ
Andrea Watson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Chester: Andrea Chase CTDI NJ
Andrea Chase
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Clifton:Vanessa Montesano,CTDI NJ
Vanessa Montesano
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Flemington: Joseph Kelly,CTDI NJ
Joseph Kelly
Certified Trick Dog Instructor My family and I have a long history of working with dogs as trainers. I am originally from Ireland now working in New Jersey. I have been working professionally with dogs for 7 years now.
Freehold:Nicole Costanza,CTDI NJ
Nicole Costanza
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Hawthorne: Dorice Stancher, CTDI NJ
Dorice Stancher
Owner, Canines Can Do, llc
Group Classes: The Madison Dog Resort and Spa (Wayne, Waldwick)
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
MBA, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator (STAR/CGC/CGCA/Urban CGC), Team Evaluator The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Member: APDT, AKC.CKC, SCWTAC, SCWTCA; Awards: NJVMA (Silver), AKC ACE Semifinalist, AKC CGC Award 2013 DWAA Westminster Week Wheaten Ambassador Award SCWTAC (Canada) 2008 and 2015; Presenter, NJ Therapy Pet Therapy Conference Morristown Hospital; Adirondack Museum Adventure Dog Seminar: Kayaking (5 years) Video appearances on Good Day NY and Channel 12 “The Pet Stop”, published in “AKC Family Dog”, “AKC Gazette”, WebVet and others. Consultant/participant with “Krista” Can. ch. Holweit’s Red Grenadine, CGCA, RN (CKC/AKC), Therapy Dog THD (AKC), HI (AKC), TDA (DMWYD) in the exemplary CGCA video with program founder Dr. Mary Burch. “Krista” was the first Wheaten Terrier CGCA certified at the Javitts Center, NYC by Dr. Burch. Former publicity chair (8 years): American Cancer Society Dogswalk Against Cancer (Hudson Valley); Director Camp Dream Street Therapy Team (10 years to present). Training philosophy: Helping owners to realize their goals and build a lifetime bond with their dog. Canines Can Do is about being adventurous and trying new things, brining out out the best in you and your dog! "I love seeing my students set and again their goals with their dogs! And good teachers keep learning so I am always continuing my own education as required as a certified CPDT-KA." Classes offered: AKC STAR Puppy/CGC/CGCA/Urban Canine, Advanced Obedience/Pet Therapy and Tricks/Adventure Training Dorice not only competes and has titled in AKC and CKC events in obedience/rally/conformation/barn hunting she also likes to test the limits of what her dogs and her students dogs can do by sharing her knowledge base of adventure sports including dock-diving, dog-sledding, skijoring, surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Her classes are exciting and include the “Quiet Feet, Quiet Mind” method taught by Kyra Sundance incorporating pedestal work and trick training in all of her classes to build confidence and make learning fun. She also has a specialized tricks class which focuses on attaining the more advanced DMWYD titles and relating other AKC and adventure activities including nose work, agility basics, dock diving and retrieving and more! And her Spark Team on Facebook is growing every day as members have fun learning and sharing their tricks as part of an online community.
When not competing in rally/obedience/barn hunting Dorice and her dogs participate in kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, dog-sledding, skijoring and dock diving.
High Bridge:Erica Etchason CTDI NJ
High Bridge
Erica Etchason
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Jersey City:Eve Rametta, CTDI NJ
Jersey City
Eve Rametta
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Kendall Park: Anita Quinn, CTDI NJ
Kendall Park

Anita Quinn
New Jersey Dog Coach njdogcoach@aol.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Hi, my name is Anita Quinn and I've turned my hobby and love for dog training into a career. I'm very excited to share my knowledge and experience with people that wish to give their dog not just a loving home but an education. The most important things I wish dog owners to gain by taking my dog trick classes is how to become a team with their dog and that dog training can go above and beyond just basic obedience. How to develop a partnership with their dog and that dog training can be fun and not a chore. And also to see the intelligence that their dogs have if you just take the time to teach them.
Lawrenceville: Sharon Grant, CTDI NJ
Sharon Grant
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Millville: Jamie Ziennker NJ
Jamie Ziennker
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for 4 years and was a veterinary technician for 8 years. I use a motivational training styles, delight in obtaining continuing education and have a passion for helping dogs become all they were meant to be. I own two border collies, both have trick titles and I enjoy nothing more in life than to train my own dogs and others. I'm excited to offer my clients trick training!
Millville: Linda Jovic NJ
Linda Jovic
Owner, Dogs by Linda, LLC
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a devoted animal lover my entire life. I started my journey studying to be a dog trainer in 2004 and opened Dogs by Linda, LLC in February of 2012. I have found that there are gentle and force-free ways to deter unwanted behavior. I use rewards such as food, toys, praise and real life pleasures to train. I am as passionate about my continued education as I am about dogs and their well-being. I am addicted to all things educational on the subject of canis lupus familiaris. I am a full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I am a full member of The Association for Force Free Pet Trainers through The Pet Professional Guild. My dream would be to make my living solely through trick training. Currently I am the dog owner error corrector, :) being a problem solver is not as exciting as being a trick dog trainer.
Pennington: Karen Wylie NJ
Karen Wylie
Associate Trick Dog Instructor I am a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner working in New Jersey. I've been training dogs for about 3.5 years now, and am keen to develop doggie relationships for my clients using tricks. You can find out more about me at learningwithdogs.com and at kindredcompanions.com.
Phillipsburg: Cindy Conover NJ
Cindy Conover
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Port Murray: Lisa Pattison, KPA, CTDI NJ
Port Murray Lisa Pattison
Canine Partnership Dog Training - Train Your Dog Happy!
I am a Karen Pryor Academy graduate with over 30 years of training experience. I am a certified K9 Nose Work instructor, and a recognized judge for both Tracking and Canine Water Sports. My website, Caninepartnership.com lists the various types of training I offer to both companion and performance sports dogs. Many of the Canine Partnership classes are offered at Happy Dog Farm, a privately owned, 50-acre preserved farm in Readington Township, NJ. Depending on the needs of the class, we make full use of the fields, stream, hedgerows, hiking trails, and outdoor fenced and lighted riding ring at Happy Dog Farm as well as the matted indoor training space. I use only positive training methods. Dog tricks and titles are a wonderful way to work with companion dogs and a fun motivator for all my students.
Phillipsburg: Mary Jean Alsina NJ
Mary Jean Alsina

Owner, The Canine Cure
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I own my own training business in NJ; The Canine Cure. I LOVE training and being with dogs!
Saddle Brook: Jodi Kellar MA, ABCDT, ABCMT, AKC CGC/STAR Evaluator, Pet Partners Therapy Team Evaluator, CTDI, APDT Member, CPE Member, NADAC Member, NADOI Member NJ
Saddle Brook
Jodi Kellar

Kellars Canine Academy: Dedicated to Canine Companionship
128 Market Street
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Ph: 201-845-6300
Trick Dog Instructor Jodi Kellar, MA, ABCDT, ABCMT, AKC CGC/STAR Evaluator, Pet Partners Therapy Team Evaluator, CTDI, APDT Member, CPE Member, NADAC Member, NADOI Member... & being dedicated to my students' learning, I know that I must always be student too!  Training Philosophy: Positive Motivation Training for a loving, lifetime bond! 
Owner and operator of the only indoor, climate-controlled, canine sports facility in Bergen County Classes offered:  •Canine Tricks: Beginner-Advanced; promotes physical conditioning, mental stimulation, beneficial to therapy work & your bond with your pup!
•Agility: Foundations through Excellent Level Competition  •Obedience: Puppy Socialization, Adolescent Manners, Basic, CGC, Therapy Team Preparation, Rally Obedience, Problem Solving  •Nosework • WRCL, UKI, CDSP, TDAA trials & more •Seminars with outstanding nationally recognized presenters instructors
South River: Sybil Carroll NJ
South River
Sybil Carroll
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been an agility and behavior instructor for over 15 years.
Tinton Falls: Joseph Kelly NJ
Tinton Falls
Joseph Kelly
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
My family has a long history of working with dogs as trainers. I am orignally from Ireland, now working in New Jersey.
Tinton Falls: Renee Shriver NJ
Tinton Falls
Renee Shriver
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Union City: Lauren Jones Wenzel CTDI NJ
Union City
Lauren Jones Wenzel
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  New Mexico Albuquerque: Carolyn Hidalgo CTDI NM
Albuquerque Carolyn Hidalgo
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Albuquerque: Ericka Barber NM
Ericka Barber

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
During the the past three to five years I have attended dog training classes regularly and learned from online sources and books and videos, and dog training has become my passion. After caring for both my parents that suffered strokes and died five years later, I knew I needed to do something that would bring joy back into my life. I bought a Border Collie pup and found that training him/playing with him was the best therapy for me, and so necessary for my furry little ball of energy. My love for trick training started when I bought Kyra's book, The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook. Since then we have learned many of these tricks and lots of others. We do agility, obedience, and are dabbling with some sheepherding.
Los Alamos: Emily Rose, CTDI NM
Los Alamos Emily Rose blumalinois@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I am a Border Collie owner, planning to adopt a Belgian Malinois in the next few years. My Border Collie Ace and I love Agility, hiking, and Frisbee. I have trained and worked with shelter dogs for several years. I have passed several classes at my local dog club, and in one of them my dog ended up becoming the class "demo dog." I train with positivity and try to make it as fun as possible for everyone!
New York Albany: Diane Blackman CPDT-KA, CTDI NY
Diane Blackman

Owner, All Dawgs Training Services
All Dawgs Trains Good Dogs
Diane Blackman has been training dogs since 1997 and has trained all different breeds and mixed breeds. She believes in positive reinforcement when training dogs and believes that tricks are a great way for the entire family to enjoy training. Diane competes with her personal dogs, as well as clients' dogs, in conformation, obedience, rally obedience and agility. She also does therapy dog work. Diane often uses tricks to entertain friends and family members and during therapy dog visits.
Baldwinsville: Katherine Lewis NY
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Brooklyn: Sassafras Lowrey, CTDI NY
Sassafras Lowrey
Helping people and dogs of Brooklyn have fun together
I'm an author and public speaker based in Brooklyn, New York. I have a strong love of dogs and a background in training. My late teen years were spent competing in dog spots. In 2000 my dog and I were honored as the top novice/open agility team by the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia Agility Team, and I went on to competed at the Elite level of the sport in NADAC, USDAA, and AKC competitions. I also trained in competitive Obedience and Tracking, while assisting with puppy socialization, and other intro classes. I regularly do trick training work with my own dogs: Mercury a 10 year old chihuahua doxie mix and Charlotte a two year old high needs former street dog rescue. I assist with a dog agility class here in NYC.
Brooklyn: Becky Ascione NY
Becky Ascione
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a positive reinforcement trainer in NYC. I'm currently working toward my CPDT-KA. I do private in home lessons with clients and often work one on one with pups while the owner is at work.
Buffalo: Noelle Saladin, CTDI NY
Noelle Saladin

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I became a dog mom in 2008 and have since rescued, fostered and foster failed! Through training fearful and reactive rescues, I found a love for working with dogs. My years of experience as an athletic coach and my passion for teaching made coaching owners and training dogs a natural fit. I found trick training while working with my fearful rescue as a way to help her focus, build her confidence and teach her how to interact with things that scared her. Once we completed her Novice trick title I was hooked! I believe that the foundation of a great relationship with your canine companion is spending quality time together. What better way to have fun and spend time with your dog than trick training! I focus on making training fun and fulfilling for both owners and dogs through rewards and positive reinforcement. My goal is to help owners build a rewarding relationship with their dog by working as a team to enhance communication, trust and respect. Teamwork in training leads to extraordinary things! In order to provide my clients with the most effective training methods I am committed to continually expand my knowledge through webinars, lectures and networking with other experienced trainers. I am currently teaching agility, basic obedience and tricks classes using reward and positive reinforcement training techniques. I also continue to enjoy trick and agility training with my own dogs and am actively working towards becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed. I believe every dog has the potential to be exceptional, let’s work together to bring out the exceptional in your dog!
Cedarhurst: Linda Keehn, CTDI NY
Linda Keehn

Positive Canine Training, LLC Cedarhurst, NY 11516 LkeehnPCT@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I LOVE dog training and helping my clients obtain a closer bond with their dogs and solve issues through good communication and positive reinforcement. Trick Training is super fun for you and your dog. KIDS WELCOME. You can do more with your dog. You and your dog can succeed. This goes for any dog, no regardless of the age, breed, or size. In addition to trick dog training I provide:
  • Puppy Training and Socialization
  • Basic Manners
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Clicker Training
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Preparation and Evaluation
  • Therapy Dog Preparation and Evaluation
Commack: Heidi Cavagnaro, KPA, CTP, LVT, CTDI NY
Heidi Cavagnaro
I make training fun I have worked in the veterinary field for 15 years. During the last 11 years I have been a licensed veterinarian technician and have worked in emergency and critical care. My duties have included training, client education and patient care. I have had experience working in rescue shelters, working with exotic animals, wildlife and small animals. I am a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for training animals. My continuing education has been in the veterinary sciences with training certificates. Currently I am working with rescue groups in helping to create behavior plans and basic training for dogs. I also volunteer for Canine Companion institute as a puppy raiser. My education is always ongoing. I am a member of a dog gone safe and family paws education that teaches pet safety for children. My passion has always been with animals, even as a young child. I take an approach of trying to communicate with my patients, clients, family and my own animals. My training methods include positive reinforcement and the use of the clicker or a marker. I do not use choke, pinch, shock, or any other form of punishment due to the adverse side effects. I follow and I believe in the position that the Animal Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior advocates.
Evans Mills: Alyson Rice-Zimmerman, KPA-CTP,CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator, ABC Mentor, CTDI NY
Evans Mills
Alyson Rice-Zimmerman
Animal Trainer and Rehabilitator at Click To Zen
Certified 12/11
  One Paw at a Time
Communication, trust, love and building a deep bond between canine and handler are the cornerstones of my training program. I am a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner. I specialize in working with shelter, reactive and fearful dogs. Tricks, nosework, agility and manners based training are used to build confidence and deepen your relationship with your canine companion. Classes are motivational, fun and rewarding. My goal is to help you and your dog reach your full potential.
Glens Falls: Alyssa Sylvia NY
Glens Falls
Alyssa Sylvia
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Hudson: Elisabeth Tarttier-Hotter, CTDI NY
Elisabeth Tarttier-Hotter
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I’ve been training my personal dogs since I was 16 years old, training foster dogs since 2014, and an APDT member since 2013. I worked in boarding for two years shadowing the head trainers there and studied dog behavior & training at Catch Canine Trainers Academy. I also attend educational conferences and seminars on the science of learning as often as possible. My dog and I enjoy participating and/or competeing in WagIt! Game's SniffIt!, Agility, and Flyball. My dog and I have earned our NTD, IDT, and SniffIt! WAG 1 titles together.
Ithaca: Kristin Harper NY
Kristin Harper
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Manorville: Breanna Famoso, CTDI NY
Breanna Famoso
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Marcellus: Eva Briggs CTDI NY
Eva Briggs

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Mount Sinai: Mary C. Lynch, CTDI NY
Mount Sinai
Mary C. Lynch

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Just a senior citizen who enjoyed teaching simple commands and tricks since childhood. In recent years, grew involved in rescue and fostering, and ended up focusing on Keeshonden. Our last foster was Reggie, a Keeshond breeding mill rescue that we adopted. He needed to learn to trust and build confidence as well as muscle tone. We brought Reggie and his Keesie sister, Kallie, through many courses and after CGCA, became curious about trick training. We all loved it, and now Kallie and Reggie are waiting to hear about their TDCH. I believe continuing my own education will help me to continue theirs, and also saw first-hand how it helped Reggie. Rescues benefit from attention, love and learning. I'm not qualified as a behaviorist or anything like that, but if there is a niche for volunteering time in rescue for novice training, that's where I'd want to use it.
Nanuet: Samantha DeDivitis, MS, CTDI, AKC CGC/STAR evaluator, APDT member, C.L.A.S.S. instructor/evaluator NY
Samantha DeDivitis

Paws With Manners℠ Dog Training
(845) 598-3146 www.pawswithmanners.com

Your dog deserves Paws With Manners℠
Training should be gentle, fun, and upbeat! At Paws With Manners, training is positive and uses much motivation, producing a dog who clearly understands what you want, is happy to do it, and genuinely enjoys training. I also strongly believe in being supportive of the humans who are learning new skills, too! I've been training dogs and their people for upwards of 25 years now. I'm a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), am certified by the AKC as a CGC evaluator, certified by the APDT to both teach and evaluate C.L.A.S.S., and my own dog is an active Trick Dog. I teach private lessons as well as group classes. Let's talk about teaching your dog some tricks!
New City
Tel: (914) 522-6525
Certified 10/11
  Amazing Fun With Dogs
Trick training enhances your relationship and bond with your dog. Positive training motivates and stimulates your dog so that you have a happy, trusting team that works well together. Tricks help in every aspect of competition as you teach your dog that it is fun to play with you. Attention earns a reward. I have worked with my dog, Hailey, since she was a puppy. She competed in Agility (CPE, AKC, NADAC, USDAA, DOCNA), Rally & Obedience and has earned her C-ATE 2, MACH 3, C-ATCH 3, , MXG,MJC,MFB,TQX,T2B, THDD,CGCA,NATCH-JUM,NATCH-TUNN,HP-E,TG-E,WV-E,ECC-EAC,EJC,TDCH,RL3,CDX-H,UD,TDIRVA,SSA,SR,SG,AD,SJ,ASA,AG,AAD,C-BSL,C-BT . Hailey was a TDIEOV certified therapy dog through TDI (Therapy Dogs International) and performed in excess of 200 visits a year to nursing homes, convents, hospitals, senior centers and disaster sites. She performed in excess of 177 tricks and performed them cheerfully and eagerly. She had an agent and did TV Commercials and print ads. Hailey also had her CGCA and TT titles. She dabbled in freestyle and is a Trick Dog Champion (TDCH). Sophie, my 5 month old puppy has her advanced trick title in both DMWYD and AKC. Patience and perseverance has turned a hyper destructive dog into a loving obedient, fun and challenging companion. Hailey's goal in life was "how can I please, let me try the ways...." New Paltz: Susan Gleeson NY
New Paltz
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've spent 28yrs in veterinary practice management and 3yrs as an independant certified obedience instructor. I have certifications in veterinary dermatology (worked as a groomer for 7 yrs). Certification in canine physical medicine & rehabilitation therapy, member of APDT & former member of ABKA
New York: Lydia DesRoche, CTDI NY
New York
Lydia DesRoche
Owner/Trainer Sit Stay Dog Training LLC
Co-founder of A Cause for Paws 501(c)3 animal rescue
certified 10/12

Have more fun with your dog!
As cofounder of NYC rescue group, A Cause for Paws, Lydia became interested in dog training to help dogs stay in their forever homes. She quickly realized that tricks are an amazing way to improve the relationship between dogs and their humans. Lydia will show you how to turn "bad" behavior such as jumping up, stealing, chewing, and garbage mouthing into fun and useful tricks like jump rope, rind the remote, or get my shoes. In addition to tricks, Lydia specializes in rehabilitating noise sensitivity, reactivity on leash, and other common urban dog issues. Experience taught Lydia that dogs are capable of so much more than we ever imagined, if we have confidence in ourselves and them. For the vast majority, dogs are in our lives for no other reason except pure fun and affection. Lydia successfully uses current, scientifically proven, reward-based methods for everything from potty-training to severe resource guarding.
New York: Rachel Lane, CTDI NY
New York
Rachel Lane
Owner: Leash and Learn NYC
Helping you have the most fun with your dog
Rachel’s goal when training tricks is to help you
have the most fun with your dog that you can have! Her goal is for you and your dog to build a forever bond and have fun in the process.Tricks are her favorite thing to do with the dogs because it is so exciting and rewarding when you see the dogs "get it." Rachel also loves the way that tricks can give a dog a positive outlet for their energy while at the same time bringing some positivity into the dog/owner relationship. It gives dogs and their owners something to look forward to every day. Rachel has been working with dogs professionally for three years and has loved dogs her whole life. She and her scruffy little mutt from NYCACC have earned their advanced trick title and they are superstars in agility class. Even though she is a student at The City College of New York pursuing a double major in Studio Art and Advertising/Public Relations Rachel is moreinterested in becoming a dog trainer. It really is what brings her joy every day. Rachel is currently a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and actively working towards her Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification knowledge and skills accessed.
New Yorks: Melquan King NY
New York
Melquan King

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Port Jefferson Station: Christopher Schumacher NY
Port Jefferson Station
Christopher Schumacher
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
AboutYou: I have been a member of the APDT since 2006 and have been an APDT C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator since the program's inception. I have been formally educated in canine behavior science through coursework at the Companion Animal Science Institute, where I have received my Dip.ACBS (Diploma of Advanced Canine Behavior Science) in mid 2010. I am dedicated to animal friendly training methods utilizing proven, science based positive reinforcement techniques. I currently work with clients and their canine companions either in their home or at my location to help clients train new desirable behaviors, as well as preventing and/or extinguishing undesirable problem behaviors through utilizing a constructive rather than eliminative approach. Trick training is a fun, motivating, and wonderful alternative for clients who have no interest in competitive obedience and other traditional venues. It is also a means to build, strengthen, and reinforce the human-animal bond, as well as a fun, motivational means to increase interest in other venues such as canine freestyle, rally, rally free, etc. Most importantly, trick training and the performance of tricks for an audience is a way for clients to "do more with their dog", enhancing the bond between handler and canine, as well as improving the quality of life for all involved.
Rochester: Cameo Perry NY
Cameo Perry

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Saratoga Springs: Justine Blair Carroll NY
Saratoga Springs
Justine Blair Carroll

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a Private Trainer with focus on Behavior. I designed a socialization Program called Pup Scouts at Dawgdom Store in Saratoga Springs, NY. Helping clients teach their dogs' tricks deepens their connections and relationships with their dogs.
Upper Nyack: Teresa Hierholzer, CTDI NY
Upper Nyack
Teresa Hierholzer

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Utica: Christy Shephard, CTDI NY
Christy Shephard

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Hello, my name is Christy Shephard, of Shephard's Dog Training. Your dog will LOVE my training, and you will be impressed with how quickly your dog can learn. All breeds, mixes, and ages are welcome- and most certainly capable! I am a strong advocate for positive training versus dominance-based, or other harsh training methods. I use only positive training methods, which allow your dog to enjoy training, to trust you, and to truly build on your bond with your dog. I believe the bond between you and your dog is of utmost importance- if your dog trusts you, the possibilities of training are endless. I am a certified evaluator for The Foundation for Service Dog Support, an AKC CGC evaluator, I have earned my CPDT-KA, and I offer both private training and various group class options!

Valatie: Karen Larson, CTDI NY
Karen Larson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have owned and trained GSDs since 1992. I have trained and competed in agility (Excellent and Masters levels), obedience, Rally, herding and most recently "Sniff It" with Wag It Games. I currently work as a trainer for a boarding and training facility based in NYC and have extensive experience in training a wide range of dogs (size, age, breed). I consider myself a science and relationship based trainer and enjoy keeping up with the latest research on the science of learning and dog cognition.

Vernon: Karen Serianni, CTDI NY
Karen Serianni
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Hello, my name is Karen Serianni. Trick classes are extremely fun for you and your dog! You will be impressed with how quickly and how much your dog can learn! All breeds, mixes, and ages are welcome- and most certainly capable! I strongly advocate for positive training methods. This type of training creates a bond between you and your dog. It also increases the trust your dog has for you. You will be a part of the training process, I will work with you and your dog. You and your family will be able to repeat what has been taught to help reinforce the training.
I offer group training sessions for obedience, tricks, and nose work. In addition, I also offer private lessons. In addition to being a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More with Your Dog! I am a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
North Carolina Apex: Suzanne Kalafian NC
Suzanne Kalafian

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Durham: Clare Reece-Glore CTDI NC
Clare Reece-Glore

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Fayetteville: Valerie Smith, CTDI NC
Valerie Smith
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I recently retired after 39 years of government service. My goal for retirement was to spend more time training my own dogs as well as learning more about different training styles and techniques. I am happy to say that I have been doing just that! I have obtained my certification as an evaluator for Therapy Dogs Int'l, have 2 active therapy dogs and a third who will take the test as soon as he is old enough. I currently train/assist trainers in beginning obedience, CGC/TDI classes, and agility classes. Two of my dogs have earned their Novice Tricks title (have only submitted one - CJ's) and CJ is well on his way to earning his Intermediate title. It's time for me to move forward and get a title for myself. I have taught a tricks class at a local dog training club and have been asked to do so again. I would feel much more qualified to do that with a CTDI title! (P.S. CJ and I are also members of the facebook SPARK Intermediate Team. We thoroughly enjoyed the Novice SPARK group!
Four Oaks: Debbie Hanley, CTDI NC
Four Oaks  
Debbie Hanley

certified 3/12

Positive Reinforcement / Clicker Trainer
All dogs can learn tricks! Tricks can provide mental and physical exercise, uncover our dogs potential and talents, and builds stronger bonds with our dogs. It’s fun and entertaining for the family dog. It compliments sportdog training. It can help them learn manners and keep dogs in their forever home. I have trained and titled dogs in Obedience, Dock Diving, Agility and Canine Good Citizenship. They enjoy hiking, learning and performing tricks. My dog BleuMoon is a Trick Dog Champion and is active in Treibball. I am a Positive Reinforcement / Clicker Trainer. I have been training dogs since a youngster including German Shepherds, Miniature Schnauzers, Giant Schnauzer, Siberian Husky, Cocker Spaniel, Newfoundland, Saint Bernards and Border Collies. I emphasize having fun with your dog while teaching the dog to think and problem solve.
Hertford: Rachael Lincoln, CTDI NC
Rachael Lincoln

Red Moose K9
(252) 297-2222

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Red Moose K9 was born out of a life long passion for dogs. We are dedicated to improving communication between man and his best friend. Red Moose K9 trainers have a formal education from the Balu Academy for Trainers and hands on experience with a variety of breeds, temperaments, and issues. Don't leave training up to chance. Use a trainer who is dedicated enough to truly learn how dogs think!
Indian Trail: Janine Gauthier, CPDT-KA NC
Indian Trail
Janine Gauthier
Owner, Paws-Order Dog Training
PawsOrderDogTrainer @gmail.com
When you love what you do, the dog will know, too! Happy to help you and your dog with:
  • Manners and life skills for your canine friend
  • Managing behaviors that make your dog fearful or reactive
  • Pet First Aid Classes
  • Helping children understand dog behavior and teaching children skills to keep them safe
Bio: Retired Registered Nurse, former motivator for a gym—all the while loving and training dogs! Finally made the dream a reality and became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), and now a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP). Owner and dog trainer for Paws & Order Dog Training LLC. Services Offered:
  • Behavior Modification, Dog Manners, Puppy School
  • C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator
  • American Red Cross Instructor for Pet First Aid
  • Doggone Safe Instructor

Linden: Lynn Rives CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, KPA-CTP NC
Lynn Rives

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Mooresville: Karen Andersen CTDI NC
Karen Andersen

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Raleigh NC
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Stanley: Kim Paciotti NC
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Wake Forest: Bobby Chastain, CTDI NC
Wake Forest
Bobby Chastain, CTDI
Certified 2/12

I am an Instructor for Teamworks Dog Training in Raleigh, NC. I instruct Canine Good Citizen, Puppy confidence, Reliable Recall and Treibball classes. My collies are titled in Tricks and Freestyle dance. We also participate in Rally Obedience and Agility. My collies are the reason I began training dogs. They have taught me so much and are a lot of fun. I use positive reinforcement training. I believe training with positive methods gives our dogs the opportunity to think, choose, stay motivated, remain happy, and use skills they were born with. Most of all using positive reinforcement, spending time with our dogs, training our dogs, or just playing and having fun with our dogs builds a life long relationship of trust and happiness between dog and handler.
Wake Forest: Jacob Hollingsworth, M.A., CTDI NC
Wake Forest
Jacob Hollingsworth, CTDI
Certified 6/11
  Train Smarter
Jacob uses trick training to cultivate the trust and communication necessary for better relationships between people and dogs. He believes in communication for BOTH ends of the leash. He embraces a holistic view of training that transcends problem solving; it uses force-free methods to develop effective communication, accelerate learning, strengthen mutual respect, and encourage a lifelong bond. Jacob assists in group classes offered through Teamworks Dog Training in Raleigh, NC.
  Ohio Belpre: Debbie Smith CTDI OH
Debbie Smith

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Brea: Cindy Hoppes CTDI OH
Cindy Hoppes

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Brookville: Patricia Schommer OH
Patricia Schommer

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Chardon: Dru Therrian CTDI OH
Dru Therrian

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Chesterland: Beth Mann CTDI OH
Beth Mann

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
My interest in teaching tricks grew from my work as a Pet Partners Evaluator and Instructor. As a handler; patients, residents, and school children often asked me to show them a trick that my dog could do. After being asked repeatedly, I decided to teach my dog, Paco, a variety of tricks. Through the use of a clicker and treats, Paco learned to ride on top of a remote controlled car, operate a gumball machine, sneeze and much more. Now I’m ready to share my love of tricks with other dogs and handlers.
Chillicothe: Katrina Aliff OH
Katrina Aliff

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am 16 years old. I'm most well known as "MsBorderCollieLover" on YouTube where I post videos of my two dogs Chase and Oscar performing tricks. I compete with my dogs in agility, obedience, rally, freestyle and some flyball. Our favorite sport is canine freestyle where we can put all of those fantastic behaviors with music. While tricks are fun, I also help out dogs with problem behaviors. I believe in using only positive methods and maintaining upbeat, fun sessions, with a low stress environment.
Columbus: Michael Blubaugh CTDI OH
MIchael Blubaugh

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Columbus: Mitzi Cochran CTDI OH
Mitzi Cochran

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Columbus: Brandy Trott CTDI OH
Brandy Trott

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Delaware: Caroline MacConachie, CTDI OH
Caroline MacConachie

K9 Ponderosa
3269 State Route 37 West Delaware, OH 43015
Have Fun Bonding with Your Dog
Caroline is the K9 Ponderosa Office Manager as well as a dog trainer. Caroline has an extensive background in Information Technology. She has a great love for animals and enjoys working with dogs. She enjoys seeing dogs get educated at the K9 Ponderosa. More importantly she likes to see the owners enjoying their dogs after they leave the K9 Ponderosa.
Delaware: Scott MacConachie, CPT, CTDI OH
Scott MacConachie CPT
Owner, K9 Ponderosa
3269 State Route 37 West Delaware, OH 43015
Trick Training for FUN positive results and a new relationship with your dog
Scott's first dog (Long Long) was a German Shepherd. Scott taught Long Long to pick up a quarter with his lips off a smooth concrete floor, open doors, turn on light switches, get the mail out of the mailbox, track and he even knew Chinese, English and hand signs. I became certified in Handicap Assistance, my proudest certificate. Long Long is no longer with us but we have since rescued 2 dogs Oreo and Bowbay. After meeting Kyra Sundance I knew I had to trick train them and take it to a new level. That is when I started to teach group trick training classes as well as individual trick training classes. Oreo (rescue dog) is my star dog now and has been on TV many times, in a movie and even in a cartoon the "Lessons of Chief Pondy" www.chiefpondy.com, which won the 2011 Telly award. I found trick training is a great way to have fun with the owners and the dogs. I have also noticed the bond between the owner and the dog is closer and more enjoyable. Dogs thrive on pleasing the owners using positive reinforcement. All ages can enjoy this priceless way of training. We offer:
  • One-on-one dog trick training
  • Group trick training classes
Scott has a certification in the following:
  • Assistance dog
  • Dog walking/exercising
  • Agility
  • Columbus Canine Search and Rescue team
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience
  • Tracking
  • Scent Detection
  • Utility
  • Puppy Development
  • Retrieval Breed Identification
Elyria: Denise Ames CTDI OH
Denise Ames

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Etna: Jennifer Crank CTDI OH
Jennifer Crank

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Hilliard: Alicia Bismore CTDI OH
Alicia Bismore


Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Hubbard: Patty Stafford, CTDI OH
Patty Stafford

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lewis Center: Laura Pakis OH
Lewis Center
Laura Pakis

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Liberty Center: Martin Lee, CTDI OH
Liberty Center
Martin Lee

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lorain: Tina Carey OH
Tina Carey

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a dog trainer who focuses on Therapy Dog Training. I have a Therapy Dog that works not only at a nursing home, but with special needs children as well. With in a month he should be working with deaf children too. Sawyer is Certified Search and Rescue. North Canton: Libby Smith OH
North Canton
Libby Smith

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been a professional dog instructor for 13 years. Ostrander: Maggie Wilburn CTDI OH
Maggie Wilburn

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Parma: Christine Myers CTDI OH
Christine Myers

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Parma: Amy Ranzenberger OH
Amy Ranzenberger

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Certified Dog Trainer, worked at Petco training dogs, and at two other dog training facilities in my area.

Ravenna: Rebecca Park CTDI OH
Rebecca Park

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Saint Paris: Kendra Tuttle CTDI OH
Saint Paris
Kendra Tuttle

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Strongsville: Alexis Dvorak, CTDI OH
Alexis Dvorak

Certified Dog Trainer, Camp Bow Wow
Certified 3/12

A better bond through fun and rewards of training!
Lexi owns 5 dogs and competes in Flyball and dog scootering and is training to compete in agility, dock diving, rally, disc, and canine freestyle. She has been trained to correctly utilize a variety of training methods, from positive reinforcement, correction based methods, environmental consequences, gentle leaders, prong collars, and double leash methods. Her personal philosophy relies upon positive methods and reinforcement. Tricks classes focus on learning many different methods of positive training techniques to help build a better relationship with your dog. Basic, Advanced, Public Polishing obedience classes; in home private training; board and train; and play and train packages also available.
Strongsville: William Wittrock CTDI OH

Bill Wittrock
3660 Nichols Rd
Medina,Ohioi 44256

My name is Bill Wittrock I am a retired US Army veteran who served a major portion of my career training dogs and their handlers for military missions. Upon retiring I wanted to continue working in the dog world so I opened Obedient Dogs and More in 1991 in Strongsville and have just recently relocated my business to Medina Ohio. I am truly dedicated to you and your pet to ensure that your relationship is enjoyable, rewarding, and most of all loving and problem free. I do this with the knowledge that God blessed me with this talent and presented a great opportunity to motivate, educate, and encourage you and your dog to have a lifelong loving relationship through training and communication and "Doing More with your Dog." I have achieved certifications in the following areas: Puppy Development
Dog Behavior Modification
Basic and Advanced Obedience
Retrieval Training
Utility Training
Tracking and Scent Discrimination
Service / Assistance Dog Training
National K9- Certified Professional Trainer
Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer
Graduate of International School of Dog Trainers
Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)
AKC CGC Evaluator

Stow: Deb Jones, CTDI OH
Deb Jones

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Toledo: Jamie Van Natta, CTDI OH
Jamie Van Natta

Toledo Dog Training

Tricks are for dogs!
I came late to the world of dog training, but now that I am here I am hooked. When we got Modig, I had no aspirations of competing or really doing anything beyond the beginner skill set. Boy, did Modig teach me a thing or two! Our busy dog loves training, learning, and working together on things. After attending the puppy and beginner classes I realized I didn’t want to stop there with him, we were having so much fun. So two classes become four then six and then eight. Before I knew it I was assisting classes to help other people begin this same journey with their dogs. I believe strongly that training, and especially trick training, is one of the most fun and important activities you can do with your dog. It can burn off extra energy, build trust, and improve your relationship with your dogs. I’m looking forward to sharing my trick training skills in my own classes! Wakeman: Robin Murray, CPDT-KA, CTDI OH
Robinn Murray, CPDT-KA, CTDI
Trainer, Fortunate Fido
Certified 2/12

It's about the journey, not the destination
Robin Murray is a tricks instructor at Fortunate Fido in Columbia Station, OH. Her two rescue dogs have earned advanced titles in agility, rally, and obedience. Henry, a rescued American Eskimo dog, is also and Expert Trick Dog (ETD).
West Milton: Faye Kelley CTDI OH
West Milton
Faye Kelley

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Whitehall: Elizabeth Frum CTDI OH
Elizabeth Frum

Adventure Unleashed
614 296 8301
Certified 2/15

Positive Fun Training I am a fun, positive teacher born in raised in Columbus, OH. I have been training since 2009, training for a national chain pet store but now I enjoy training at Adventure Unleashed in Reynoldsburg. I like to keep training up beat and fun, and I teach trick classes, doggie dance, and even a fun and games class. I am involved in the Dog Scouts of America, as well as I am an avid dog parkour enthusiast, being involved in the International Dog Parkour Association. Training your dog is a fantastic way to show them you care while improving the bond you share. I love helping people unlock their dogs full potential. Contact me for a fun way to Do More with your Dog!
Wickliffe: Virginia Francis CTDI OH
Virginia Francis

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Oklahoma Beggs: Lynze Smith, CTDI OK
Lynze Smith
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs all my life but, have recently started teaching classes. I have three dogs who all compete in dog sports. My two border collies both primarily compete in disc but, we have played in agility, herding, nosework, and recently dock diving and rally. My german wirehaired pointer hunts and also competes in dock diving. I love to incorporate tricks into any class im teaching. It makes for a better experience for people who don't find obedience very exciting.
Kiowa: Angela Smith, CTDI OK
Angela Smith
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I train dogs to be good family members. I train owners to be good leaders for their dogs. I use positive training and make the sessions fun for both the dog and the owner. I opened my dog training business full time in March 2016. I completed Animal Behavior College dog training program. I am also a CGC evaluator. My passion is working with rescue and shelter dogs in hopes of finding them forever homes. Moore: Jessi Cantwell, CTDI OK
Jessi Cantwell
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a Registered Veterinary Technician who is also a dog trainer and certified thru the Karen Pryor Academy. I am working towards my VTS in Behavior. I currently teach puppy classes and basic obedience classes.
    Oregon Eugene: Amy Linder CTDI OR
Amy Linder
Owner, Spots of Success Dog Training, LLC

Team Trick Training Coach
I am a Deputy Fire Marshal in charge of public education. I use my 2 Dalmatians to demonstrate fire safety skills like crawl low under smoke, stop, drop and roll, etc. I am also a Certified therapy dog instructor and examiner for Project Canine and visit in the community with both Dals. My younger dog Casey is also a Hope Animal Assisted Crisis Response dog. I am an honors graduate of Animal Behavior Collage and the owner of Spots of Success Dog Training, LLC. I specialize in preparing teams for therapy work and have founds tricks are an excellent way to connect with clients we visit. Feel free to check out Casey's FaceBook page at www.facebook.com/firedogcasey
Eugene: Elizabeth Williams, CTDI OR
Elizabeth Williams

oregondogsports@gmail.com www.oregondogsports.com

Certified Trick Dog Trainer I have been a professional instructor for 26 years. I show in conformation, obedience, agility, rally, K9 Nose Work and am a founding member of NATE Treibball. I own Oregon Dog Sports - and all breed training center located in Eugene, OR and am looking forward to adding more Trick classes to encourage handlers to engage and communicate more with their dogs.

Hermiston: Patty O'Bleness CTDI OR
Patty O'Bleness
Smarty Dog LLC

Your Smart Dog is Only a Click Away! Get Your Tricks On!
Patty started training agility dogs in 2010 and loves the sport. When little Jazzie came in to the household in 2013, Patty started training tricks and the challenges of trick training quickly became addicting for both her and Jazzie. The relationship blossomed and the bond became one she had not experienced with her other dogs. Tricks are really the key to all training! Wanting to share this wonderful dog/human relationship with others, Patty started teaching tricks at 4 Paws Dog Works, a local dog training facility. Students love the classes and Patty has never had so much fun teaching a class! Everybody wins: dogs, handler, and teacher! Patty enjoys watching others discover the joy she has found in trick training with positive rewards. What are You Waiting For? Let’s Train Tricks!
Hillsboro: Erica Heider, CTDI OR
Erica Heider
Certified 2/16


Certified Trick Dog Trainer
Mulino: Daisy Peel OR
Daisy Peel
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
6-time national agility champion.
Multiple USA world team agility member and world agility open gold medallist. More at www.daisypeel.com
Portland: Lola Carey, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP OR
Lola Carey
Lucky Leash LLC

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a trainer working with reactive dog issues. I want my students (both dog and human) to have more fun!
Portland: Paula Ratoza OR
Paula Ratoza

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I compete in agility and obedience with my Dobermans and Dachshund. I am also an AKC agility judge. For over 20 years I've trained and handled animals in movies and commercials in the Northwest.
Portland: Lisa Wyatt PMCT, CTDI OR
Lisa Wyatt, PMCT, member APDT

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lisa proudly earned her CTDI certification with her dog Maple in March of 2014.   Lisa began her career with dogs in the sheltering world, volunteering her time to open intake county shelters in Los Angeles, and in Portland.  She currently teaches the level 3 Open Paw training class to volunteers at Multnomah County Animal Shelter, and she is a volunteer foster coordinator for MCAS.   Lisa is a Pat Miller Certified Trainer and an active member of SPARCS.  Lisa furthers her education each year by attending workshops, conferences and she studies with her favorite experts, including Pat Miller CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, Pia Silvani CPDT-KA, CCBC-KA, and Terry Ryan CPDT-KA.   Lisa attended Clicker Expo 2010, 2011, & 2013, as well as the APDT annual conference in 2011 & 2013.  She earns a living teaching force free dog training classes and offers private instruction for training and behavior modification at Educating Fido in Tigard, Oregon.   Lisa and her dog Maple are a Pet Partners registered therapy dog team.  They visit the kids at Donald Long Juvenile Detention Center in Portland, teaching them about reward-based dog training, pet overpopulation and spay & neuter. Pat Miller Certified Trainer
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Proud Member of the Sparcs Initiative
• AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator
• AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator
• Delta Society Pet Partner Team
Portland: Kristin Pomsel, CTDI OR
Kristin Pomsel

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Portland: Joanna Meleiro OR
Joanna Meleiro

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Pet photographer, rescue volunteer, mom of a fearful/reactive working maniac dog. In the course of rehabilitating her under the care of skilled behavioral team, I fell in love with behavior modification and dog training. After a year of learning on my own I'm now a student at Jean Donaldson's Academy For Dog Trainers. Follow Zoe's daily adventures on Instagram (@blacknewf)
Pennsylvania Abington: Edie Williams, CTDI PA
Edie Williams

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Ashland: Gail Lorady, CTDI PA
Gail Lorady

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Hello! My name is Gail Lorady. My dog Buffy and I have been members of the Susquehanna Trail Dog Training Club since January 2010. Buffy very quickly earned her Star Puppy Title as well as Canine Good Citizen and Certified Therapy Dog. It is my pleasure to occasionally assist the president of our club in our basic obedience class. Buffy and I were introduce to “trick training” in November 2014. Buffy earned her Novice, Intermediate and Advanced level titles and I became “hooked” on “trick training”. I am a firm believer in only positive training methods! I do not know what the future holds for me as CTDI, but I sure do love teaching tricks and having Buffy entertain when we are therapy visiting!
Belmont Hills: Judy Lynn Wolfe, CTDI PA
Belmont Hills
Judy Lynn Wolfe

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Bethlehem: Carol Berman, CTDI PA
Carol Be
rman http://camelotdogtraining.tripod.com/
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have spent my whole life training and showing dogs.
I am the owner of Camelot Dog Training located in Bethlehem Pa.
We do everything from private lessons to group classes.
Please check out our website at http://camelotdogtraining.tripod.com/
Our phone number is 484-898-0354.
Bloomsburg: Silke Wittig, CPDT-KA, CTDI PA
Silke Wittig, CPDT-KA, CTDI
Certified 3/11
contact@ herocanineconsulting.com
574-612-8170 (cell)
570-458-5749 (home)
Strengthening the Human Canine Bond
Trick training is a wonderful way to teach appropriate pet manners as well as cute behaviors that will amaze your family and friends in a fun, reward-based, no-pressure and safe environment, while strengthening the human-canine bond, building trust and improving communication between you and your pooch. Dogs and people of any age, energy level and even with physical limitations can learn tricks together! Silke Wittig, CPDT-KA of HeRo Canine Consulting LLC helps and encourages people to train their dogs through education, demonstration and practice, and stresses the importance of working together as a team! Knowledge, patience, commmitment and empathy are important tools to make this relationship succeed. Please check out www.herocanineconsulting.com for more information.
Carlisle: Carleen Vorisek CTDI PA
Carleen Vorisek
Good Dog Rising
Dogs Bee Haven - an out of the box training service using the most current and effective positive training methods. ENJOY YOUR DOG MORE My background is in teaching agricultural sciences with a degree from PSU. Dog training was and continues to be a beloved hobby. However, as my experiences grew, so did my interest in becoming a professional dog trainer and instructor. With the support of my husband and amazingly knowledgeable talented instructors. As with most professions, continuing education seminars are a great way to keep up on modern training techniques and to understand the science of how dogs function which can help in many formats of training. I have accumulated countless hours training, observing, and attending conferences such as Karen Pryor Clicker Expo and Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Recently, I attended an intensive training seminar hosted by Ken McCort at Wolf Park where I was able to interact with wolves, foxes, and was 1 of 27 people who have been able to work with coyotes. My home base is Good Dog Rising in Carlisle PA where I lead puppy owners through real life scenario topics focusing on socialization and handling techniques to make them successful using positive training methods. I also instruct Rally Obedience, Loose Leash Walking and Impulse Control. I am currently enrolled in IMPROV, scent work, and am a member of Dog Scout Troop 161. I'd love to meet you in tricks class.
Clarks Summit: Barb Mattes PA
Clarks Summit
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Clearfield: Kelly Ernewein-Stilson PA
Kelly Ernewein-Stilson
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a young trainer. I really love clicker training, and shaping in particular. I have 6 dogs (dobe, min pin, 2 mixed breed dogs, and 2 pekingese). I am dabbling in different sports and am also active with my local shelter. I have a big soft spot for shelter dogs. 4 of my dogs are actually from the shelter I work with.
Duncannon: Jill Hallam-Miller PA
Jill Hallam-Miller
Associate Trick Dog Instructor I started training my dog Odin when he was 3 months old, and never stopped. I recently began training basic obedience classes as a volunteer for a non-profit organization. Odin has his novice tricks title, and I have just applied for his intermediate title, as well as for a novice title for my other dog, Granite. The dogs and I are also involved in Rally Obedience (Odin has a novice title), agility, flyball, and nosework.

Elverson: Denise Lacey PA
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Erie: Natalie Duberow, CTDI, ABCDT PA
Natalie Duberow
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am ABC certified dog trainer. I Just adopted a mini schnauzer and discovered a new world of a small dogs. I usually train GSDs, Rotts and Dobies. I train with clickers so tricks are quite easy to capture. I am planning on offering a trick class later in the fall. Gilbertsville: Lauren Gray, CTDI PA
Lauren Gray

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Grantville: Lynne Boeckelmann, CTDI PA
Lynne Boeckelmann

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Hanover: Marta Coursey, CPDT-KA, CNWI, CTDI PA
Hanover Marta Coursey

Trick Dog Instructor
I started my personal training experience doing traditional obedience with a bullmastiff and agility with a fearful Shar-Pei. My Shar-Pei led me (as with many people) to research and learn a tremendous amount about dog training. I started training professionally with an established business in 1998 but left there after two years and returned to my "regular” job. I've been doing puppy, dog manners and agility classes in the Hanover, PA and Westminster, MD area since 2003. I've been a member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) since 1998 and passed the CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) exam in 2002. I’ve attended seminars by some of the top names in the field and work closely with a local behaviorist. Due to my experience with my own and foster dogs with fear and stress issues, I have become very aware of how our expectations effect our dog’s behavior. In my classes, I will help you learn to “read” your dog to prevent these issues from occurring. To further my desire to help fearful and stressed dogs, I’m very pleased to add Nose Work and tricks classes to My K9 Buddy. Both these classes help tremendously with giving dogs a way of coping with stressful situations. Harrisburg: Sarah Landau PA
Sarah Landau

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have a 4 year old beagle mix , Gunner, who has been a challenge and a joy to train. I like learning new things, so training has been fun for both of us. I started training for basic obedience and continue to have dedicated Gunner training time. In looking for fun training I came across Do More With Your Dog. I am looking forward to offering a Dog Tricks class to others in the area that are looking to continue with training but don't want the formal obedience style classes.
Hegins: Sally Bair, CTDI PA
Hegins Sally Bair
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  Hatboro:Diane Battis, CTDI PA
Hatboro Diane Battis
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  Jamison: Stacey Manzo, CTDI PA
Stacey Manzo
Certified 8/12
Strengthening the bond between you and your best furry friend
Stacey has been working with rescued Australian Shepherds for over 10 years and started teaching tricks as a way to motivate her shy dog. She got hooked on trick training when she saw how that activity deepened the bond between her and her dog as she watched him blossom into a confident crowd pleaser. Her current Aussie needed a way to express himself and channel his energy and what better way to accomplish that than to get creative with the tricks he could learn. Diesel now attends fund raisers for the Aussie Rescue they volunteer for and he raises money for a good cause by performing tricks and he couldn't be happier when he's performing for a crowd. My first dog and I competed at the highest levels of agility in both AKC and NADAC. We also earned a Novice title in AKC Rally Obedience.
Lafayette Hill: Celia Roberts, CTDI PA
Lafayette Hill
Celia Roberts Certified 5/1/16
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Leesport: Megan Esherick CPDT-KA, CTDI PA
Megan Esherick 610-203-3228 CleverHoundDogTraining@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor The Clever Hound offers private in home family dog training and coaching services for a variety of dog sports in and around Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Getting a new puppy or dog?  Let me help you give your new family member the best start possible.  Interested in trying agility, tracking, obedience, or rally but don't know how to start?  I can help. I have over 30 years experience in training dogs for the show ring, obedience, rally, tracking, agility, therapy visits, PBGV hunt tests, and service work with many breeds. For more information about the adventures of the PBGV pack, please visit The Clancy PBGV Blog.   Interested in learning more?  I can be reached at: Megan Esherick CPDT-KA, CTDI
CleverHoundDogTraining@gmail.com Follow us on FaceBook.
Leesport: Alessandra Lori, CTDI PA
Alessandra Lori
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Manchester: Mary Smallwood CTDI PA
Mary Smallwood
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Manheim: Dextre Tripp PA
Dextre Tripp
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Maple Glen: Mary Catherine Kershaw, CTDI PA
Maple Glen
Mary Catherine Kershaw
Certified 4/15
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
McKees Rocks: Stacey Spanovich Damm, CTDI PA
McKees Rocks
Stacey Damm
Certified 9/16 s.spanovich.damm@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor When we adopted a shy little dog eight years ago, we were lucky enough to find a reward-based/positive reinforcement style basic (introductory) obedience/manners class. My dog and I learned a lot from that instructor, who also recommended the book “101 Dog Tricks.” We decided to try dog agility classes and had an amazing instructor, and we discovered that agility built confidence in our shy little dog and she was quite talented. After “retirement” from agility, we went back to the “101 Dog Tricks” to continue to do more together, and eventually earned the “Do More With Your Dog” Trick Dog Champion title. We had been very lucky to have had some amazing trainers when we started, and can only hope that our teaching will help others engage and bond with their dogs.
Meadville: Kimberly Adsit PA
Meadville Kimberly Adsit
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
  Meadville: Cody Hall PA
Meadville Cody Hall
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
  Meadville: Katherine L McGill CTDI, DN-FSG1, CPDT, CACE, AKC CGC Evaluator #89939 PA
Katherine L. McGill
Certified 7/13
"A place Fur-Paws"… The fun is never done
I teach and train with Force Free methods in everything from Private in-home training and behavior solutions to Agility, Obedience, Herding, and Tricks. I work with shy, fearful, and reactive dogs. When I’m not working or training with other people and dogs I am busy with my own five training and having fun. I have a diploma in Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor and a Certificate of Completion in Pet Grooming and also Small Animal Message. I am currently taking studies in animal behavior.
Milmont Park: Cindy Otto, TDCH, CTDI PA
Milmont Park
Cindy Otto, CTDI
Certified 9/10

Tricks and Training for Focus, Fitness, and Fun!
Cindy has been training her dog (Dolce) for 8 years and her cat (Zucca) for 3 years. She is active in animal assisted therapy, competes in agility and flyball and is a fanatic for tricks. She has been teaching a tricks class at Y2K9 Dog Sports Club (www.y2K9s.net) since 2009. She uses clicker training and other positive techniques for training. She produces monthly video tricks videos, featuring Dolce and Zucca (www.likedogsandcats.com) to promote important animal health issues.
Mineral Point: Regina R. Allen DVM, APDT, CTDI PA
Mineral Point
Regina R. Allen DVM

Founder, The Good Shepherd Dog Training
(814) 421-0144
"Speak softly and carry a big pocket of treats."
Regina R. Allen DVM is a veterinarian retired from small animal practice, where she worked with clients and their pets on behavioral problems, in addition to practicing medicine and surgery. Dr. Allen began teaching puppy classes while still in vet school, utilizing gentle, reward-based training techniques. The inspiration for her classes comes from the methods of Karen Pryor, Leslie McDevitt, Susan Garrett, Linda Mecklenburg, Deb Jones, Donna Rohaus, and Jane Killion. Her classes utilize clicker training and shaping with positive reinforcement to teach dogs desirable behaviors and self-control, making owner-dog communications a two-way street. This type of training teaches useful skills both for performance sports and for life. Available classes include: Canine Good Citizen Skills, Nosework, Learning Through Play, Competition Obedience Skills, and various levels of Agility.
Monongahela: Stephanie Barber, CTDI PA
Stephanie Barber
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Breeder of rough collies; AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, AKC Community Canine Evaluator, APDT C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator, Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right Certified Preschool Instructor, Member of the Behavior Education Network (BEN), Kyra Sundance Do More with your Dog Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Doggone Safe "Be a Tree Presenter," Member of the Pet Professional Guild, Student - Karen Pryor Professional Dog Training Academy, Owner: Trick of the Dog Professional Dog Training, Inc.; Owner: Dogworks Training Center, Inc., member of: Collie Club of America, Collie Club of Western Pennsylvania, Collie Health Foundation, Collie Rescue, Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club, Keystone Canine Training Club.
New Freedom: Andrea Myers CTDI PA
New Freedom
Andrea Myers
Owner, Suzy Qs Animal Services LLC

Because your pets deserve the very best
I earned a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science and a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Education from the University of Delaware. I earned a Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Scranton. I completed Karen Pryor's Foundations of Dog Training course, Karen Pryor's Professional Dog Training Academy, courses on beginning to advanced dog training and dog psychology. I am an approved AKC evaluator for the puppy S.T.A.R , Canine Good Citizen and Advance Community Canine programs. I am a positive reinforcement trainer that uses clicker training often.
New Hope: Lori Nanan, CTC, CPDT-KA PA
New Hope
Lori Nanan
La Dolce Doggie

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I own a dog training business.
Newport: Debbie Sherman, CTDI PA
Debbie Sherman
Positively K-9 & More
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
A student for 25 years of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Debbie favors Pat Parelli's Principle #1 "Put Relationship First" and Principle #3 "Communication is two or more individuals sharing and understanding an idea." Every day she tries to apply these principles to all her relationships. A progressive lover of learning, Debbie is a regular at Karen Pryor clicker expos, active in Agility, Herding, Barn Hunt and Freestyle. She is a huge fan of teaching tricks or anything else that builds relationship and better communication between humans and dogs. With over 20 years experience in operating a pet care business, Debbie understands how to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. She loves witnessing them gain confidence and understanding through her private and group lessons. She believes that every dog, young or old, should have a strong foundation in how to learn and make good choices. This enables them to live a happy, balanced life doing whatever job they are meant to do. Debbie believes that teaching a dog to learn tricks will strengthen the relationship and develop a strong core and keen body awareness with your canine partner, all while having fun!
Newville: Bridget McAlister, CTDI PA
Bridget McAlister, CTDI
Dandy Dog Training School
Certified 11/11

Fun, fabulous, and fantastic! Hi there! I'm Bridget McAlister and I live in Newville, PA. I have my own grooming shop, "Bridget's Bow-wow Grooming," and have been in business for 15 years. Besides being a CTDI, I'm also a certified Rally-FrEe instructor (RFE-CI). I have Australian Shepherds. I train in Freestyle, Tricks, Herding, Rally-O, Agility, Dog Scents, Obedience, Conformation, Rally-FrEe, and Barn Hunting, I compete in Freestyle, Tricks, Agility, Rally-O, Rally-FrEe, Barn Hunting, and Conformation. I have titles in all with champion dogs in Freestyle, Rally-O, and Tricks. I teach at Dandy Dog Training School. I founded the Tricks class in 2009 and enjoy teaching positive dog training to beginning and experienced students. Learning tricks is amazingly fun for all humans and their canine companions! It strengthens the bond in experienced handlers in their dog sports. Tricks will blossom the bond in puppies and young dogs with their handlers. Tricks bring happiness and laughter to learning!
Norristown: Christine Egbert, CTDI PA
Norristown Christine Egbert
Bark U, LLC Certified 4/15
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Orangeville: Kristi Cirelli, CTDI PA
Orangeville Kristi Cirelli
Certified 5/16
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Philadelphia: CJ Hazell, CTDI PA
Philadelphia CJ Hazell
Bad Dog Good Dog Trainer Certified 4/15
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Pocono Pines: JL Teeple, CTDI PA
Pocono Pines
JL Teeple

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Dedicated to motivating dogs and their people because it’s always a good time to “Do More With Your Dog!”
Pottstown: Jeff Dentler, CPDT-KA, CTDI PA
Pottstown Jeff Dentler
Dentler's Dog Training, LLC
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
In 2013 Jeff graduated from Kutztown University’s Canine Training & Management program, where he learned his science-backed, force-free, positive reinforcement-based training techniques. The program, an intense 17 course, 120 hour curriculum instructed by world-renowned canine and feline ethologist, author, and trainer Susan Bulanda, prepared Jeff to embark on his professional dog training career. Jeff is: A nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, the leading independent certifying organization for the dog training profession.
  • A Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI).
  • An AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.
  • Trained in Pest First Aid by the American Red Cross.
  • A member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
  • A member of The Pet Professional Guild.
  • A member of the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce.
"My philosophy is simple: I don't use choke collars, prong collars or shock collars. Period. Why not? Anyone can put on a prong collar and bully a dog into a state of learned helplessness, but it takes a thorough understanding of canine behaviors to change the way a dog learns, feels and reacts. I combine science with ethics to teach you how to train your dog using positive reinforcement methods." Dentler's Dog Training services the greater Pottstown PA area.
Quakertown: Marion C. O'Neil, CTDI PA
Quakertown Marion C. O'Neil molassescreek@verizon.net www.molassescreekdogtraining.com
You owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion.
Train without pain.
Marion O'Neil CPDT-KA, CTDI
Marion C. O'Neil CPDT-KA, CTDI owner and trainer of Molasses Creek Dog Training, LLC
I try to be the most compassionate and educated dog trainer I can be. I have never looked back! The key is knowledge. It's like a drug I had to have. The more I know, the more I need to learn. Years later I'm still reading books, attending seminars, workshops & loving new tricks to teach. I don't think I'll ever stop learning or teaching.
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) with the Certification Council of Professional Trainers www.CCPDT.org
Charter member of the Pet Professional Guild which is a league of industry professional who are committed to force-free training and pet care philosophies practices and methods. Pet Professional Members understand force free to mean: no shock, no pain, no fear, no physical force, no physical molding, or compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet. www.petprofessionalguild.com
A licensed presenter for Dog Gone Safe, Be a Tree Program. The program is a non-profit organization dedicated to bite prevention through education, and dog bite victim support. It's a fun and interactive presentation for children and parents that teaches them how to read dog body language and how to be safe around dogs. www.doggonesafe.com
A freelance writer and avid blogger contributing to the: Bucks County Times Herald, Free Press, Town and Country, and the Upper Saucon Patch. I'm committed to educating dog owners on how to raise an emotionally healthy and stable family dog.
Scott Township: Deborah Seymour, CTDI PA
Scott Township Deborah Seymour chasesdogtricks@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Chase and I got started teaching tricks workshops back in 2010 after our basic obedience trainer saw how far Chase had come with his severe behavioral issues since I incorporated tricks into his training. She thought it was cute and lots of fun. I use all positive and motivational techniques which helps your dog learn faster and also strengthens the dogs loving bond with their owner. I became a trainer in order to help people the way we were helped and to show people that if given the chance they can end up with a ‘furever’ lovable companion. Check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chasesdogtricks
Selinsgrove: Nancy Jane Haupt PA
Selinsgrove Nancy Jane Haupt
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
South Park: Diana Squicciarini, CTDI PA
South Park Diana Squicciarini My Little Dog Shoppe 412-302-1337 glinda321.ds@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Diana has been a trainer for several decades. She teaches obedience (family manners and AKC competition) and rally (AKC and WCRL); puppy and adult classes; CGC (all levels) prep classes and evaluation; and DMWYD and AKC trick dog classes. She has been an AKC CGC evaluator since 2003. Team Glinda has earned advanced titles in several dog performance sports and CGC titles. Glinda is also a TDI certified therapy dog. In 2016 our team was awarded a ranking of #5 in WCRL Rally RL2. As a team we perform at pet expos, fairs and demo in various venues. Private in-home and in-shop sessions are available at My Little Dog Shoppe as well as semi-private classes. No class exceeds 4 dogs since personal attention is our goal. Only 600 square feet of training space with a retail shop, My Little Dog Shoppe is fully agility-grade matted with a full wall of mirrors for practice. Hours are flexible and classes are custom made to the needs of guests. Come join us for a fun and truly positive experience!
Unionville: Erin Kelly, CTDI PA
Unionville Erin Kelly
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Strafford: Roberta Earle, CTDI PA
Strafford Roberta Earle
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Wallingford: Patricia Worthington CTDI PA
Wallingford Patricia Worthington
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
West Chester:Lesley Welsh PA
West Chester Lesley Welsh
Associate Trick Dog Instructor I love working with my dogs. Right now I have a GSD and a Dutch Shepherd. Both of them will do anything that makes me happy. Hopefully, I will get lots of great ideas on fun things we can do together.
Wyndmoor: Alicia Harantschuk, CTDI PA
Wyndmoor Alicia Harantschuk 215-913-7123 www.facebook.com/PhillyHotDogs aharantschuk@gmail.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Silly rabbit, tricks are for dogs! Trick training has had a huge impact on my life and on the lives of my dog's. I have successfully rescued, trained and certified three therapy dogs since September 2013 and have completed more than 275 visits. Trick training seems to offer endless benefits; basic obedience, manners, confidence, physical/mental health, and an unbreakable bond with their human. Most important, there is no pressure, there is no limit to what you can do and it is FUN! Connect with me and let's start having fun!
Wynnewood: Allison S. King, CTDI PA
Wynnewood Allison S. King
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Wynnewood: Sarah A. Shelanski, CTDI PA
Wynnewood Sarah A. Shelanski
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Rhode Island Ashaway: Julianne Grove, CTDI RI
Julianne Grove
Trick your way to a better bond with your dog.
I have been working with dogs of all shapes and sizes for over a decade, in all aspects including training, rescue, and grooming. My current canine family consists of several chihuahuas, all rescues, who have learned everything from tricks to flyball, agility, carting,obedience, and barn-hunting. Pirate is my over-achiever, having competed in agility and flyball, and earning his CGC, trick titles and several dog scout badges. Yippity is my oldest, and earned his novice trick title at age 16. Truffles is my special needs girl, who has scoliosis and fused patellas, but doesn't let that stop her, having learned to negotiate all the agility obstacles and trying her paw at scenting. Daisy is the only non-chihuahua in the family, being a chiweenie. Cordoroy is the newest member of the family, and is just beginning to learn. We've heard all the small dogs aren't real dogs jokes, and we aim to change peoples opinions of so-called "purse pets". I am a firm believer that you should "Do more with your dog", no matter their size. I am also very involved with our local Dog Scouts of America Troop 188. You can find out more about dog scouts and our troop here.

Portsmouth: Celeste Diamantini, CTDI RI
Portsmouth Celeste Diamantini 401-742-6764 slush3@aol.com Certified Trick Dog Instructor Graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2010 as a Certified Dog and Shelter Trainer, earned my Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) Certification in 2014, and my Certified Trick Dog Instructor in 2016. I work for Courteous Canine and Paws Unlimited Pet Services (PUPS). My trusted friend, Kodi, who has Canine Compulsive Disorder, is a challenge to keep busy. He has earned championships in rally obedience and trick dog. He has his Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Advanced CGC and is a therapy dog through Pet Partners. We are also working on tracking, nose work, shed hunting, and herding. Tricks are a wonderful way to make him think in a positive, non-compulsive manner, doing different things every day. I work with positive training methods, use delicious homemade treats, and encourage all my students to have fun with their dogs no matter what you are doing with them.
South Carolina Elgin: Sabine Compeyn CTDI SC
Sabine Compeyn
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Florence: Teri Ribley SC
Teri Ribley

Sit Happens Dog Training

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
My training business is Sit Happens Dog Training, located in Florence, SC. I have been teaching group classes for 16 years, and 9 years as an assistant previous to that. I am always looking for new ways to teach class and help people understand there are better ways to train and bond with their dogs. I am a KPA CTP. I always incorporate trick training in my curriculum, for the fun of it, but also to help build confidence in sensitive dogs, help with focus games and even impulse control.
Greenville: Sandra LaCroix CTDI SC
Sandra LaCroix
Gentle Dog Training— Both you and your dog will love our training methods.
I graduated from two Instructor Training classes with Gail Fisher at All Dogs Academy in New Hampshire. I am a trainer at Puppy Nanny in Simpsonville, SC. I have certificates from many webinars with Pet Professional Guild, Behavior Education Network, E-Learning for Dogs, and APDT. I attend APDT conventions, and Clicker Expo conventions. My passion is working with dogs! I own a Löwchen named "Piccolo".
Westminster: Brandy Steele Oates CTDI SC
Brandy Steele
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
York: Alison Pennington SC
Alison Pennington
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Tennessee Knoxville: Lindsay Allen-Kosal, CTDI TN
Lindsay Allen-Kosal, CTDI
Certified 9/10

People Need a Purpose and Dogs Do Too
Dogs are happiest when they have a purpose. Historically, dogs worked with people in the pasture, on the farm, or in the field. The relationship that has evolved between humans and canines is special and unique. However, today most dogs are simply house pets, unable to perform the instinctive roles, such as shepherding or retrieving, for which they were originally bred. Also, modern day
life does not typically provide the opportunity to bond with your dog over achieving a shared goal. This lack of purpose can manifest as boredom or other negative behaviors. A great way to restore your dog?s sense of purpose is to teach tricks. Trick training improves communication skills and the human/canine bond. It can help alleviate some behavioral problems and boredom too. My goal is to model positive training methods to teach new behaviors, improve the pet?s quality of life, and to just have fun with your best friend!
Texas Austin: Jeannette Kincaid TX
Jeannette Kincaid

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a professional dog trainer in Austin, TX.
Austin: Stefanie Charette, CPT, CTDI TX
Stefanie Charette

Outlaw Canine, LLC

Outlaw Canine... Where your dog is wanted!
We help to strengthen then bond between human and dog. Clear communications key. To achieve this communication, we make training a way of life. Training your dog should never be a burden. Our mission is to give you a harmonious life with your dog.
Beaumont: Lauren Faggard, CTDI TX
Lauren Faggard

(409) 284-5513 puzzlenomore@sbcglobal.net, www.puzzlenomore.com www.linkedin.com/in/laurenfaggard/
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Faggard is a professional dog trainer who created and owns “PUZZLE NO MORE, INC.” a professional dog training company that specializes in K-9 problem solving and home or family obedience. She is an AKC Performance Judge and is considered one of the countries top trainers and competitors. Her dogs hold National and International Titles with the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club and the All Breed Canine Association. She has trained dogs for Obedience, Tracking, Search and Rescue, Agility, Service, Stage and TV. Her “Team Chesapeake” can be seen in Regional and National Advertising Campaigns. With a Ph.D. and several specialty certifications in Advanced Behavior she has appeared as an expert witness on dog behavior and is certified in many disciplines. She is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. Her credits include radio, TV and lecture appearances. She is the producer and writer of the TV teaching and informational series, “Inside the Canine Mind” as seen on CBS. Faggard is an award winning author and film maker. For her excellence in pet training and education her latest accomplishments include: A 2005 Gold Remi and a 2005 Bronze Remi for “Non-Competitive Obedience Training” at Worldfest, the 38th Annual Houston International Film Festival which is the third largest film festival worldwide. She is also acknowledged in 2005 by The Dog Writers Association of America for her work “Non-Competitive Obedience Training” and “Inside the Canine Mind”. Again in 2006 she receives a Gold Remi for her work on “Inside the Canine Mind” and adds two more Gold Remi’s to her portfolio for a screen play ”High in Trial” and a television sitcom “Beaumont West”. She was presented with two Telly’s for her film/video production “Non-Competitive Obedience Training” at the 27th Annual Awards presentation. She is the 2006 recipient of The Parker Hall Award for “lifetime achievement” in the advancement of behavior science in canines. Again in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 her fans vote her “The Peoples Choice” Award for training animals for theater, film and television.
Copperas Cove: James Hamm TX
Copperas Cove
James Hamm

Owner, Lonestar Dog Trainer LLC.

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a Command Sergeant Major with 29 years in the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. I began pet dog training for civilians for 7 years ago. My background was in Gundogs and Military Working Dogs, but now pet dogs are now 80% of my business. I own and operate Lonestar Dog Trainer LLC in central Texas.
Dayton: Sandy Oman TX
Sandy Oman

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've had dogs and horses most of my life. I used to train horses and now train dogs. It's the best job in the world.
Decatur: Hillary Graff, CTDI TX
Hillary Graff

Certified Trick Dog Instructor I've been actively competing in various dog sports since 2009 with my wonderful Papillons. I've been a professional dog training instructor since 2012 and love showing people how to communicate more effectively with their dogs while building a meaningful relationship.

Duncanville: Michelle McClelland, CTDI TX
Michelle McClelland
My Dog the Dolphin

Dog Training in DFW 469-348-3225


Certified Trick Dog Instructor
As a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, I strive to help others grow and maintain a lasting bond and relationship with their dogs. I love teach students how to effectively use a clicker and find what really motivates their pups!
Galveston: Katie Clark TX
Katie Clark

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a professional dog trainer at PetSmart and a CGC / S.T.A.R. Puppy Instructor & Evaluator for the American Kennel Club. I have experience from SeaWorld San Antonio and Dolphins Plus in Key Largo caring for and training marine mammals. I have two dogs (my boys!); Whizz is my Bernese Mountain Dog mix, and Dublin is a German Shepherd / Golden Retriever. I have volunteer experience with dolphins, sea lions, dogs, cats, turtles, small mammals, and horses. Lastly, I have theatrical and professional acting experience.
Garland: Courtney Roberts, CTDI TX
Courtney Roberts

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Courtney has a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management from Tarleton State University and spent about 3 years volunteering, interning, and working with a large variety of exotic animals after graduating. Since May 2014, Courtney has spent a large amount of her time dedicated to learning the most effective, science-based, and up-to-date training methods by regularly attending seminars, workshops, and conferences to provide her clients with the best information and techniques available. She has received her CPDT-KA from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, is a certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a Professional Member of both The Pet Professional Guild and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
Courtney strives for optimal physical, mental, and social health for her own pets and yours. “There is no better time than now to start building an unbreakable bond and create an everlasting positive relationship with your canine companion based on mutual trust, respect, and love.” In all the training that Courtney does, she always encourage you to be silly, use lots of play, and enjoy every moment of it. You can be serious in achieving goals all while staying light-hearted and positive. “If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong!”
Perryton: Jo Humphrey CTDI TX
Jo Humphrey

Bringing Professional Dog Training to the Texas Panhandle.
Moving to the North Texas Panhandle from Southern California I discovered that there were no training classes for dogs. I became a member of the Panhandle Area Community Therapies (PACT) and began teaching and evaluating dogs and handlers for therapy dog teams. I also teach puppy 101 classes, puppy kindergarten, obedience, rally, and trick classes.
Sanger: Summer Milroy TX
Summer Milroy

Summer Milroy is the owner and head trainer of On The Ball K9 Training LLC located in Sanger, Texas just North of Dallas Fort Worth Texas. Summer created On The Ball K9 Training LLC in 2006 to train dog owners and their dogs to their utmost potential.

On The Ball K9 Training offers several different options for training including puppy training, basic obedience, off leash training, K9 Camp & Trick training.
Summer is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and was voted "Best Training" on the Dallas A-list 2 years in a row (2011 & 2013)
Summer is also the proud owner of a German Shepherd named Major, Dutch Shepherd named Pilot and a Belgian Malinois named Modi.

Seabrook: Layna Bishop, CTDI TX
Layna Bishop, CTDI
Certified 5/10

Bond with your Dog!
As a young girl I grew up in a small town on a farm where I raised rabbits, cows, chickens, horses and dogs. From a young age I had a passion for animals; dogs in particular. I began training dogs with the goal of becoming a K9 Police Officer. I volunteer at local animal shelters where I help train dogs who need a home. The most common reason for animals ending up in the shelter is that they do not have the proper training so their owners give them up assuming behavioral problems. I have a rescue dog named Bella— a German Shepherd/ Boxer mix.
The Woodlands: Anne Money TX
The Woodlands
Anne Money

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am interested in helping others do more with their dogs. It is great to give a dog a home and teach it some basic commands, but it is even better to build a healthy relationship with your furry family member and have some fun in the process.
Utah Layton: Astrid Smith, CAP1, AKC CGC Evaluator, APDT, IPDTA, CTDI UT
Astrid Smith, CTDI
Certified 5/11
Owner, Lead Trainer at
A Dog's Journey LLC

Training is a journey of learning and teaching and building a positive relationship.
Astrid's dogs are titled in four different Agility venues, two Flyball venues, AKC Rally, and Tricks. Astrid and her dogs are also active in competition Obedience, Treibball, Freestyle, Scenting Games, and Herding. Astrid contributes her success to teaching tricks that build a strong bond between dogs and their owners. She believes that teaching tricks strengthens thinking skills, builds confidence and body awareness; all of which help to create a calm canine companion or successful competition dog. Astrid's methods use positive reinforcement utilizing a clicker or verbal marker, while shaping, capturing, and luring. Learn more at: www.adogsjourney.com
Murray: Nicole Corson UT
Nicole Corson
Calling All Dogs, Utah
      Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Nicole Corson owns the Calliing All Dogs training center in Utah. She has been training dogs for over fifteen years, beginning with the SF/SPCA. She uses only positive reinforcement methods.
Salt Lake City: Sara Scott UT
Salt Lake City
Sara Scott

      Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm from San Diego where I worked as a contractor out of the Karen Pryor Academy for several years and had my own business (West Coast Pets) where I also taught confidence classes. I specialize in teaching voluntary husbandry 'tricks' to pets that will make them the "Teacher's Pet" wherever they go by cooperating 'on the table.' I've belonged to a freestyle dance club, and am interested in scentwork too. I'm taking the CPDT exam in March as well. I look forward to bringing tricks to owners and their dogs to teach them to really enjoy and value their dogs as well as to literally increase the value of their dogs to make them adoptable should they ever need to be.
St. George: Patti Gilbert UT
St. George
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have two shelties that we trained each other to be a registered therapy dog team. With this accomplishment people have asked us to help train them. I have decided that this is something I am good at and want to learn more. Currently I have become our local dog sports clubs Junior Handlers Coach and feel that the kids would absolutely love to teach their dogs tricks!
West Jordan: Katie Robertson UT
West Jordan
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a positive reinforcement trainer who loves to use tricks to teach a good connection between handlers and dogs. I also like to use tricks to teach shy dogs confidence and just to have fun!
Vermont Brandon: Lesli Hyland VT
Lesli Hyland

Owner, Red Dog Solutions, Rutland, VT
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am the owner / trainer of Red Dog Solutions in Rutland, VT. I have been training dogs and their people for 20 years. My own dogs compete in Agility, Rally Obedience and Freestyle.
Bennington: Kelly Shoff-Baker VT
Kelly Shoff-Baker

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am an owner of 4 dogs which inspired me to further my education in the dog training field. I completed a certification as a Dog Obedience Trainer Instructor and am employed as a Dog Trainer at a local facility. I enjoy teaching my dogs new tricks and really like sharing my ideas with others to better their relationship with their dog through fun and positive education.
Pawlet: Caroline Albert VT
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Westford: Christina Hathaway, Certified Vet Tech VT
Christina Hathaway
Owner, Tricks For Treats LLC
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a Certified Veterinary Technician in Vermont and have been working in the field for 6 years. I have owned my own Dog Traiining business for 3 years now, Tricks For Treats LLC.
Williston: Ashley Porter VT
Ashley Porter
Show Me The Biscuit, LLC
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Ashley teaches basic obedience and lower level agility classes in Vermont. She beleieves in all-positive reinforcement training and does not endorse any force-based training.
Virginia Arlington: Erica Pytlovany CTDI VA
Erica Pytlovany

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Boyce: Kathi Hall, CTDI VA
Kathi Hall

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Bristow: Pam Jacoby, CTDI VA
Pam Jacoby


Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Bristow: Susan Brogan, CTDI VA
Susan Brogan

Greetings! I'm Susan Brogan and I live in Northern Virginia. I've been training dogs now for about 25 years. I've trained and/or titled dogs in Tricks, Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Therapy Work, Tracking, Rally, Disc Dog, and Canine Musical Freestyle.
I've been a Competition Judge for the World Canine Freestyle Organization for 15 years and I serve on the WCFO Executive Advisory Board. I have been a freestyle instructor for over 15 years and my dogs have been featured in Dog Fancy, The Aussie Times, and Whole Dog Journal. I love trick training not only to develop behaviors to be used in routines, but also to help enhance our relationship with our dogs, help the dog gain confidence, and it's just plain fun! Tricks can be designed to suit the dog's ability, so that any dog can be successful! Trick training using positive methods is a great way to interact with your dog and my hope is to encourage more pet owners to "do more with their dogs!" I currently teach musical freestyle and tricks in the Northern Virginia and Washington Metropolitan area and I give demos, workshops, and private lessons in both Trick Training and Freestyle. Ruby – Trick Champion
https://youtu.be/FIgrc3u7TYg Finn – Trick Champion
Buchanan: Sarah Sloan, CTDI VA
Sarah Sloan

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Catharpin: Allison Howard, CTDI VA
Allison Howard
Certified 3/16
Hornbaker Dog Training
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
When I was 10, my parents gave me my first puppy. I did obedience training with her through utility. I am getting ready to open a training/ boarding facility with my business partner and daughter-in-law. I just adopted a border collie/ collie puppy whose mother, our foster dog, who we discovered came to us pregnant.
Charlottesville: Candace Burton VA
Candace Burton

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Christiansburg: Sara Boyle, PMCT, APDT, IPDTA, ABMA, AABP, Truly Dog Friendly(TDF), MAAPPPT, CTDI VA
Sara Boyle, CTDI
Certified 10/11
Owner, My Courteous Canine

Good Manners Training for the Canine Companion Sara Boyle, owner of My Courteous Canine LLC, is a Pat Miller Certified Trainer(PMCT).
Dogs will learn manners to allow them to become polite memoers of the family, while humans learn how to train their dogs and gain understanding of their dog's behavior. We hope to enhance the bond between you and your dog by improving your line of communication. Using primarily reward-based clicker training, our teaching methods ensure training is as fun as it is effective. We focus on teaching dogs what we'd like them to do as an alternative to corrections for undesired behavior.
Colonial Heights: Christine Elmore, CTDI VA
Colonial Heights
Christine Elmore
Certified Trick Dog Instructor I have been training dogs for six years. I am a district trainer for Petsmart and believe in positive reinforcement training. I am a CGC evaluator for the AKC and I also certify therapy dogs for LOAL through the AKC. I have trained numerous trick dogs, two of which have won first place in trick competitions at pet expos in the Richmond area. As a trainer, I strive to make training fun for everyone involved.

Colonial Heights: Grace Swearingen CTDI VA
Colonial Heights
Grace Swearingen

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Culpeper: Theresa Richmond CTDI VA
Theresa Richmond

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Dublin: Debi Smith CTDI VA
Debi Smith

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Falls Church: Kathryn Kuhlen, CTDI VA
Falls Church
Kathryn Kuhlen

Lead instructor, Fur-Get Me Not
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a lead instructor at the Fur-Get Me Not training facility in Arlington, VA. I am CPDT-KA certified and KPA-CTP certified. I also am a Tier 2 Wag It Games Instructor. I have two border collies and compete in agility and dabble in rally, rally free and musical freestyle. Looking forward to it! Tricks are great for body awareness and muscular development, mental acuity, and bonding between dog and owner. Plus, a lot of fun!
Falls Church: Julie Houk, APDT, Petco certified, CTDI VA
Falls Church
Julie Houk
Trainer, Petco in Bailey's Crossroads
Certified 5/13
Creating a bond with your dog through fun and positive training classes
Since 2011, I have been training all types of dogs at Petco in Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia. I use positive, rewards-based clicker training techniques to encourage dogs to learn behaviors on their own. I also teach how to redirect unwanted behavior, and then reward for positive behavior. In my classes, I'm really teaching people how to train their dogs in a fun, positive, humane and encouraging atmosphere. I teach group and private Puppy Levels 1 & 2, Adult Levels 1 & 2, AKC Good Citizen. I am also certified by APDT as a C.L.A.S.S. Instructor. (Canine Life and Social Skills) I love adding games and tricks to my training classes so that the pet parents are more engaged, and that bond is even more strengthened! There's nothing like seeing a proud pet parent showing off their dogs' skills to the various onlookers of the class!
Glen Allen: Joyce Knowles, CTDI VA
Glen Allen
Joyce Knowles, CTDI

Certified 9/12
My Students Make People Smile!
Hi, my name is Joyce, and these are my two girls, McKenzie Aberdeen and Kandi Ann. Ten years ago my first Scottish Terrier, ToTo Aberdeen came into my life. He was lost or abandoned, elderly and ill, but after a few months of veterinary care and love, he was riding in his red wagon making people smile. ToTo's legacy, "Making People Smile," lives on through McKenzie and Kandi Ann. Both girls have their Canine Good Citizen certification, and we have taken numerous classes together including puppy socialization, Agility, Click & Heal, AKC Rally Obedience, Freestyle Dance, and Tricks. Kandi Ann earned her Novice title in AKC Rally Obedience but the three of us agree Tricks is what we want to do as a team. We participate in various community functions and visit local nursing facilities; McKenzie and Kandi Ann have "tricks up their pas but work for treats"—positive reinforcement. With love, respect, patience, persistence, consistency, and positive reinforcement your furry friend(s), too, will make you and hose around you smile.
Glen Allen: Carolyn Collins CTDI VA
Glen Allen
Carolyn Collins

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Glen Allen: April Dawkins, CTDI VA
Glen Allen
April Dawkins, CTDI

Certified 3/12
AJ's K-9s

Come home to a trained dog that knows more than just obedience, but also fun tricks!
I have been working with dogs for 10 years. I started out with Guiding Eyes for the Blind and I am currently working at All Dog Adventures as a Beginning Rally Instructor. My dog (Lyndie) and I have competed in Agility, Rally, Dog Freestyle, and Tricks. Glen Allen: Maggie Lamb, CTDI VA
Glen Allen
Maggie Lamb
All Dog Adventures, Tricks Instructor
Fun and bonding with your dog
I am a Beginner Tricks Instructor with All Dog Adventures. My youngest dog's love of tricks has brought a whole new element of fun to our time together. In addtion to our tricks, we have also trained in Agility, Rally Obedience, and Competition Obedience. Tricks have been a great way to improve my dog's confidence, build strength and coordination, and get her focused and excited before training and competition.
Glen Allen: Nancy Lech, CTDI VA
Glen Allen
Nancy Lech

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Goodviee: Tammy Vaught VA
Tammy Vaught

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Great Falls: Anneliese Johnson VA
Great Falls
Anneliese Johnson

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Trained, certified and interned at Triple Crown Academy in Hutto, Texas. Currently working as a trainer at a local facility
Harrisonburg: Charlynn Turner, CTDI VA
Charlynn Turner

http://dogsontheball.com Dogs on the Ball
Dogs On the Ball

Charlynn (Char) Turner LVT, CTDI, has trained and titled dogs in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Therapy work and Treibball. She values trick training for relationship building, cross training and as an enrichment activity for dogs of all ages and abilities. Char is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), Pet Professional Guild (advocates for force free training), and National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts (NATE). She teaches Treibball, Games, and Tricks classes and gives private lessons in Harrisonburg, VA. Website: http://dogsontheball.com Facebook: Dogs on the Ball
Harrisonburg: Wendy Pendleton, CTDI VA
Wendy Pendleton
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am an agility competition and instructor who after teaching part time at the local facility for 10 yrs, started teaching full time beginning in 2010. Prior to that I was a high school biology teacher for 10 yrs. I would like to combine my skills of teaching dogs and kids to start an animals assisted self esteem program for kids and would like to become a CTDI to learn how to break down more behaviors to teach kids to train as well as to teach my own dogs for the purpose of indri hint the program and to create an act to showcase my dogs so that i can use the act as either a paying gig to offset costs for the program and/or to use for fundraising events.Sonora
Henrico: Tinky Keen VA
Tinky Keen
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Hopewell: Carrie Lamoreaux CTDI VA
Carrie Lamoreaux
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Leesburg:Kimberly Hough, CTDI VA
Kimberly Hough
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Lottsburg: Betsy Newsome CTDI VA
Betsy Newsome
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Maidens: Janet Queisser CTDI VA
Janet Queisser

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Manassas: Gretchen Stephenson, CTDI VA
Gretchen Stephenson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Manassas: Roni Campbell VA
Roni Campbell

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Mechanicsville: Jennifer DeGarmo CTDI VA
Jennifer DeGarmo

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Mechanicsville: Stephanie McGuire CTDI VA
Stephanie McGuire

Building confidence, one trick at a time!
I work as a school counselor in high school. When I got my beagle Belle, I originally planned on using her as a therapy dog. Sometimes life has other plans. Belle is extremely fearful and can be reactive. We started tricks as a way to help her cope with her nervousness, and we both fell in love with it. I want to help other people experience the same feeling we have!
Midlothian: Denise Flora, CGC/S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator, CTDI VA
Denise Flora
Yappy Pup Learning
Certified 4/14

It's Pawsitively Fun!
Hi, I’m Denise Flora and I started Yappy Pup Learning in 2010. As a CTDI and AKC CGC/S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator, I teach private and group classes starting with Puppy Kindergarten through AKC Canine Good Citizen. I have loved all animals all my life, but really became inspired to become a dog trainer as I trained my special puppy, Daisy. She has had lifelong fear and anxiety issues. She is 11 years old now and with love, patience, and understanding, has earned her CGC, Novice, and Intermediate Trick Dog titles along with her sister Hillary. We are all excited and looking forward to earning more Trick Dog titles. I believe that through fun, positive reinforcement training, all dogs can accomplish goals to be the best that they can be. I really enjoy watching my students blossom into the best that they can be! Yappy Pup learning can be found on Facebook.
North Chesterfield: Jo Downing CTDI VA
North Chesterfield
Jo Downing

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Powhatan: Bridgette M. Ashmore, CTDI VA
Bridgette M. Ashmore

Certified Trick Dog Instructor After studying under a compulsion trainer, i knew there had to be a better way. I struck out on my own to explore positive methods of communicating and building relationships. www.reachk9.com is my website. I also authored Walk with Purpose; Lessons from the Sidewalk.
Prince George: Julie Bowles CTDI VA
Prince George
Julie Bowles
Clever Canines Therapy and Obedience Club
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Prince George: Susan Scott Brafford VA
Prince George
Susan Scott Brafford

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Purcellville: Nancy Liebhauser, CPDT-KA, CTDI, AKC CGC Evaluator VA
Nancy Liebhauser
Positive and Practical
Nancy Liebhauser is the founder of Mica Dog Training. She has 7+ years of experience in teaching classes from puppy behavior/socialization through advanced obedience and tricks. She also does private training where she helps address in-home behavior issues. Nancy is continuously training her own pack of dogs, which includes several rescue dogs from challenging backgrounds. Her youngest dog, Clover, is a mostly blind Golden Retriever. Clover knows a large number of tricks and is working toward competing in Rally and Obedience. Nancy loves teaching tricks and thinks it is a great way to bond with your dog and create a happy and focused partner.
Richmond: Nancy Boylan CTDI VA
Nancy Boylan


Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Richmond: Emily Bracken CTDI VA
Emily Bracken

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Richmond: Cindy Briggs, CTDI VA
Cindy Briggs, CTDI
Owner, All Dog Adventures
Certified 11/10

Positive, NOT Permissive.
Cindy Briggs has been training dogs for approximately 30 years. Her dogs have competed in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Freestyle, Tracking, as well as performed for TV commercials and print ads. Currently her Golden Retriever is the mascot for Villiage Bank in and around Richmond, VA.

Cindy uses shaping, positive (not permissive) methods for her own dogs as well as her philosophy for all the instructors at All Dogs Adventures. Cindy is the owner of All Dog Adventures, a unique dog daycare with SMART PLAY and a different style of positive training, agility, competition obedience, fun & games with your dog.
Richmond: Eileen Holst-Grubbe VA
Eileen Golst-Grubbe

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Richmond: Peggy Lawson VA
Peggy Lawson

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Richmond: Joyce Stargardt VA
Joyce Stargardt
Trainer, All Dog Adventures
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
My Standard Poodle, Annie and I have worked at All Dog Adventures for 6 years. Annie is a spirited Talented 6 year old and we have trained weekly to enjoy playing with learning tricks, qualifying for Therapy Dog inc visits. One of the most exciting things now is our participation in the All-Star Performance Dog Team. We participate in 2nd grade reading programs at local schools and the deal is they will read a sentence to her and she does a trick for them. The kids love it. Teaching is a tool I use in my Docent tour program at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and although retired I still tutor in my chosen profession of Analytical Chemistry.
Roanoke: Ann Hogg, CTDI VA
Ann Hogg
Owner of Canny K9 Companions LLC 540-524-8372 info@cannyk9companions.com www.cannyk9companions.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Roanoke: Ann-Marie Transue CTDI VA
Ann-Marie Transue

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Round Hill: Clarissa Bergeman, CPDT-KA, CTDI VA
Round Hill
Clarissa Bergeman
Owner of In Canine Company, LLC

Clarissa Bergeman is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) and owner of In Canine Company, LLC www.readytorally.com. Clarissa has always had a special love for training tricks, and she and her first Corgi, Anny B -- a certified therapy dog, frequently performed at retirement homes, long term care facilities, animal shelters, and many other venues to enrich people’s lives and/or benefit animals. Clarissa has always included trick training in her classes and private lessons because she feels tricks help keep training light, positive, and fun for both pets and pet parents alike. She especially enjoys working with young children who are interested in teaching tricks to their dogs. Clarissa is now training her young Corgi, Simon, who is well on his way to a performance career of his own!
Stafford: Laurie Williams, CTDI VA
Laurie Williams
Owner, Pup 'N Iron Canine Fitness & Learning Center
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a professional dog trainer for over 25 years. I own and operate the largest dog training facility in VA - Pup 'N Iron Canine Fitness & Learning Center - My Maltese Andrew and I starred on the CBS reality show Greatest American Dog. www.pupniron.com
South Prince George: Lynn McArthur Pellman CTDI VA
South Prince George
Lynn McArthur Pellman
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Tappahannock: Holly Balderson CTDI VA
Holly Balderson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Virginia Beach: Andrea Marx CTDI VA
Virginia Beach
Andrea Marx

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Virginia Beach: Michele Finck VA
Virginia Beach
Michele Finck
Owner, Green Planet Pet Center

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am the owner of Green Planet Pet Center in Virginia. I employ positive training techniques and am committed to empowering my clients to have meaningful relationships with their dogs.
Williamsburg: Diana Marahrens CTDI VA
Diana Marahrens

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Winchester: Lisa Marino CPDT-KA, PMCT, KPA-CTP, FP-MT VA
Lisa Marino Head of the Class Dog Training
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Lisa has taken her varied teaching experiences and applied them to helping owners understand and train their beloved four-legged family members. After more than four years’ experience leading group dog training classes at Best Paw Forward in Hartland, WI, she opened Head of the Class Dog Training LLC in Winchester, VA in 2012. Head of the Class Dog Training offers a variety of foundation classes such as Basic Manners and Puppy Kindergarten, as well as novel and fun classes Tricks, Phy Ed for Fido, Rally, Treibball, and Parkour! Lisa earned her CPDT-KA in 2012, and is a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy, a Pat Miller Certified Trainer, and a FitPAWS Master Trainer. She is an AKC Evaluator, and a Pet Partners Therapy Animal Evaluator.

Winchester: Michelle Bovey, CTDI VA
Michelle Bovey MichelleBovey@AppsPro.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Hi! I love dog training, I'm a professional and I own an obedience and behavior modification business. Helping families to communicate and have fun with their dogs is my passion!

Winchester: Connie Moss CPDT-KA, CTDI VA
Connie Moss
Strategic Paws Training, LLC

A Better Approach to Dog Training!
Connie is the owner and trainer at Strategic Paws Training LLC in Stephens City, VA. She is a professional level member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and a Certified Evaluator for Canine Good Citizen and AKC STAR Puppy Program Instructor. Connie is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She has also attended specialized training with Dr. Ian Dunbar (well known animal behaviorist). Connie is constantly attending webinars, seminars and always reading about and studying learning theory, dog behavior, training principles, and professional development for dog trainers. Connie enjoys helping people and their dogs find and accomplish goals for their personal training plans. Come and join some of our Trick Dog classes and find out just how much fun you and your dog can have to together using positive reinforcement techniques. Along the way you will discover how to build a strong bond with your dog and not just how to train dog tricks, but how this carries over into your every day lives together.
Wooford: Tonya Fouch VA
Tonya Fouch

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I've titled dogs in herding, and teach agility, obedience, and rally classes. I participate in therapy dog work.

Washington Algona: Carol Saunders, CTDI WA
Carol Saunders
Head Trainer, Positive Pooches LLC

Building Relationships, One Positive Pooch at a Time!
Carol has always been surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. While at Southern Oregon University, she earned a degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in behavior, and a degree in Art. At her first opportunity to work with animals, she took it and never looked back. She took a job in Oregon as a daycare attendant for a busy dog daycare/ boarding/ training facility. There she worked with two wonderful mentors who led her down the path to positive reinforcement. When the head trainer left, she was offered a chance to assist in the successful training program. She has taught dogs of all shapes and sizes from tiny puppies to gigantic Great Danes. After leading training classes for several years, she bought her own dog daycare. Carol owns Positive Pooches LLC, a positive dog daycare/boarding facility just outside of Auburn, WA. We practice basic obedience through out the day, and host classes in the evenings and weekends. Dogs at Positive Pooches LLC work both their bodies AND their minds.
Bellingham: Janine Vander Yacht, CTDI WA
Janine Vander Yacht

Improving Human/Dog Relationships By Having Fun!
I have been training my own dogs for over 20 years and have earned titles in agility, have trained two dogs as Delta Society Certiied Therapy dogs, and CGC's on three of my dogs. My mini Aussie, Striker, is the second mini Aussie to earn his Nose-Work Level 2 title in the history of the sport. Striker also has his Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles and is working toward higher levels there as well as his Nose-Work 3 title. My Border Collie, Ronan, has many extended agility titles, his CGC, and is working toward his Nose-Work 1 title and some trick dog titles. Ronan has also worked as a therapy dog, helping me with some children in my pprofession as a Physical Therapist Assistant. In the last two years I have also started assisting a local dog behavior trainer with her Getting to Calm classes for reactive dogs. I only use positive, reward-based training methods and have found that these really help to build a strong, trusting bond between humans and their canine partners.
Bothell: Stephanie Dubick, CTDI WA
Stephanie Dubick Website: www.playondogs.com
email: playondogs@gmail.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am an independent, self-motivated dog trainer who is passionate about promoting positive reinforcement training methods and building an incredible friendship with your dog. I have 20+ years experience training dogs to bring out their best potential. I focus on building optimism and confidence in dog training using positive reinforcement methods, clear marker signals, and customized training for each individual learner.
Kent: Tawnya Lichtenwalter WA
Tawnya Lichtenwalter
The Magnificent Dog

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have two labs that teach me how to be a better person and trainer. One of the things I love most is doing tricks with my labs. Here are some tricks I've done with one of my labs
Kirkland: Adriana Tombi Ericson, CTDI WA
Adriana Tombi Ericson
Mobile Dog Groomer

Trick training with a pawsitive approach
Trick training opens a doorway of communication with your dog that has benefits that go far beyond showing off parlour tricks. It increases the bond and level of trust with your dog allowing for that special connection that turns great dogs and handlers in to an amazing team. My Border Collie was a natural athlete. I started in herding, then flyball and disc, and finally agility with her. My BC mix is great at shaping and clicker training. I've competed in freestyle disc with her for the last 4 years and have done extensive agility training with her as well. We'll be adding our first puppy to our family later this summer. I hope to teach trick-based classes, basic obedience, and freestyle disc.
Lacey: Clyde Hall, CTDI WA
Clyde Hall
Certified 2/16

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Okanogan: Helen Hargett, CTDI WA
Helen Hargett Certified 2/16

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
My first experience with training dogs came as an eight year old, I saved my money to buy a book and trained my first dog the basics by myself. The usual sit, stay, heel, beg, ect., Any new dog after that I trained what I knew.
Twenty nine years ago I started with Siberian Huskies and soon had a dog team. I raced for a few years. Several of those dogs I trained and we did obedience in Fun Matches. Not the easiest breed to train. I have never competed in any dog shows nor have I taught other people. I live in a rural area without training facilities.
Then I discovered clicker training and trained a few tricks over the years, my current husky earned his Canine Good Citizenship title. After I discovered Kyra Sundance's 'Do More With Your Dog' titles it all came together and made so much sense. My husky has earned his Expert Trick Dog Title so far. I have found trick training enhances your relationship and bonding with your dog. It stimulates your dog and gives you a way to do year round training and activites.
I am not sure what I am going to to with my CTDI title, I just know I love teaching my dog and watching him learn. When not teaching tricks, I like dog sledding, skijoring, hiking and geocaching.
Redmond: Diana Simonsen, CTDI WA
Diana Simonsen, CTDI
Certified 8/12
pdesimonsen@hotmail.com Setting your dog up for success!
With a background in teaching art history and math to elementary school kids, dance to teens, and computer software to adults in the US and Europe, I value the importance of always finding the joy of learning. Once I started training my rescued dogs with positive reinforcement, I was hooked! My dogs and I have achieved Obedience and Rally titles in both AKC and UKC. We have also trained in Sheep-herding, K9 Nosework, Tricks, Agility and are a certified Therapy Dog team. Training isn't something that only happens in class - every interaction with your dog is a learning opportunity. My classes focus on having fun with your dog while learning new skills in a way that sets you and your dog up for success.
Seattle: Kathy Weaver, CTDI WA
Kathy Weaver
Trainer, Puppy Perfectors

Have a good time with your canine learning new activities
I teach tricks and other fun classes such as freestyle and rally freestyle elements at Puppy Perfectors Dog Training and Agility Center in Seattle, WA. My classes are designed to strengthen your relationship with your dog and help you provide your dog with mental challenges and physical exercise. My goal is for you to have a good time with your canine everyday while achieving your training goals.
Spokane: Pamela R. Reeff WA
Pamela R. Reeff
Mobile Dog Groomer

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have two English Springer Spaniels. I performed musical canine freestyle and tricks at retirement homes with my Rottweiler.
Tenino: Tess Starr, CTDI, CGC Evaluator WA
Tess Starr

Learn to be your dog's best friend Agility, Trick Classes and Puppy Classes

Tess Starr has been competing in dog sports since 1985 when she earned her first C.D. (AKC Obedience title).

Since then she has earned over 150 titles in 8 different dog sports from agility to freestyle and schutzhund. She is passionate about training using positive reinforcement and loves to help people develop a better relationship with their dogs by shwing them how brilliant their dogs really are.
Tumwater: Te Young, CTDI WA
Te Young
Certified 2/16

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Achieving success, one paw at a time, in an ever changing world. Te Young has always had a passion for animals. Being raised with German Shepherds it was an automatic choice when she began searching for a service dog. After the arrival of Shiloh, a long haired German Shepherd, Te discovered that she loved training people to training their dogs. Te is now an aspiring dog trainer with her first certification from Do More Your Dog. She really enjoys using tricks to teach service dog tasks to people in her Facebook group, Service Dogs of Washington State (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ServiceDogsofWA/). Te also runs in-person trick workshops around Thurston County, Washington.
Vancouver: Chet Wise, CTDI WA
Chet Wise
Certified 6/12
Divine Canine

  Tricks for Treats
Chet has rarely been without a pet dog throughout his life. After living in a rescue environment for a dozen years he began to focus his dog training efforts on tricks. Shortly after deciding that teaching tricks was what he wanted to focus on he discovered Do More With Your Dog, and the Certified Trick Dog Instructor Program. He titled his own dog Alvin in March of 2012 in preparation to become a CTDI, and became certified in June of 2012. Since then he has offered classes, workshops, certification events, and trick dog demonstrations. "Helping people and their dogs achieve a deeper relationship is fundamental to trick dog training. The first time you see your dog figure out the game of learning, you finally realize just how smart they are." Chet currently teaches a drop in tricks class on Tuesday nights at 6:45 located at the Dog Days NW training center. (http://www.dogdaysnw.com/) He also teaches a basic obedience class, helps with a puppy starter class, and is the assistant trainer for the Portland Tail Blazers Flyball club. He has participated in agility, freestyle dance, conformation, flyball and has performed with an entertainment group. Vancouver: Bethany Lanz WA
Bethany Lanz

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

  West Virginia Charles Town: Sandy Stokes, CTDI WV
Charles Town
Sandy Stokes
Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC
1391 Mount Hammond Lane
Charles Town, WV 25414
(304) 725-0901

  An honor graduate of the Animal Behavior College’s Certified Dog Trainer program, Sandy has studied under Jack and Wendy Volhard, teaches using the Volhard Motivational Method (positive reinforcement techniques designed to motivate dogs to learn), and continually furthers her education by attending instructor seminars and workshops. She is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, an associate member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, an active member of the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club, a member of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, and a member of the Chesapeake Dock Diving Club. Sandy is also an approved American Kennel Club CGC and STAR Puppy Evaluator. Sandy believes that training a dog should be both rewarding and fun, that through work and play, you can develop effective two-way communication and a healthy working relationship with your dog and that with encouragement and reward, your dog can become a trusted and well-mannered companion. In addition to obedience training and problem solving for dogs of every age and breed, Sandy also breeds quality AKC Labrador Retrievers.

Sandy strives to meet your dog’s need with personal attention and individual care by offering group lessons, private lessons, and “in-house” training.

Harpers Ferry: Melanie Friedman CTDI WV
Harpers Ferry Melanie Friedman
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Herndon: Melanie Palmer Friedman WV
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Martinsburg: Janice R. McCown, CTDI WV
Martinsburg Janice R. McCown
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Martinsburg: Lauren Watson, CTDI WV
Lauren Watson
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Wisconsin Baraboo: Pam Collar CTDI WI
Pam Collar

Treat Play Love Dogs

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Kaukauna: Sarah Blodgett, CTDI WI
Sarah Blodgett
Sblodgett@cleverk9s.com Clever K9s - Kaukauna, WI

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I currently reside with my three Australian Shepherds that love to compete in various dog sports from agility to dock diving. In addition to teaching classes at Clever K9s (Kaukauna, WI) I enjoy frequently performing trickdog demos at Pet Expos and have also filmed a few commercials with my dogs along the way. I love the journey that my dogs take me on. I believe trick training is a fantastic way to build a powerful bond between dog and owner!
Kimberly: Chelsea Wood, CTDI, AKC CGC Evaluator WI
Chelsea Wood

Instruction, Pawitively Unleashed
Reward-based training
With the help of the book "51 Puppy Tricks" by Kyra Sundance, I trained my dog Zima to become a Trick Dog Champion (TDCH). I encourage all dog owners to have the same bond with their dog as I have developed with Zima. Trick training is a great way to develop that relationship.
Milwaukee: Janice DeMadona CTDI WI
Janice DeMadona
414-870-DOGS (3647)
Twitter: @Janice234 LinkedIn.com/in/janicedemadona

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I've been training dogs professionally since 1998, focusing on building foundation skills, good manners and behavioral issues. In 2012, I rescued a feral dog that was very fearful and inherently shy. Taking her outside the home was stressful for her so I decided to start teaching her tricks to strengthen our bond and increase her confidence. Trick training has surely done that and more! While teaching my own dogs more and more tricks, I realized how much I enjoyed trick training and now I incorporate it into many aspects of my training with clients. I find clients are more engaged and definitely do more with their dogs! I'm a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild and the Force-Free Trainers of Wisconsin. My training style is positive, fun, and reward based. If you're having behavioral issues, I'd love to show you how trick training can help your dog get back on track while we work on strengthening the bond between you and your dog. If you're looking for an activity that you can do with your dog year round, inside or outside, trick training can be the sport for you! If you'd like to get a group of friends together to socialize while you all learn some fun tricks at a weekly (or monthly) social trick-training hour with your dogs, I'd love to be your coach! Let's have some fun together!
Menomonee: Johanna Ammentorp CTDI WI
Johanna Ammentorp

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Milwaukee: Amy Sikorski WI
Amy Sikorski
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a CPDT-KSA. I share my home with an American Bulldog, Wire-haired dachshund, and an "all american" mutt. I'm very active in dog sports including agility and rally and I am always looking for ways to bridge everyday pet clients into dog sports enthusiasts. Although I spent years teaching group classes at Petsmart as an Area Trainer and a year or two on my own doing group classes, today I primarily do in-home private lessons for fear and aggression as well as those who are looking to just do more with their dogs. Prior to getting in to dog training, I worked in a zoo setting training birds for free-flight work.
Mukwonago:Kelsey Kiefer CTDI WI
Kelsey Kiefer

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Mukwonago: Patricia Muraczewski WI
Patricia Muraczewski
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been an instructor for 35 years and my dogs are involved in all different sports. I have a training school in Mukwonago, WI called For Pet's Sake.
Stevens Point: Renea Dahms DipCBST, RMT, AKC CGC-Evaluator, CTDI WI
Stevens Point
Renea Dahms, CTDI
Owner and Behavior & Training Director,
Wonderpup Productions
Certified 11/11

Real Life Training for Real People In 1995 Renea began volunteering as a training assistant and then training director for a local all-breed club. In 1997 she opened her own training business based on training methods that were free from harsh methods and concentrated instead on how to motivate and reinforce behavior. That philosophy continues today as all class at PawsU! are fun, game-based and full of owner education.
A 2011 graduate of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute with a diploma in Canine Behavior Science & Technology, Renea helps pet owners solve behavior concerns and crate well-mannered family companions. Her philosophy is simple… training methods based on real science and not ego are the best way to not only help your dog understand what is expected, but i creates a live-long bond! Owner education of dog training keeps dogs forever in the home!
Rhinelander: Sharon Larson CTDI WI
Sharon Larson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

        CANADA Alberta Edmonton: Josephine Nolting Alberta

Josephine Nolting

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Airdrie: Janilee Benell, CTDI Alberta

Janilee Benell

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a CBATI, CPDT-KA, and DCBC. Training is my life and I truly enjoy working on empowering dogs and their handlers to enjoy their time together to the fullest. I primarily focus on working with reactive or fearful dogs. Tricks can help strengthen the bond between owner and dog, and can help build a nervous dogs confidence. I love working with both my dogs and continue to challenge them (and myself) with new skills to add to their repertoire.
Airdrie: Diane Martin Alberta

Diane Martin
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have owned dogs all of my life and my work with my fear reactive dog has turned my focus toward training. I strongly believe that trick training with my dog has boosted his confidence and helped to create an atmosphere where reactivity didn't rule who he was and our relationship.
Calgary: Dana Gallagher,CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP Alberta

Dana Gallagher

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, and I love teaching trick classes. Looking for a way to interest more students in the fun and value of trick training.
Calgary: Katerina Jansen, CTDI Alberta

Katerina Jansen
1 (403) 404-7654
Dream big because anything is PAWsible
I started trick training when I was young with our family dog, a border collie. I then moved on to agility training and was able to start my own company when I was just 16 years old. Over the years I have trained, assisted and volunteered with a number of organizations. I currently have two dogs, a standard poodle and a rescued mix breed. We enjoy doing trick training, agility, parkour, tracking and mushing in those cold winter months.
Calgary: Lisa Porter Alberta

Lisa Porter

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training/competing with my dogs for many years. I have trained/titled a variety of breeds, including Golden Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, a Labrador Retriever, a Dandie Dinmont Terrier and a Poodle cross, but I currently breed & train/compete with my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers in conformation, agility, flyball, rally, obedience, scent hurdle, dock diving, disc dog, nosework, tracking, Canine Good Neighbour testing, retriever hunt training as well as trick training. Over the years, we have earned several hundred titles! As of today, my dogs have earned 18 trick titles, and working on more! I believe in making training a hugely fun and positive experience for all, with lots of treats, praise and play, and adapting methods as needed to fit each dog's learning style and temperament. I have previously taught competition agility classes and love working with students that are eager to learn new things!
Fort McMurray: Koralee Samaroden, CTDI Alberta
Fort McMurray
Koralee Samaroden, CTDI
Certified 10/11

Training Owners and Dogs Through Positive Reinforcement
Koralee has been competing with her dogs in agility for 11 years and has earned advanced trick titles on all of them. Koralee's dogs are Certified in Pet Therapy, and she and her dogs visit seniors homes, schools, and hospitals to share with others. Koralee uses positive reinforcement methods which incorporate clicker training and luring techniques. Koralee loves to teach tricks to all dogs.Teaching tricks promotes a positive relationship, teaches respect, and is fun. Every dog should know a few tricks to wow the crowds!
Grande Prairie: Shannon Wallace Alberta
Grande Prairie

Shannon Wallace

Canine Quest
Associate Trick Dog Instructor

I am a Karen Pryor Graduate. I am also an Authorized Dogsafe Canine First Aid Instructor. I have a Newfoundland and a Golden Doodle. For the past year I have been raising a service dog Lab. I would like to offer trick dog classes as a great way for clients to have a stronger relationship with their puppies and dogs.
Lloydminster: Stacey Gamble Alberta

Stacey Gamble

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Okotoks: Karen McClean, CTDI Alberta
Karen McClean
Wags to Wishes K9 Training
Train - Play - Love: Reinforcement-based training to build a better relationship with your dog.

I offer group and private training classes in basic manners and obedience, beginner agility, rally and obedience, show handling, K9 fun and tricks and canine scent detection. All classes are based on the principles of progressive reinforcement using force free / correction free techniques. I believe training should enhance your relationship with your dog and help your dog develop into an enthusiastic life long training partner. Classes and at home training should be fun, and fit into your daily routine - not be an onerous chore. To this end, training exercises are created as games and activities you can easily fit into your schedule.
I have a clean, bright and welcoming facility for indoor training year round as well as fenced outdoor training spaces.
Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner
Animal Behaviour College Mentor Trainer
TAG teach Level 1 Certified
Canine Good Neighbour Evaluator (CKC) Red Deer: Kiara Annable CTDI Alberta
Red Deer
Kiara Annable

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Whitecourt: Richelle Carter, CTDI Alberta
Richelle Carter, CTDI
Certified 10/10


Where the whole family can enjoy tricks.
I'm 24 years old, and have been training since I was 19. I use 100% positive methods in my training. I love using tricks—it helps you to bond wonderfully with your pet and it gives your dogs confidence. I volunteer for WHARF (Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation) where I train the dogs in agility and tricks.
British Columbia Black Creek: Lynne Fedorick, CPDT-KA, CTDI BC
Black Creek
Lynne Fedorick, CPDT-KA, CTDI
Go Dog Go! Dog Training
Comox Valley Dog Sports Centre
Website: http://www.bcdogtrainer.com
Email: info@bcdogtrainer.com
Phone: 250-792-3515

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Lynne Fedorick has been training dogs professionally since 1995. Lynne's own three amazing trick dogs, Esta, Alice and Earl all started out as foster dogs. Lynne says "Esta, Alice and Earl all do a wide range of tricks and it's so much fun teaching them more! I believe training should be a fun and positive experience for dog and trainer. A positive, force free and fun approach is the most effective and fastest way to train, and because it's enjoyable for people and easy for dogs to lear, they always find time to train." Lynne prides herself on her ability to bring out the best in dogs and the dog trainer in people. People are always so surprised at how easy it is to teach their dogs awesome foundation skills like a great recall, or to walk nicely on a leash. Usually they are thrilled when they learn their dog can also do useful things like carrying the mail home, or finding the remote control for the TV. Lynne enjoys giving back to the community and helping people. In her spare time she is a Volunteer Firefighter and First Responder with the Oyster River Fire Department.

Chilliwack: Amelia Kellum, CPDT-KA, CTDI BC
Amelia Kellum, CPDT-KA, CTDI
Chilliwack, BC
Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Professional Dog Trainer

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Amelia Kellum, CPDT-KA, CTDI is a certified professional dog trainer and graduate of both Ben Kersen and the Wonderdogs professional trainer's program and an assistance dog education program at Bergin University in Santa Rosa, California. She has more than 13 years of experience training dogs ranging from advanced obedience and behavior modification to training working dogs including hunting, acting, and assistance dogs such as hearing, therapy, guide, and service. We offer scientifically sound behaviour solutions and positive, fun training programs customized for your unique dog and your family’s goals. Specializing in Assistance Dog Skills; want a dog that will fetch beer from the fridge, do the laundry, and turn out the lights? Your dream dog is already by your side, we can help you un-leash their potential! "We are so lucky to have Amelia help us train Oscar. She has been so helpful and patient and so full of knoweldge. We will be referring Wag the Dog to everyone we know. Thank you Amelia!" - Nancy "Amelia exceeded our expectations. I am beyond pleased with Sariya's progress! She has become much more disciplined and is now a joy to walk on leash. With Amelia's help and suggestions, we haave created a much stronger bond with our dog. Thank you so much for your help, I have learned a lot!" - Catlin Chilliwack: Angie Leaming, ABCDT BC
Angie Leaming

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a certfied dog trainer. I graduated from Animal Behavior College 2009. I run a dog training business and am loving every moment of it!
Cobble Hill: Lisbeth Plant KPACTP BC
Cobble Hill
Lisbeth Plant

Owner, Cowichan Canine Behaviour & Training Ltd
Cowichan Website

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Lisbeth Plant KPACTP was born and grew up in Sweden, but she is British by naturalization and Canadian by marriage! She got her first dog, Dino the dachshund, when she was 13 and they trained and competed together in obedience and tracking. After Dino, Lisbeth embarked on education, family and a career in the international insurance industry, and she was the CEO of an insurance/reinsurance company in the City of London, England, until she was forced to retire 1998 following a severe horse-riding accident. She moved from London, England, to Cobble Hill, where she lives with her husband Bill and their Bernese Mountain Dogs. Lisbeth is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy, from which she graduated with distinction in July 2009. She is a firm believer in continuing education for professional dog trainers. Lisbeth is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, the International Assocaition of Animal Behavior Consultants, the Behavior Education Network and the Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science (SPARCS). She is a founding member of the Vancouver Island Animal Training Association (VIATA). Lisbeth is a licensed Be A Tree-presenter with Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education and dog bite victim support. The Be a Tree programme is a seminar program for elementary school children that teaches dog body language and how to act safely around dogs. Through the sponsorships of Cowichan Canine, Lisbeth offers the Be a Tree dog bite prevention program free of charge to schools, scout groups and similar community groups. Lisbeth is a Canine Good Neighbour evaluator for the Canadian Kennel Club. Cowichan Website
Cobble Hill: Glenda Aichelberger KPACTP BC
Cobble Hill
Glenda Aichelberger KPACTP
Cowichan Canine Behaviour & Training Ltd
Cowichan Website

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a KPACTP. I work at Cowichan Canine Training Center. I have trained all 6 of my dogs ( 3 big, 3 small ) to perform tricks together as a team. It is my lifelong passion to learn & study everything I can about dogs.
Coquitlam: Denise Bradley BC
Denise Bradley

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
My dog Jewel LOVES tricks and I have taught her using positive methods only. Tricks have helped build a much stronger bond with my reactive dog and I. It has also helped us show others that reactive dogs are not "BAD" andthat they can be quite amazing. I want to share my enthusiasm for tricks with other dogs owners and their dogs.
Kamloops: Yvonne Babij BC
Yvonne Babij

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been playing with dogs for almost my entire life. As an adult I dabbled in traditional obedience and then I discovered clicker training and agility. I've never looked back !
Langley: Terry Blaine BC
Terry Blaine
Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Nanaimo: Gail Beerman, CTDI BC
Gail Beerman
Silver Medal Trainer

Have Fun With Your Dog!
I have owned and trained dogs all my life, and I have experience with many different breeds. I currently live with two Chinese Cresteds, a Papillon and a Standard Poodle, and I train in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tricks, and Treibball. A member of the Nanaimo Kennel Club on Vancouver Island, I teach as a volunteer in Pet Manners, Pre-Trial, and Tricks classes. I use positive, reward-based training and my goal is to have fun with my dog!
Nanaimo: Bernadette van Klaveren, CTDI BC
Bernadette van Klaveren

Head training instructor, Nanaimo Pet Sevices- DAWG (Dog Agility Work Group)
info@nanaimopetservices.com www.nanaimopetservices.com
Teaching people to teach dogs the gentle/ positive/ fun way
Nanaimo Pet Sevices- DAWG (Dog Agility Work Group) head training instructor Bernadette van Klaveren is pleased to add Certified Trick Dog Instructor to her extensive 25 year dog instruction training career covering Agility from puppy to recreational, competitor up to International Championship Level , Basic Good Manners Obedience, CGN, Competition Obedience Rally Obedience and carting instruction for all breeds and Behavior Modification! We learn something new every day, and so do our dogs! Reward based and positive training is the only training method that creates a bond of trust and understanding at a level you never dreamed was possible! Join us for some good fun in learning and playing with our best friends.
Nanaimo: Linda van Klaveren, CTDI BC
Linda van Klaveren
Have fun building a bond with your best friend!
I have been involved with dog sports for over 15 years including conformation, carting, obedience, rally, agility, tracking, nose work, and freestyle. I love to work with dogs of all breeds and have a special love for rescue and rehomed dogs. My dogs and I work with positive reinforcement and love to do clicker work. I help people to build a positive and fun bond with their dogs by learning new things together and having fun doing it! I work with people and dogs at all levels of experience, from first time dog owners to people and dogs preparing for the hightest levels of competition. Come have some fun with your best friend, and make some new friends!
Nanaimo: Christina Young, CTDI BC
Christina Young
Have fun learning and bonding with your dog!
I have a soft spot for rescue dogs and particularly, those who are shy or anxious. I love to see dogs grow, gain confidence, and learn to have fun as they participate in trick training. I use positive training methods to encourage dogs and their owners to think through problems together, ultimately strengthening the bond between them. Give Trick Training a shot! It could be the most fun you've ever had with your Dog!
Nanaimo: Beth Yim, ATDI BC
Beth Yim

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Nanaimo: Quincey Ross, ATDI BC
Quincey Ross

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Nelson: Julia Hamilton, KPA CTP, CTDI BC
Julia Hamilton
Have More Fun With Your Dog
Julia Hamilton is a Certified Training Partner through the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behaviour, a Family Paws Parent Education Licenced Presenter and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Julia loves helping people build more meaningful relationships with their dogs...all while having fun! Using low stress, dog friendly, science based training, Julia helps her clients understand their dogs and find enjoyment in their training. Julia teaches private and group classes in the Nelson area.
Port Moody: Carol Millman, B.Sc., CPDT-KA, CTDI BC
Port Moody
Carol Millman,
B.Sc., CPDT-KA, CTDI wagthedog.ca Phone or Text: 604-375-6766 Email: carol@wagthedog.ca

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Carol is a certified trainer who has worked both in the veterinary field and as a professional instructor at a service dog charity, where she trained therapy dogs, hearing dogs, and dogs for people with physical disabilities. Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Carol holds a science degree in Psychology from Mount Allison University. Her courses focused on behavior modification, learning and operant conditioning After graduating, Carol went on to study Veterinary Technology at the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus in Ontario. As part of her final practicum, Carol was granted a fantastic opportunity to study at the Vancouver Aquarium. At VanAqua she was privileged to oversee and participate in the care and treatment of the dolphins, belugas, sea lions, and harbour seals, as well as reptiles, fish, and even marmosets! Carol has spent many years in the veterinary field, most recently functioning as Director of Medical Services at Healing Paws Veterinary Care in Port Moody, B.C. She was delighted in 2008 to be hired as an apprentice instructor at Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) in Burnaby. At PADS, Carol trained and placed assistance dogs for individuals with physical disabilities, hearing dogs for the Deaf and hard of hearing, and facility therapy dogs. She was also responsible for running puppy classes for PADS puppy-raisers, where she helped them in the daunting task of raising well-trained and well-socialized future service dogs. Carol is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and is also a Certified Instructor in the Sport of Dog Tricks. Her dog Odin has achieved an Expert title in the sport. Carol lives in Port Moody, B.C., and is now facing her most difficult training challenge of all – raising well behaved children! Carol is an enthusiastic, positive, and gentle trainer who combines her knowledge of animal health with her experience in behavior modification.
Salmon Arm: Lisa Petterson, CTDI BC
Salmon Arm
Lisa Petterson


Trick training - building the bond between you and your dog I have been training my dogs in tricks and competitive agility for 5 years. I started as a 13-year-old junior handler with my five-year-old golden retriever, and together we learned and accomplished so much more than I thought we ever would! Though I am still young, I have competed at the AAC Regional and National agility competitions, as well as earning the Champion Trick Dog title with my Bernese Mountain Dog. I recently rescued a fearful collie mix, and we are making our way through the agility and tricks world. Positive training has really helped her come out of her shell and is helping her become a confident dog. I want to show the dog training community that you and your dog can start training and having fun no matter what age you are or background you come from! I am a completely positive and force-free trainer, with my goal being to have fun with your dog! Classes will be starting soon with my local club, so contact me for more information!
http://salmonarmdogtraining.weebly.com https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperAgilityGirl/videos
Shawnigan Lake: Laurie Wright, KPACTP, CTDI, DN-FSG BC
Shawnigan Lake
Laurie Wright KPACTP CTDI DN-FSG Tellington TTouchŽ Practitioner Dogs Dig It Training & Services Ltd. Email: laurie@dogsdigit.ca www.dogsdigit.ca
Laurie is a dog trainer and Tellington TTouchŽ practictioner working in the Cowichan Valley in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Dedicated to the wellbeing of dogs, she uses humane methods without the use of intimidation, fear or force. Laurie specializes in small dog training and is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI), Fun Scent Games Instructor (DN-FSG), Tellington TTouchŽ practictioner, certified in Canine First Aid and co-owner of Dogs Dig It Training & Services Ltd. She continues to expand her knowledge by taking courses, attending seminars, workshops, and conferences regularly. Laurie's passions are for small dogs and shelter dogs. Her goal for the shelter dog training is teaching them boundaries, to have manners and confidence resulting in successful adoptions into permanent homes. Laurie lives with her husband and seven adopted Chihuahua crosses. All classes are offered as group or private classes using a blend of Tellington TTouchŽ and reward based training. Only humane, kind and respectful methods are used to teach desired behaviors. Laurie’s first priority is to ensure both handler and canine companion are comfortable. Then, the fun can happen! Classes currently offered: All Breed Pet Manners; Little Rebels (pet manners for the small dog); Tellington TTouchŽ; Puppy Class (blend of Puppy Start Right & Tellington TTouchŽ); Scent Games; Tricks; and Kids Classes.
Trail: Sarah Fulcher, Cert.CBST, CTDI BC
Sarah Fulcher
Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant
Sarah Fulcher, Cert.CBST is a professional dog trainer with over 12 years experience working with dogs. She is experienced in training and/or competion for obedience, rally obedience, agility, tricks, musical freestyle, dog sledding and skijorring. Her specialties include trick training, puppy training, recall training, impulse control, reactive dogs, and independent dog breeds. Sarah is committed to utilizing low-stress, positive reinforcement based training methods for her own dogs and her clients.
  Manitoba Sandy Lake: Anne Bachewich, CTDI MB
Sandy Lake
Anne Bachewich, CTDI
Certified 7/11

Certified Trick Dog instructor
I have been training dogs since 1999 and teach people online through courses and videos how to train their "stubborn" dog breeds. All dogs can learn. All dogs are smart. New-Brunswick Moncton: Derek Gallan New-Brunswick
Derek Gallan
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Derek is a retired Police Officer who now owns his own dog training business.
Rothesay: Julie Lizotte, CTDI New-Brunswick
Julie Lizotte
Certified 1/13

Bringing out the best in your dog!
I've been training and competing in mutliple dog sports for the last 15 years. My dogs play agility, disc dog, dock diving, and they perform tricks. I love working with my dogs and I truely believe that a mentally stimulated dog is a happy and well mannered dog. I have been a professional educator for the last 11 years and I love teaching people! I especially love teaching people how to effectively communicate with their dogs. I love training trick and I try to do most of my training using free shaping.
Shediac River: Annette Duguay New-Brunswick
Shediac River
Annette Duguay
Owner, Riverside Dog Training Academy
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for 25 years. I am the owner of Riverside Dog Training Academy. I compete at Masters level in Agility, and I also compete in Rally-O at the Excelence level. I have multiple titles in Obedience and have trained my dogs in Flyball. I enjoy training my dogs and to help people with their dogs!
Newfoundland and Labrador Torbay: Katie Manning Newfoundland and Labrador
Katie Manning
qwestrulestheworld@ hotmail.com
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a dog owner since 2004 and actively train in several dog sports. I began training with the Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association (NADA) in 2012. I am assisting their Foundations class, and am currently being trained by them to begin teaching my own classes in the next season. We use only positive reinforcement in all of our training and do not allow any type of physical or harsh verbal corrections in our classes or at any of our events.
Nova Scotia Upper Rawdon: Élise Saint-Pierre Nova Scotia
Upper Rawdon
Élise Saint-Pierre

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Been training dogs in many sports for years. After graduating for a dog training school in september im back home in NS and want to keep learning!
Wolfville: Susan Harvey Nova Scotia
Élise Saint-Pierre

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've ben studying canine behaviour and working with dogs for about 5 years. I've recently completed a certification in Canine Massage from the Chicago School of Canine Massage. I am a member of the APDT and am currently completing certification in Suzanne Clothier's Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool. My canine companion, Broonzy, a nearly 5 year old Wheaten Terrier, challenges me to keep learning and doing everything dog! He's the reason I'm a canine professional and I'm so thankful he gave me a reason to explore this immensely rewarding field.
Ontario Barrie: Katherine Ferger Ontario
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Barrie: Lindsay Oakley, KPA CTP, TDCH, CTDI Ontario
Lindsay Oakley

Forward Thinking, Pawsitive Training
I have been around dogs since I was very young and within the last few years developed a real interest in all aspects of dog training. I volunteer my time at the local SPCA, where I assist the dog trainer on staff there by helping teach manners to the dogs. I also help keep the shelter's website up to date. I do agility for fun in the summers with my dogs and always try to keep things interesting for them. Both of my dogs are titled in tricks and enjoy spending as much time as possible with me. There are many benefits to taking a tricks class! Through them a dog will "learn how to learn", have fun, be challenged, and form a deeper bond with his or her owner. Plus it doesn't hurt to know you have a fantastic furry friend that you can show off to all of your house guests! I use only positive methods with my dogs, favoring shaping, capturing, and luring above all other ways to train. I believe that trick training should be as fun for the owner as it is for the dog!
Barrie: Debra Pearse Ontario
Debra Pearse

Pawsitive Spirit
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a professional dog trainer, utilizing only positive reinforcement training methods in all of my programs. I teach puppy classes, obedience, tricks, canine fitness and agility from beginner to national level competitor. I currently have 4 dogs, ranging in age from 9 months to 11 years old (3 border collies and a standard poodle). I am an avid agility competitor with many titles on all of my dogs. I also have my own canine performance team and we entertain at community events, local fairs, etc. I'm passionate about training built on trust, not fear, and teaching tricks is a big part of relationship building in my programs.
Belleville: Yvonne Ferguson, CTDI Ontario
Yvonne Ferguson

Quinte Canine

Balanced Dog Training Classes - Serving the Quinte Region
Yvonne Ferguson has always had a strong passion for dog training. Her passion grew while participating in many different dog sports including Obedience, Rally, IPO, Tracking, Tricks and Scent Detection over the years. Having worked with various groups and individuals in South Eastern Ontario she is excited to be offering her balance approach to individuals and groups. She has attended various seminars, trainings and workshops in dog training and holds certificates in Canine Theriogenology from the University of Minnesota, Animal Behaviour and Welfare through the University of Edinburgh as well as general Animal Behaviour through the University of Melbourne. She is proud to be offering Trick Dog classes as a CDTI and is available for guest speaking, demonstrations and trick dog performances. Yvonne grew up in the Quinte region and currently lives with her spouse, and her cat Sabre. Her dog, Wrangler, a German Shepherd, is currently working toward titles in Rally, Obedience, Scent Detection, Tracking and Champion Trick Dog. Wrangler and Yvonne regularly travel to the Ontario Veterinary College at University of Guelph where Wrangler helps to save lives as a blood donor. They also can be found at various events in the region raising funds for local animal groups. Bolton: Christina Taccogna Ontario
Christina Taccogna

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
About a year ago I stepped into the field of dog training with the arrival of my pooch Zombie. I've always had a passion for communicating with animals and have been trying to train dogs since I was young. However, most recently I realized that this is my passion in life. I currently work at Global Pet Foods where I have and continue to learn incredible amounts of information about animal wellness and behaviour. Bowmanville: Michelle Hope, CTDI Ontario
Michelle Hope, CTDI
Certified 10/11
Michelle's Grooming
20 King Ave. E.
Newcastle, Ont. Canada
L1C 5B6

It is all about D-Tails.
Since 1985 I have been completley immersed in all things dogs, including owning/ opperating my grooming shop, working at show kennels
(collies & english setters), showing my dogs in conformation, obedience, rally & agility. I have taught & assisted a variety of obedience classes over the years, both at my shop & with local trainers. Dog camps, behaviour & training seminars are how I spend my free time. My gordon setter Faith has taught me that a challenging dog is the greatest opportunuty to learn! Member of, and working with, the Oshawa Obedience Assc. since 1987 Trick classes emphasizing positive learning for people and pooches.
Bowmanville: Morgan Jarvis Ontario
Morgan Jarvis
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Brampton: Dana Hart, CTDI Ontario
Dana Hart
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Trick training is a positively fun way to bond with your dog. I love to watch how each dog tackles each trick their own way. I believe that not all dogs learn the same and that each dog may need their own special way to learn a certain trick. I would love to help you create an everlasting bond with your dog through trick training. My dog's name is Ice and he is believed to be a Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky cross. I got him as a rescue and boy did he have a mountain of energy. I was told that he wasn't a trainable dog, but with hard work and dedication he learned his tricks one by one. I use trick training to keep Ice both physically and mentally tired. A tired dog is a happy dog!
Fordwich: Dawn McMurray, CTDI Ontario
Dawn McMurray

info@k9perfectiontraining.com www.k9perfectiontraining.com
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been breeding German Shepherds for around 3 years and enjoy every minute of it. I own my own training facility and I also train my own dogs in many different sports and compete in Obedience trials. Some of my favorites are Rally Obedience, Agility and Dock Diving. My dogs have accomplished several tiles in some of these activities and will be continuing more trials in these and new sports this year. I love doing Trick Dog Tricks with my dogs. They can all learn it, and we have so much fun training and spending time together. I have dogs of all different ages and each one can do these tricks. I would like to help others build a great relationship with their dogs and have fun together as they learn together!
Innisfil: Sue Morandini Ontario
Sue Morandini
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've had dogs all my life, and brought home every stray one I could find! Three years ago, now that my daughters are older and not in such demand of my attention, I started agility and love it. I've participated on the obedience demo team for our host business 3 years now. My daughter just bought me a deco for my car that says "yes, my life does revolve around my dogs." I own a border collie cross who is 3, and a 1 year old australian shepherd.
Kingston: Samantha Knapp Ontario
Samantha Knapp

Owner, Kingston 4 Paw Academy
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am currently training service dogs and companion dogs.
Lucknow: Lary Lindsay Ontario
Lary Lindsay
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Professional dog groomer and trainer. Member Doggone Safe, Ontario Dog Groomers Association. Have attended clinics/workshops with Jean Donaldson, Shirley Chong, Lana Mitchell, Kay Lawrence, Turid Rugaas, Kayce Cover, Bob Bailey and other positive reinforcement trainers, including horse and exotic animal trainers.
Lively: Taylor Duguay-Ladouceur Ontario
Taylor Duguay-Ladouceur
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm 18 years old and am the proud owner of two beautiful dogs. I've always loved training my dogs; the sense of accomplishment we both get is a great feeling. It also has helped me become a team with my dogs which helps BIG TIME in our agility.
Lively: Janie Stokes Ontario
Janie Stokes
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Volunteer instructor at local kennel club for 6 years. Experience teaching agility, tricks, and freestyle.
Markham: Caitlin Chisling, CTDI Ontario
Caitlin Chisling

Believe in your dog!
I may be young for a dog trainer, but my life revolves around dogs. I have been around dogs my entire life, and I can't imagine anything better than being surrounded by them. I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer who believes in keeping training fun, clear and consistent. I practice Agility, Obedience, Rally-O, Canine Musical Freestyle, and tricks as well as helping train and solve behavioral problems with dogs. My dog knows almost all the 101 dog tricks, plus some great excersises from Kyra's "10 mintute dog training games" book. Dog training has been such an incredible journey for me and Kyra's books have helped me every step along the way. I look forward to helping people with their dogs!
Petrolia: Amanda Lougheed, CTDI Ontario
Amanda Lougheed

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Barrie: Lindsey Logan, CTDI Ontario
Lindsey Logan
Certified 7/12
Top Dog K9 Services

Bond With Your Dog

Lindsey has been training and dog sitting/boarding dog's for 10 years, she has also worked with rescue dog's and cat's and has assistanted in whelping and has whelped CKC reg. Australian shepherd's. Lindsey is competing in Agility, Obedience and Rally-O. She has three Australian shepherd's that are accomplished in HIC(Herding instinct certificate), CGN(Canine Good Neighbor), Trick Dog Titles and will be tested in the fall for their Therapy dog work and Rally-O. Lindsey's training style is positive and she uses Luring, Capturing and Shaping, using a clicker for her marker. Lindsey works at Top Dog K9 Services in Barrie ON as a Daycare attendant, Tricks Trainer and does some part time grooming. Top Dog K9 services has many services to offer Doggy daycare,Training Classes at all different levels, Overnight care, Grooming and Private lessons. The benefits of a tricks training class
  • challenge your dog's brain
  • bond with your dog's
  • make your dog's better behaved
  • increase your dog's confidence & self-esteem
  • teach useful behaviors
  • have an outlet for there dog's energy
  • have fun
This class will do all this and more it will also be a introduction to clicker training and several useful and fun tricks such as rollover, playdead, leg weaves, take a bow and many more!!
Georgetown: Maddisen-Leigh Phelan, CTDI Ontario
Maddisen-Leigh Phelan
Certified Trick Dog Instructor

I had started out by teaching my guinea pig and ferrets neat tricks to show off to my friends and it evolved from there. I have been working with dogs since 2011 and compete in agility and train in canine musical freestyle, dock diving, disc and rally-obedience. I regularly attend dog behaviour and training workshops. I am a graduate of the Animal Care program at Sheridan College. I am currently enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy dog training course and assisting classes at Campaign Dog Academy where I train with my own dogs. I work at my local humane society and enjoy training the dogs everyday manners. I am also a groomer, and I know how important it is to have a well-behaved dog on the grooming table. I have a passion for training behaviors and tricks used in the film industry and just for fun at events throughout Ontario. I train using strictly only positive methods, and encourage clicker training. I strongly believe trick training is all about having fun!
Guelph: Kajsa Milner Ontario
Kajsa Milner
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am enrolled in a student-trainer program of the Canine Academy and am close to graduating. I have a fearful dog and have, through training him, realized the great benefits of using trick training as a confidence building activity together with sport detection, tracking, obedience and our everyday activities. I would like to use trick training to help dog owners to activate their dog,s even when conventional methods are unavailable (handicap, injuries, weather etc.) and am a firm believer of mental stimulation in conjunction with their physical activities.
North Bay: Sara Carson, CTDI Ontario
North Bay
Sara Carson, CTDI
Certified 1/12

Paws Up Dog Training
I have been working with dogs for 7 years, and have competed in Agility and trained in Musical Canine Freestyle. I train using positive reinforcement methods and believe in having fun while training. I have successfully been running agility classes for the past two years, and am looking forward to teaching people and their dogs amazing tricks! Although I'm a little younger than the average trainer, I am very knowledgeable (and I know how to have fun!)
North Bay: Erin Young ON
North Bay
Erin Young
Owner, Canine Academy
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I completed and passed the Therapy Dog examination and volunteered for 2 years. I worked with numerous mentors in the dog training world in Ontario Canada and completed and obtained obedience titles with my own dogs. I obtained a diploma and graduated with high honors in Animal Care from Sheridan College and obtained a certificate and graduated with high honors as a Veterinary Technician from Northern College. I have also completed and passed the national registration exam and professional ethics course from OAVT, making me a Registered Veterinary Technician. I am also a professor at Northern College teaching Groomers, Veterinary Assistants and Veterinary Technicians. Over the years I have obtained various titles such as passing the Canine Good Neighbor test with all of my dogs and regularly attend seminars on behavior, training, healthcare etc. I recently opened my own dog training facility called Canine Academy. Orangeville: Melody Scott, CTDI ON
Melody Scott, CTDI
Certified since: July. 2013

Positive Fun with Your Dog
Just for fun or to get ready for competition, tricks with your dog are a favorite passion of mine. I use positive-based clicker training. I have competed in disc, freestyle, canine musical freestyle, and I even find it helps with my agility left and rights. Classes are fun and small so you get lots of attention. Oshawa: Tricia Waples, CTDI Ontario
Tricia Waples, CTDI
Certified since: Sept. 2010
Learning occurs at the point of decision.
Tricia has been participating in dog sports for more than 13 years. Her approach to dog training is fun, motivational, positive, and based on practical experience with a solid foundation of knowledge. To keep her classes current, Tricia is continually reading, attending seminars and researching topics on canine behaviour and dog training of all types. Tricia has competed with her dogs (Tria, Chelsea and L'eQuippe) in AAC Regionals and Nationals; placing in the top 10 in their divisions. Tricia and her All Star Performance Dog Team do presentations for Purina’s Pawsway Dog Event Centre in Toronto, Canada. Tricia trains and teaches at Country Lane Pet Resort–Bowanville, Dogs on Campus-Oshawa and Robingson Ridge-Newtonville. Utilizing a fresh and motivational approach to canine training for tricks, agility, obedience and treibball, Tricia has created her own programs to prepare students to move to new levels of confidence and communication between dog and owner.
Ottawa: Janet Burns ON
Janet Burns
Owner, Dog Dayz and The Best Dog Around
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a professional dog trainer/ canine behaviour specialist and currently offer private lessons, group classes as well as boarding school. I'm in the process of opening a dog daycare and training facility in Ottawa and would love to offer trick training!
Paris: Helen Parkinson, CTDI ON
Helen Parkinson

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Penetanguishene: Devon Ward, CTDI Ontario
Devon Ward
Be Whimsical With Your Dog
I'm a photographer who specializes in whimsical natural pet portraiture. I am often asked how I get my dogs to sit still or pose in certain ways/on objects long enough to capture the moment and my response is simply: Trick Training. I grew up going to dog shows with our Jack Russell's doing a lot of working dog trials however it was my Grandfather's Seeing Eye dogs that inspired me to start training dogs pro-actively. I want people to know having an amazing dog isn't out of reach for the average person. With trick training your dog can stand definitely out in a crowd. I use strictly positive reinforcement training focusing on having fun and building strong bonds with your dog. I have also successfully trained rabbits for rabbit agility and tricks using positive reinforcement methods.
Peterborough: Cindy VanFrankfoort, ABCDT ON
Cindy VanFrankfoort
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have worked in a veterinary hospital for 20 yrs as an office mgr. I taught and competed in flyball for the last 5 yrs. I graduated from the Certified Dog Trainer program from Animal Behavior College in Jan'13 and have started teaching Puppy Socialization classes. I also do private consults for behavior issues.
Toronto: Tara Halligan ON
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Toronto: Alison Smith CTDI ON
Toronto Alison Smith
Personal Paws Inc
Certified March 2015
Where no four paws are alike I am the co-owner, and a head trainer, at Personal Paws Inc. a training centre located in the centre of Toronto. I spent my life surrounded by animals and, after many years, I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue my passion of working with dogs. I currently compete with my mixed breed dog, Jack Daniels, in Obedience, Rally and Dock Diving, and I encorporate trick training into his regular training routine. Personal Paws offers both private and group classes for every interest and skill level. We currently offer classes in Puppy and Companion Obedience, Rally-Obedience, Canine Good Neighbour, Competitive Obedience, Show Handling, and of course - Canine Tricks! We keep our group classes small to ensure that everyone gets individualized attention. This also enables us to tailor our classes to the interest of the students. Our focus is on learning in a supportive, safe, and fun environment, and we love to watch the bond between handler and dog grow through training. Trick training is a fantastic way to grow this bond, and we include basic tricks in most of our classes.
Toronto: Julia Mueller, CTDI ON
Julia Mueller

Trainer, Doggie Central
Treat. Praise. Love.
I have been working with dogs my entire life but when I finally got one of my own things were a little different. I was given the opportunity to rescue a dog and all I knew about her was that her previous owners had returned her for some reason. When I went to pick her up I found out why. She had been badly mistreated and at only a year and a month old she was deemed untrainable. Not only did she not know any commands, she had no intention of listening to anyone at all. When I started training my dog, every one told me she was a “bad” dog, stupid and far too wild. Trainers told me I needed to dominate my dog and that I should be using a prong collar. After giving that method a very brief try I absolutely hated it and knew it was definitely the wrong way to train my dog, or any dog. I searched for something better and I found it! I started using clicker training and positive reinforcement and everything started to – excuse the term – click into place. My dog wasn’t stupid, she was in fact very smart, incredibly stubborn, but very smart. It took months of hard work but she soon became an amazing dog. We even won awards for being the most improved and most obedient student in the class. I was hooked, I decided at the end of our last class that I would spend my life helping to teach people that there is no such thing as a bad dog, they are just dogs with undiscovered potential. Clicker training helped to tame my wild dog and now I help others to do the same. I am currently working at Doggie Central apprenticing as an Agility trainer. Now that I am a CTDI I can’t wait to start offering trick training classes and help people experience the thrill of earning their Trick Titles.
Woodbridge: Kristen Sivitilli, CTDI ON
Woodbridge Kristen Sivitilli
  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Saskatchewan North Battleford: Carmen Wheeldon SK
North Battleford
Carmen Wheeldon

Associate Trick Dog Instructor Carmen grooms, trains, and shows dogs in obediance, conformation, and rally. Regina: May Fischer CTDI SK
May Fischer

Regina Kennel and Obedience Club
Tricks Aren't Just for Parties

I am an instructor of regular obedience and rally obedience at the Regina Kennel and Obedience Club. I have 4 dogs: 2 Border Collies, a Sheltie and a Chinese Crested. All except the CC (she's the baby and still learning) have titled in Flyball or Rally or both. Regina: Michelle Euteneier SK
Michelle Euteneier

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Regina: Nicole Vaughn, CTDI SK
Nicole Vaughn
Certified 1/13

Trick dogs have more fun!
Nicole has been a professional groomer for over 10 years. She has many dogs, and most of them train in least one dog sport with her (Agility, Flyball, Rally Obedience, Nose Work, Disc, Dock Diving, and Lure Coursing). Her passion is helping others build a better bond with and greater understanding of their dogs by teaching them how to train everything from every day manners to advanced tricks! Please visit our website for more information and class times.
  EUROPE Austria Puchberg: Michaela Frassine, CTDI Austria
Michaela Frassine

Certified 3/12

"Was ein Hund kann oder nicht kann, hängt davon ab, was der Hundehalter kann oder nicht kann!"
I own two dogs, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver named "Happy Girl," and a mixed-0breed rescue dog named "Hugo." Both dogs are tested and evaluated Therapy Dogs. Happy and Hugo enjoy all kinds of scent games, clicker training, and Rally Obedience. Happy Girl also participates in Gundog training. I use clicker training and positive-reinforcement methods (I love my clicker!)
  Weiz: Alina Geishofer s Austria
Alina Geishofer

Associate Trick Dog Instructor Alina Geishofer has been a dog trainer and behaviour consultant since 2007. She looks forward to teaching tricks classes in the future.
Cyprus Monagroulli: Carol Anderson Cyprus
Carol Anderson

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Carol Anderson works at a rescue in Cyprus alongside Mrs. Carole Husein in training the resident dogs of one shelter Train to Adopt and recently started training the dogs to gain their Trick Dog Certification to assist in their rehoming possibilities. She has studied various canine training courses and is involved in various programmes she has assisted in the creation of on Cyprus. Therapy Dogs, Tales to Tales and Animal Antics Club which is placed into schools, clubs and attending various events, demonstrations and presentations on the island. She participates in Hip Hop Hounds (Dancing with Dogs with Mrs Carole Husein). She assists in the fostering, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in Cyprus. She offers Canine Training to private clients using positive / clicker methods of training.
  Denmark Aalborg SV: Nanna Rahbech Pedersen, CTDI Denmark
Aalborg SV
Nanna Rahbech Pedersen
Certified 4/16 nanna.rahbech@gmail.com

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Training your dog should be fun!
I am an experienced dog trainer. I started 5 years ago with a shelterdog, a beagle called Sofus, and discovered the fun of dog tricks. The training formed a bond that made life with him a reward.
I am a obedience instructor and a rally-o instructor, and teach teach classes focused on the individual dog and owner. I am a certified Rally-O judge and have just started competing with my Shih Tzu.
I am a MSc in Public Administration and run a small pet store along with our dog training school.
  Germany Delmenhorst: Nina Kujawaska Germany
Nina Kujawaska

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

I come from Germany and have 2 dogs, a Basset (nearly 4 years old) and a Labrador (20 months old) which I practice tricks with since a couple of months. We already passed ETD and are waiting for the comments on the Champion Title. Along this we also do obedience on turnament level. All practice is rewarded by food or little ball games along the clicker or a marking word. I also visited some trickdogging seminars in Germany.
  Iceland Thorlakshofn: Ester Hilmarsdóttir, CTDI Iceland
Ester Hilmarsdóttir


Create a better bond using tricks!
I train using positive reinforcement methods and have fun while training. My toy poodle and I have been featured on TV. My dream is to inspire others with my dog and training; inspire people to have fun with their dog, and to strengthen their bond through training. Teaching tricks is a great way to bond with your dog and have fun!
  Portugal Vilamoura: Diane Lowe CTDI Portugal
Diane Lowe

(00351) 912464813

Fun Relaxed Companion Dog Training
100% reward-based training methods used. Courses offered:
  • Puppy socialization
  • Basic Manners
  • Rally Obedience
  • Basic Agility
  • Tricks
  • Scentwork
  • Flyball
  Spain Málaga: Fernando Brown, CTDI Spain
Nando Brown, CTDI
Certified 10/11
Head Trainer, Doghouse

Learn to "Think Dog"
Nando's interest lies with dog sports including Working Trials, Mondioring, Scent work, Trick dog training, and Rally. His passion is dog behavior and he is keen to help any dog that has a chance.

Nando has studied and trained under Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sarah Whitehead, The Animal Care College, Drove Veterinary Hospital, Steve Mann, members of the Dog Borstal team, and Kyra Sundance.

Having originally had a "problem dog" Nando realized that it sometimes takes just one committed trainer to change a dog's life. In The Doghouse was born.
  Málaga: Louise Stapleton-Frappell, CTDI Spain
Louise Stapleton-Frappell
Certified 8/13

Positive Reinforcement (no force) training.
Dog tricks and training: I've trained my own dogs for over 20 years and I'm now a qualified positive reinforcement instructor and Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Positive reinforcement (reward-based), no force training is scientifically proven to be the quickest and kindest way to teach new behaviors. Tricks, games and simple agility exercises make training fun!  
  Muchamiell: Jane Stride, CTDI, FdSc Spain
Jane Stride

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Be amazed at what your dog can do!
  Sweden Ödsmål: Veronica Dahlberg Sweden
Veronica Dahlberg

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I breed dalmatians and have a litter at home right now. I am a certified obedience instructor for dogs here in Sweden. I want to work with dogs that are classed as "troubble-dogs", the ones that have issues with aggression, security and stuff like that.
  Kiruna: Margareta Kauppi, CTDI Sweden
Margareta Kauppi

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a clicker trainer who has trained many different dogs in many different sports. My goal now is to offer family dogs and their owners stimulating and developmental training sessions. I gladly use new technology, especially in dog training, therefore I will even offer instruction online!
  Ljungstorp, Ljungsätra: Therese Arvestrand Sweden
Ljungstorp, Ljungsätra
Therese Arvestrand

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I train in rally-obedience, freestyle, htm, tracking, and agility.
  SKOGAS: Mimmi Janeld Sweden
Mimmi Janeld

Aurora Dog Service

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Aurora Dog Services run a mobile dog care center where all dogs are within the same pack indoors as well as outdoors. Mimmi Janeld pursued 2002 a full-time Dog Instructor programme (40 weeks) and has over 14 000 hours of experience of dog pack management and rehabilitation of anti-social dogs. The company also offers courses and training programmes, for dog owners as well as dog professionals, and train the later on how to start, manage and run a dog service company. Special topic and knowledge lies within "Practical Dog Pack Management" which seperates this course to every other offered by others.
  SKOGAS: Maria Engberg Sweden
Maria Engberg

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

  Sätila: Tiina Pakkanen Sweden
Tiina Pakkanen


Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I've been working with dogs 20 years. I am an instructor in clickertraining, obedience, and agility. I offer courses in all of them I use R+ in all. Right now I am hired at a big dog training center indoors. I compete in agility with my 2 shelties. I work as an animal welfare inspector, and have also worked as a teacher for 10 years in a animal care, veterinarian nursing, and dog subjects such as training and biology. I love to train dogs with a clicker.
  Switzerland Ettingen: Leonard "Buzz" Cecil, TDCH, CTDI Switzerland

Leonard "Buzz" Cecil, TDCH, CTDI
Certified 9/10
Email: buzz@auf-den-hund-gekommen.net
Web: http://auf-den-hund-gekommen.net

  Dog Training and Behavior Modification
Hi! Vela's Buzz is otherwise known as Leonard "Buzz" Cecil. Buzz has been living in this place for a long time. I've known him since he took me from mom and grandma, and have done my best to raise him properly. It wasn't always easy, since he doesn't speak dogese and I don't speak his 2-legger language. After getting off to a rocky start, he came home one day with a thing that goes "click-clack". It didn't take me long to convince him, that he if wanted me to do stuff for him, I would if that click-clack thing went off AND I got good stuff to eat. He was really easy to train with that thing. I got him to give me treats for doing all sorts of silly things like not running on that long line when he was poking along, or for keep all 4-on-the-floor. But then I convinced him to give me treats for stuff like crawling under him, jumping over him, bringing him stuff. What I don't quite get is, that sometimes I'll do something and I DON'T get a treat, but then I do it again right afterwards and I DO get one. I don't know if he forgets (he is sooo old), so I cut him some slack. Sometimes it takes a long, long time before he gives me one, but then I realize that I'm having so much fun just playing with him, that I don't mind. Well, that's about all for now. If you contact me at buzz@auf-den-hund-gekommen.net or at my website I can tell him and he'll contact you. Nice meeting you - Buzz's VELA Buzz and his dog Vela earned the very first Trick Dog Champion title!   Schuepfen: Evelyn Constantinidis Switzerland
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
  Saxon: Roxane Fumeaux Switzerland
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
  The Netherlands The Netherlands: Brigitte van Gestel, CTDI The Netherlands

Brigitte van Gestel, CTDI
Certified 12/11

  Training your dog should be a party!
Brigitte van Gestel is an experienced dog trainer. She started 15 years ago with her crossbreed, Odie, and discovered the fun of dog tricks. This training made their bond even better. Brigitte is a guide dog instructor, and teaches Canine Musical Freestyle, Treibball, and Obedience classes. She competes with her border collies in dog sports and is always looking forward to teach dogs something new. In 2008 Brigitte and her dogs earned the title Dutch Canine freestyle Champion and Dutch Heelwork to music Champion. In 2009 Brigitte's dog Twizzle earned 4th place at a big international Freestyle Competition. In 2011 Twizzle and Brigitte became first with the Dutch team at the World Cup Obedience at Crufts in England. In November 2011 they again earned the Dutch Canine Freestyle Champion Title.     Joure: George Vos, CTDI The Netherlands,

George Vos, CTDI

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor     United Kingdom Ascot: Sandra Caines, CTDI United Kingdom
Sandra Caines

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am a retired dual qualified registered nurse, for learning disabilities and mental health. I am owned by five rescue Border Collies, who have various special needs, these include deafness, epilepsy and reactivity due to nervousness. All are working towards their trick titles ranging from Novice to Expert. I offer 1-2-1 sessions and small classes. I specialise in dogs and owners who have special needs, and the emphasis is on fun.
Aylesbury, Malcolm Donald United Kingdom
Clacton On Sea,

Malcolm Donald

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Malcolm Donald is a positive dog trainer qualified with the IMDT.
Canterbury: Joanna Philpott, CTDI United Kingdom
Joanna Philpott

My Dog Trick Training.
Exciting trick training for all no matter the breed, age or previous experience. Great fun for dogs and owners.

I have always worked with animals and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2005. I moved over to teaching Animal Management 5 years ago although I still nurse for an emergency clinic during weekends and holidays. I mainly teach students with learning difficulties and behavioural issues. I have 2 dogs. They are Springer cross Cocker Spaniels who have both achieved their Intermediate Trick Dog Awards. They both compete in agility and we train 2-3 times a weeks. I believe in positive reinforcement training for all dogs (and other animals). I think training should be enjoyable for both the dogs and owners.
Chichester, West Sussex: Elaine Armstrong, CTDI United Kingdom
Elaine Armstrong

Certified Trick Dog Trainer

Clacton on Sea, Essex: Joanne Nutkins, CTDI United Kingdom
Clacton On Sea,

Joanne Nutkins
Head Trainer, Dog Training in Essex & Suffolk
07809 117912

Pet Dog Training - For All Breeds And Ages! I am a pet dog trainer based in Essex, UK. I run my own Dog Training Business and team, with 1-2-1's in the Clacton area and classes and 1-2-1's at our premises in Ardleigh near Colchester. I teach all breeds, ages and levels and find tricks are great stimulation and wonderful for relationship building for both dog and owner. Tricks can also be used to help in other dog activities including Obedience, Heelwork to Music, Assistance Dog Work and Good Citizen Scheme! I am also a member of the Kennel Club's Accreditation Scheme, and am a UK Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award Examiner Judge I own three adult Norwich Terriers. Cassie started her tricks titles aged 13 1/2 and brain work helps keep her mind young and active! Two are working on their Advanced titles currently and one on Expert, all three have achieved their Good Citizen Gold awards plus have competed at Open and Champ Obedience, done Agility, HTM, Rally O and more!
Colchester, Essex: Kate Gasson, CTDI United Kingdom
Colchester, Essex
Kate Gasson

Trainer, Dog Training in Essex & Suffolk
07809 117912
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am assisting Joe Nutkins in her training classes and currently being trained by Joe to be a pet dog trainer. I'm really enthusiastic about trick training and clicker training and looking forward to doing more!
Clacton on Sea, Essex: Lesley Singers United Kingdom
Clacton On Sea,

Lesley Singers

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Lesley Singers competes in agility and is a qualified agility judge. She runs an agility training club and is learning to include tricks in her teaching as a way to help her clients to find ways to have fun with their dogs outside of agility competition.
Devon, Barnstaple: Jane Curthoys United Kingdom
Devon, Barnstaple
Jane Curthoys
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
KCAI and PPG member owner of six dogs all working toward their trick titles. Pro dog trainer with 15 years experience.
East Sussex, Eastbourne: Kathleen Tepperies, CTDI, CAP2 United Kingdom
East Sussex, Eastbourne
Kathleen Tepperies
Certififed 8/12
Tel: 00447791337232
Fun Trick Dog Training's Website

Love Your Dog, Love a Trick!
I've always had dogs and always enjoyed training them. My first dog was a German Spitz, followed by a German Shepherd, a terrier crossbreed and now I have my rescue dogs— an Irish Setter/Spaniel Cross and a Jack Russel/Dachshund Cross (who showed me that an old dog can learn new tricks!) We perform trick dog shows and take part in trick competitions. Brandy (Irish Setter) and Max (mixed breed) achieved their Champion Trick Dog titles. I teach tricks using a clicker and positive reinforcement. Teaching tricks is a great way to bond with your dog and have fun. Click here to view Brandy's champion video.
Berkshire, England: Philippa Short, CTDI United Kingdom
Berkshire, England
Philippa Short
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a Professional dog trainer for over 20 years and I offer one to one training, and behavioural consultations for dogs.
I work with reward based training to ensure that the dogs are motivated and happy to work with you and always take into account your and their emotional needs, to help you build a strong trusting partnership together. Whatever the age of your dog, young or old, I can tailor make a fun hour for you and your dog according to your dog’s physical abilities.
Services offered –
-Beginner to advanced Obedience training
-Confidence building
-Behaviour modification
-Trick training
-Fun scentwork
-Fun Rally
-Puppy selection
-Fun agility
-Canine Massage Therapy
-Canine Reiki Therapy
-Home from home boarding
I am a member of the Pet Professional Guild, Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme, APDT and the Canine Behaviour and Training Society. I am canine first aid trained and fully insured.
Please take a look at my website and feel free to contact me.
Web – www.animalfriend.co.uk
e-mail – animal.friend@hotmail.co.uk
telephone – +44 01344 311230
Chester, England: Jayde Davey, CTDI United Kingdom
Chester England
Jayde Davey

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I am an aspiring dog trainer living in the UK, with the intentions of promoting force-free dog training whilst encouraging owners to have fun with their dogs. I worked with a Professional dog trainer part time for a year and a half and I am also studying for my advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. I am a member of the International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP) which aims to promote positive dog training i.e. with no shock collars, prong collars, striking, jerking etc. I have a deaf dalmatian called Logan who you will see in most of my videos. I teach him in exactly the same way as I would teach a dog that could hear apart from obviously I cannot use vocal commands so instead use hand signals. Hand signals are a great tool for any dog to learn especially as they get older and may become hard of hearing. Because of this I understand that certain tricks that I will be teaching are not always suitable for every breed or individual and so will always be open to suggestion. I also work with a few other dogs regularly and these include a miniature poodle, a jack russell and a border collie. I also have my own blog website with connecting twitter, facebook and youtube channel in which I post videos and articles that I find relevant to my training. Click here to visit my page www.blogthatdog.com I think that Trick Dog Training is brilliant for both dog and owner. It helps create a bond, whilst being a source of both mental and physical exercise for the dog, it is also a great way to show off to your friends and more importantly it should be fun! I hope to teach as many people as possible how to train their dogs in a positive, fun way
Essex, England: Nina Fotara, CTDI United Kingdom
Essex, England
Nina Fotara
Founder of Kalma Training, based in the UK.
Mobile: 07917445830
Certified 9/2013
Kalma Training.....you get out what you put in so make it positive!
Trick Training classes and 121's based in Essex.
I have 2 trick dogs of my own Kodi, who is a Trick Dog Champion & Rhea who soon to gain her Expert title.
Trick training isn't all about the fun (although it is all fun), its also fantastic for bonding and a brilliant way to help dogs to gain confidence in new situations!
Essex, England: Jill Upton, CTDI United Kingdom
Essex, England
Jill Upton
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Hi im Jill and im 46 years old and live in the UK.
I like to try everything possible with my dog, but my love of trick training and the rewards I get from it are the best feeling ever. Over the last 20 years I have been doing obedience, flyball, agility, canine freestyle, clicker training, working trials and taking part in a display team. I have also helped in agility classes working my way up to taking classes. I am now teaching workshops called Clever Canines where we have fun teaching cool tricks and games using target training, positive reinforcement and shaping behavior.
The Trick is in the Training - I like to challenge myself and my dogs and I have come up with unique tricks over the years which I am very proud of. Trick Training is a great way to bond with your dog and have fun. I have been teaching tricks at a local dog club for the past few years.
Essex, England: Lisa Hardy United Kingdom
Essex, England
Lisa Hardy
Head Trainer, Billericay Dog Training School
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for the past 20 years, using kind and positive methods. As Head Trainer at Billericay Dog Training School, I have run the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme for the last 10 years and have attained the Bronze Award with 5 of my dogs and Bronze, Silver and Gold with 4 of my dogs. I have trained 9 of my own dogs for enjoyment and competition. I have competed in Obedience, Agility and Rally O. In my spare time, I enjoy tracking with my dogs as well as scent work and trick training.
Essex, England: Stace Houghton CTDI United Kingdom
Essex, England
Stace Houghton


Any Breed, Any Size Can Have Fun Training Force Free
Hi, I am 29 years old and live in Essex. I have 3 dogs. Two rescue Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are advance trick dog and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Chihuahua who is a trick dog champion. I have worked around animals for many years, in between other jobs. It wasn't until I had to quit my retale job due to ill health that I really found what I wanted to do.. Thanks to the help of my three dogs I have found a love in trick training. I love the bond it helps you form with your dog, and the fun you both have. Due to the Staffordshire Bull Terriers unfair reputation we have also been showing through tricks, just how clever the breed truely is and how any breed can be taught using positive reinforcement and not force. I can't wait to start helping other people teach their dogs tricks and show them how much fun trick training really is.
Hertfordshire, England: Hanne Grice United Kingdom
Hertfordshire, England
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Hertfordshire, England: Helen James United Kingdom
Hertfordshire, England
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I work as a full time dog trainer, teaching general pet obedience,nosework and agility. I currently include dog tricks in my classes but am trying to improve my knowledge so that I can offer a wider variety of tricks to my customers. I am also keen to improve my own dogs as they love tricks and clicker work. Hertfordshire, England: Lisa Waterman, CTDI United Kingdom
Hertfordshire, England
Lisa Waterman

Dog Trainer and Trick Specialist
leighsa33@gmail.com The Trick to it all is having Fun
I have been instructing pet dog training classes for the past 12 years having passed practical based instructor courses and gaining a distinction in a level 5 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. I also enjoy participating in activities such as obedience, agility and trick training with my own dogs as well as constantly updating my skills as a trainer by regularly attending workshops and seminars. I love teaching my dogs tricks and I really enjoy showing others how to teach tricks too. Trick training is all about having fun and spending quality time with your dog. Ipswich: Elizabeth Tidy United Kingdom
Elizabeth Tidy

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Elizabeth Tidy has trained for over 40 years in various disciplines, including training a search and rescue Labrador with NSARDA.
Ipswich: Charlotte Hubbard, CTDI United Kingdom
Charlotte Hubbard

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Charlotte began training by volunteering with rescue dogs, training and rehabilitating a variety of dogs with varying backgrounds and needs. Now she teaches in obedience and agility and works at a training school.
Isle of Wight, England: Louise Twinberrow United Kingdom
Isle of Wight
Louise Twinberrow

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been a dog walker and trainer for the past 3 years and I run obedience pet classes in my home town on the Isle of Wight. I have recently enjoyed training my dogs towards gaining their trick dog titles. I also keep and show rabbits and compete on my horse in dressage and showing.
Carmarthenshire,Wales: Carole Husein, CTDI United Kingdom
Pembrokeshire, Wales
Carole Husein
Owner, School for Dogs Wales
Home: 01554832502
Mob: 07944 044155 caroleschoolfordogs@gmail.com

Trick Dog Instructor
Dog trainer and behaviour consultant
In the interest of the dog
Rescue dogs: Second hand does not mean second best.
Carole qualified as a teacher of dog training in order to offer a more professional service to the dog owning public. Her qualifications are from UK, Australia and USA. In 2010 Carole was awarded the Susan Wilkins Award , runner up in 2014, through APDT Australia. Over many years she has been involved in obedience, agility, flyball, shepherding, rally, tricks, canine freestyle etc. Carole provides training privately and in small groups. After several years managing training, education and behaviour in a rescue facility in Cyprus she has returned to Wales. Her work in schools in Cyprus has been continued in Wales as she now works as a therapy dog handler and trains new volunteers in therapy work. As a force free trainer Carole promotes positive training methods and believes in giving the dogs a positive reason to comply happily using clicker and verbal markers. Training tricks is fun for all and plays an important part in her own and her students' education.
Pembrokeshire,Wales: Sarah Ellis, CTDI United Kingdom
Pembrokeshire, Wales
Sarah Ellis
Clicks for Tricks
Certified 8/2013
Trick Dog Instructor
Dog trick training the fun way using positive reward based methods. Fun for you and fun for your dog. I have been training my own dogs tricks,agility,obedience for many years. Both are registered Pets As Therapy Dogs and I am a Temperament Assessor who does the test to see if the dog has a reliable sound temperament to visit schools, residential homes and hospitals. I believe very strongly that training your dog and having fun while you do it cements your relationship.
Staffordshire: Tina Westwood United Kingdom
Tina Westwood
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I run a competition dog agility club as a hobby and compete with my boys in agility. We also do some competition HTM/ freestyle, and train flyball and scent work. I teach a lot of body awareness, balance and strength tricks and love shaping, as it is such a lovely way of watching my dogs minds really go to work.
Sunderland, United Kingdom: Lynn Stacey, CTDI United Kingdom
Lynn Stacey
Bella's Website

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Bella’s-Trix ... Trick your way to a happy dog!
Force-Free positive training and most of all fun! Train Tricks .... Your dog will thank you! I currently have 2 dogs, a springer spaniel and a working cocker spaniel, over the years I have owned numerous breeds including Springer Spaniels, German Shepherds, Patterdale terrier, Cavalier King Charles plus a rescue cross breed but it is spaniels that stole my heart. My working cocker spaniel is my fully registered Assistance Dog, I trained Bella up to full Assistance Dog status with the help of the charity Dog A.I.D.
A lot of Assistance Dog tasks have the same components as tricks so it was a natural progression for us to start trick training. I love the way trick training motivates the dog to want to learn more. My working cocker Bella is a TDCH. Bella also achieved her KCGC GOLD award.
I train Force-Free, using reward based positive reinforcement ... I also use a wheelchair ... but that doesn't stop me training my dogs and having fun. Being physically challenged means that I always have to 'think outside the box' and come up with variations on teaching tricks.
I have been an advocate of positive reinforcement for many years and even trained my horse using a clicker.
I do Trick demonstrations plus talks and demos about Assistance Dogs.
Torfaen: Leigh Reynolds, CTDI United Kingdom

Leigh Reynolds, CTDI
Certified 4/11

  The dog you have can be the dog you want
Leigh is passionate about positive reinforcement training. “Trick training is a fantastic way to build a bond with your dog, to learn how to communicate effectively and a great way for the dog you have to become the dog you want.” Leigh advocates trick training for all types of dogs; however has a special fondness for bull
breeds. “It is definitely possible for bull breeds to have brains and brawn!” Watch as Roxy proves just that!
West Midlands, UK: Jan Martin, CTDI United Kingdom
West Midlands, Wolverhampton
Jan Martin
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
West Yorkshire, England: Joanna Bower United Kingdom
West Yorkshire, Bingley
Joanna Bower
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am 27 and have been surrounded by dogs all my life. From a young age I was shown how to be kind to dogs and proved myself at training classes. My compassion and drive was noticed and I was encouraged to develop and help at classes. I was involved in obedience and agility. I started showing dogs at 12 and did very well in junior handling classes, people noticed and would ask if I would show their dogs. I have now set up my own training class and this has been going for over a year now. I also train for agility and work in a boarding kennels. For my training classes I promote trick training. Doing this course will be a real boost and ill be able to spread the word of how great it is and help owners build a special bond with dogs. Wiltshire: Rosie Reid, CTDI United Kingdom
Rosie Reid
Tel: 07731316007

Positivity, Practice, Patience Rosie has been training with dogs for many years now and her approach to dog training is to use a combination of free-shaping and lure and reward methods but her first and key note when approaching dog training is: HAVE FUN! Rosie owns a Greyhound and 2 Lurchers and loves to do obedience, trick training, agility and flyball with them. Rosie’s Lurcher Boo is the first Advanced Trick Dog Lurcher in the world with DMWYD. Rosie works closely with a number of local charities by running fundraising events, completing homechecks and fostering dogs. Rosie founded Fundraising Fidos as well as the Swindon Great British Greyhound Walk and continues to run Sighthound specific events to help rehabilitate them from rescue as well as trick training classes and obedience classes for all breeds. Rosie loves to learn and keep up with modern dog training techniques and holds a number of certificates and qualifications including Dog Care, Dog Frist Aid, K9 Sports Massage and Trainer Certificates. Rosie’s dogs have also won awards for heroism and have been featured in the Crufts Magazine and other publications. Rosie has experience with working with disabled trainers and adapting learning and handling techniques to suit; as her partner is disabled and a wheelchair user she is always learning new tricks to suit the disabled handler.  
Wales: Rebecca Jewsbury, CTDI Wales
Rebecca Jewsbury
Clicks & Tricks Dog Training
Positive Training for Happy Hounds
I am 23 years old and live in North Wales, UK. I have 4 dogs of my own (3 chihuahuas and a Staffordshire bull terrier) and we plan to add a border collie to our little family too. I used to rescue/foster and re-home rescue dogs of various breeds/ sizes/ temperaments. I train using positive reinforcement. I would love to get my certification and run my own trick classes as I feel it is the best way to promote positive reinforcement training and to give owners the best bond possible with their dogs. Northern Ireland: Lindsey Adams Northern Ireland
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Lindsey has worked with and trained local shelter dogs for the past three years. Ireland: Iseult Murphy Rep. of Ireland
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Ireland: Nicole Weihe Rep. of Ireland
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I own 2 adult rescue dogs (a German Sheperd X and a Dobermann). I volunteered as a dog walker with the local SPCA and assisted with weekly dog training and puppy classes at a dog training centre in Cork, Ireland. I completed a course on Dog Training and Obedience and was awarded a Level 6 Award (Distinction). I also completed a Level 3 (UK) Animal Care course and I am a certified Canine First Responder. I currently study Canine Behaviour and Psychology at Compass Education and going to start a full year course with Dog Training Ireland in May 2013 to become a Canine Behaviour Training Technician. I just set up my own business and intend to offer Puppy Socialisation and Basic Manners Classes. I would love to add a Trick Dog Class to my program soon. I am a member of the PPG, Doggone Safe and a student member of the APDT Ireland.
  AUSTRALIA Australia Adelaide: Kate Lloyd, CTDI Adelaide
St Marys
Kate Lloyd
Owner, Dogs Etc

Reward-based dog training - fun and friendly - for dogs of all ages and sizes Kate Lloyd is a qualified dog trainer with a passion for training tricks. With a Degree in Science and a background as a Zookeeper, Kate can help you train any pet animal using positive reinforcement - she has even trained fish! Kate runs puppy and basic obedience classes in the Adelaide area. In-home training and private lessons are available. Kate also runs the Adelaide Animal Actors Agency, through which she trains and supplies animals for film, TV and advertising roles.  
Modbury Heights: Melita Rogers, CGC2, TDCH3, Delta Therapy Dog, CTDI Modbury Heights

Melita Rogers, CTDI
Melita Rogers Trick Dog Training
Mobile 0403 487 219
Certified 2/12

Have Fun with your Dog and Build a Better Bond!
Melita Rogers and her Trick Dogs Lilly, Abbey and Jessie love Trick Dog Training and know that it is an awesome way to improve relationships and build better bonds. Melita is passionate about positive reinforcement / clicker training and would love to help you and your dog to discover the joy and fun of Trick Dog Training!
New South Wales: Noeline Cassettari, CTDI New South Wales
Noeline Cassettari

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
No matter what animal you have as a pet, you can teach it something clever! Dog, cat, horse, donkey, llama, rabbit, deer, pig, chicken, sheep, fox, mouse, fish... all animals can enjoy learning.
Learn about the power of positive reinforcement and clicker training as a fun method of communicating with your pet.

Learn online: http://kindifarm-learning.usefedora.com Don't have a pet? Kindifarm offers a 'Making Friends' incursion to schools in Sydney, Australia. Students learn the principles of positive reinforcement and practise by training a lamb or goat. http://kindifarm.com/visits/school-visits/making-friends/
New South Wales: Rachelle Townsend New South Wales
North Albury
Rachelle Lyons-Townsend
Rachel Townsend Dog Training
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have always enjoyed trick training and would love to pass that onto other people!
South Australia: Sharon Hobbs South Australia
Sharon Hobbs

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I enjoy training my dogs from general obedience to tricks, and would love to teach everyday pet owners.
South Australia: Louise Penfold, NDTF, CTDI South Australia
Coromandel Valley
Louise Penfold
Good Dog Training
Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist
As a groomer I meet many dog owners and over the years I became aware of owners having problems with thhier dogs and not knowing where to go for help. I was able to help them with simple problems from my own experience, having had rescue dogs that I have trained, so I understood many of their problems and frustrations. I was frustrated, however, at not being able to help more dogs, so I decided to train as a behaviorist. I chose the National Dog Training Federation in Victoria as they are a government approved training organization and their training includes the most up-to-date methods and ideas. Having qualified as a fully fledged Dog Behaviourist, Good Dog Training was born! My main goal as a trainer is to help people get more from their relationships with their dogs and maximize the bond between them. Well trained dogs also make god ‘citizens’ and are much better suited to living in our suburban neighborhoods. My training methods are humane, evidence-based training methods, which are simple enough to be taken on by owners and continued to ensure the learned behavior becomes normal for the dog and owner alike. I am a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and the NDTF which enables me to access them most up-to-date methods and theories of training and adopt them where suitable into my teaching. My passion lies in people’s interactions with their dogs and being able to help the dogs bond with their families.
South Australia: Debra Millikan South Australia
Debra Millikan

Owner, Pawsitive Steps
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
  • 37 years dog training,
  • former obedience judge and CGC Evaluator.
  • Diploma of Animal Behavior Science & Technology,
  • Diploma of Dog Training and Behavior Consulting,
  • Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training,
  • CAP 1 & CAP 2.
  • Director of Animals on Course, a registered training organisation in Australia teaching to nationally recognised levels in the vocational education sector.
  • Head Instructor of Canine Behavioural School in Adelaide, South Australia - a force free volunteer based dog training facility that runs the APDT (US) C.L.A.S.S. program.
  • On the Steering Committee of the Pet Professional Guild, the Ethics Committee of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, Board Member of both the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and Companion Animal Sciences Institute.
  • Currently training Canine Freestyle with my 2 year old Bouvier des Flandres and tricks and Freestyle with my 5 month old Irish Red and White Setter.
South Australia: Tamara Daly South Australia
West Lakes
Tamara Daly

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a positive reinforcement pet dog obedience trainer. I work together with my dog and we do demonstrations and shows together with my work colleagues and their dogs.
Tasmania: Megan Hulme Tasmania
Megan Hulme
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a part time professional force free trainer with 4 rescue dogs and an interest in shaping and helping people to build better bonds with their dogs through training.
Victoria: Tom Allan Victoria
Tom Allan
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am just about to complete an 8 month course (Certificate III in Dog Behavoiur & Training) to become a nationally accredited dog trainer. I have my own training business but also help out at a well established obedience school in another area.
Victoria: Jacinta Carswell Victoria
Jacinta Carswell
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I LOVE dogs. I love training dog lovers to train their dogs and teaching owners how to train their dogs to do 'tricks' is fun for the owners and stimulates the dog - keeps them happy and learning and doing what they do best - making their owners happy. It's a win:win situation.
Queensland: Gill Anderson, APDT Trainer, CLASS Evaluator, CTDI Queensland
Gill Anderson

Fun For Life Dog Training
Where Dogs Will Jump Through Hoops For You
Gill Anderson owns and instructs at Fun For Life Dog Training. She is passionate about training dogs to have Life and Social Skills as she thinks these skills are essential to prevent dogs from being surrendered. She considers tricks important because they provide a win/win situation for dogs and owners. The dog gets rewards and the owners can think their dogs are cute. She is a CLASS Evaluator (E750636) with the APDT (USA) and has completed her Certificate 4 in Companion Animals Services through the Delta Society.Gill applies the principles of Positive Reinforcement to training dogs. She lives in Queensland, Australia, with her husband Don and their two dalmatians, Specs and Copilot with have Agility titles and Trick titles.
Western Australia: Laura Ryder, CTDI Western Australia
Laura Ryder
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
New Zealand Auckland Takanini: Manako Sugiyama, CTDI Auckland

Manako Sugiyama,

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been doing Heelwork to Music and Agility for five years and Obedience for four years with my Beagles, Cinnamon and Mint. Currently I am an assistant instructor at a Heelwork to Music class of a local dog training club. I really enjoy helping others learn how to teach their dogs tricks and other behaviours. The most important thing for me in dog training is enjoying it. If either you or your dog is not enjoying it, it is not worth doing. So, I help you make your training fun and enjoyable using positive-reinforcement based training methods. Whangaparaoa: Marie Manderson Auckland

Marie Manderson

  Associate Trick Dog Instructor Animal Trainer with over 20 years experience, specializing in clicker training. Featured in 2 TV series training numerous species for film and television. Trained dog to drive a car which went viral internationally. Recently started my own animal training company as a mobile animal trainer.
SOUTH AMERICA Venezuela Caracas: Carlos Betancourt, CTDI Venezuela

Carlos Betancourt, CTDI
Certified 12/10
elhombrequeescuchaalosperros @gmail.com
(+58-414) 349.54.99

  The Man Who Listens to Dogs...
Carlos Betancourt, el hombre que escucha a los perros® shows you a gentle, practical, simple, effective, and pleasant way to teach your dog without using any kind of violence. Included in his pack are Tina, Pirata, and Chocolate—dog stars that have appeared in TV commercials, movies, and dog shows. Carlos has the skills to train you on how to teach your dog. Carolos' tricks classes are fun and rewarding for dogs and owners. Puerto la Cruz: Pastor Rodriguez, CTDI Venezuela
Puerto la Cruz

Pastor Rodriguez, CTDI
Certified 02/16 pastorgrc@hotmail.com 04248689656

  Certified Trick Dog Instructor
I have been training dogs for ten years, and the method that I have been using is the positive reinforcement (to train the dog with reward, without punishment). I think the positive method does not have limits and the most important thing is that it does not hurt the character of the dog. Getting the closeness between the animal and the human. Also you could have fun with your pet teaching it some tricks! SOUTH AFRICA Bryanston Bryanston: Astrid Buhmann, Flyball Judge, CGC Evaluator, CAP3, TDCH2, CTDI Bryanston

Astrid Buhmann, CTDI
Certified 1/12

  Grow. Trust. Bond… Learn to talk clicker. Astrid has training dogs competitively for 10 years. Her two Border Collies, Puka and Star, are titled in various disciplines including Obedience, Agility, Flyball, carting, HTM, Working Trials —and of course, Tricks! Astrid's passion is clicker training, with a view to improving the handler's mechanical and observational skills. Students are encouraged to shift paradigms and stretch themselves at all times, focusing not only on the science, but also on the art of clicker. Fun tricks are the behaviors of choice when honing the handler's skills in class, and the clicker is the language that bridges the human/dog divide: Learning thea language opens up communication channels between the handler and their dog. With communication comes a deeper understanding, and with deeper understanding comes a stronger bond and a level of mutual trust that is difficult to replicate in conventional training. Grow. Trust. Bond… Learn to talk clicker. Benmore: Kathy Clayton, CTDI Benmore
Kathy Clayton

Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Senior judge of Obedience, Agility, Dog Jumping, Dog Carting and CGC. WCFO judge of Canine Freestyle. TDCH; CAP 1 and CAP 2
I started training my first Border Collie in 1978. I have competed in obedience and working trials, agility, dog carting and freestyle dog dancing. I am a judge in South Africa for all the above as well as a judge for the World Canine Freestyle Organization. I am a full time Senior Accredited Companion Animal Behaviourist (ABC of South Africa), and a Professional Dog Trainer. I live in Gauteng, South Africa. I am the past Chairman of the ABC of SA, and presently the Chairman of Dancing with Dogs in Africa.
Derdepark: Hedwig Sebulke Derdepark
Hedwig Sebulke

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Hedwig has been involved in agility, obedience, and dog dancing for about 15 years.
Cape Town Cape Town: Gill Land, CTDI CapeTown
Western Cape
Gill Land

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
My dog is my companion and my best friend. We love the outdoors and taking long walks in the mountains, forests and on the beach. We also do agility, working trials and tracking. I've found that using positive training techniques and reward based training makes every training session fun snf exciting for both me and my dog. Incorporating trick training is a great way to build communication and enhance your handling skills. Many of the tricks also improve flexibility and muscle strength keeping your dogs fit and healthy. My dog loves learning new things and he definately finds me more interesting and rewarding. It's also the perfect winter weather activity!
Cape Town: Keshia Victor, CTDI CapeTown
Western Cape
Keshia Victor

Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Keshia wants to create a world where dogs and humans have a strong bond -strengthened by the trust gained through training with positive methods. A world where doggy glitter (hair) covers sofas. A world where your dog will jump through hoops for you. Literally. A CTDI with experience training puppies and older dogs, both in the training and shelter environment, Keshia bases her training in clicker and other positive reinforcement methods. When she's not clicking and treating Keshia can be found at her office, volunteering at her local animal shelter, studying towards her Animal Behaviour Diploma, or painting some or other piece of furniture in the garage. Her first Do More With Your Dog All Star Team will be starting soon and she is looking forward to embarking on this new adventure. If you are interested in training your dog to do a variety of tricks and gaining a dog trick title, contact Keshia to join a session (keshiavictor@thinkingpets.com).
Gauteng Gauteng: Ingrid Rosendahl Gauteng
Ingrid Rosendahl

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have been involved with training dogs since the age of 9. I have been fortunate enough to have made up obedience, carting, tracker dog and mucical freestyle champions. My dogs are my friends and I would love to be able to engage more people in having better bonds with their dogs
Johannesburg Fairland: Liz Chamberlain, CTDI Johannesburg
Fairland Liz Chamberlain, CTDI WCFO International Judge, KUSA Dog Carting Judge, CGC Judge   liz@learn-more.co.za
Learn More - because we all can Liz has been involved in dog sports since 1993, and strongly believes that all dogs need a job – so why not make it a fun one? And that’s what tricks are: fun. Tricks build confidence in your dog, as well as building a bond between you and your dog. You can change your dog’s personality by teaching a wide range of behaviours: pushy dogs learn to please you; fearful dogs learn to trust you and enjoy what is going on around them. Teaching tricks is a great way to improve your skills as a trainer. You need to understand your dog and how to communicate effectively with it to be able to teach complex tricks. Liz uses force free training methods to teach her students how to teach their dogs. In short, tricks help your dog to feel important, smart, confident, needed and bonded with you. Tricks help your dog learn how to learn. Liz has trained and competed with her Bouviers and miniature long-haired dachshunds in dog carting, obedience, tricks, agility, protection sports, Rally-FrEe, tracking, freestyle, conformation and Canine Good Citizen. She has trained teams for demonstration performances for expos for the last 15 years, including most recently a children’s team.     ASIA Hong Kong Kowloon: Raymond Wong Hong Kong
Raymond Wong

  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I am a graduate of KPA.
Kowloon: Fat Sun Hong Kong
Fat Sun
  Associate Trick Dog Instructor
We own a pet shop in Hong Kong.
Japan Camp Shields, Okinawa: Melissa Lundblad, ABCDT, CGC Evaluator, CTDI Japan
Melissa Lundblad, CTDI
Certified 6/11
  To have your dream dog, be their dream person
The more you teach your dog, the stronger your relationship will be. When dogs get bored, they often find their own things—and not always the things owners agree with! But with toys, praise, and a lot of treats they can learn so many fun, thought provoking, and even useful things! Remember when you first brought your dog home, and the relationship you dreamed of having with your dog. With some effort, it is possible to have this dream. Melissa is an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.
Phillippines Makati City: Jennifer Cerrada, CTDI Metro Manila
Makati City
Jennifer Cerrada
BetterDog Canine Behavior Center
G/F G&A Building
2303 Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati City 1232
www.betterdogph.com +6327549958

I'm a lawyer by profession but a dog trainer at heart. I got hooked into trick training eight years ago when I brought home a gorgeous golden retriever puppy I named Hunter. I challenged myself to teach him as many fun tricks as possible and, fast-forward eight years later, he earned his TDCH to become the first trick champion from the Philippines. Trick training has strengthened the bond between Hunter and me and allowed us to pursue other interests such as dog sports and tv commercial work. I worked towards earning this trick dog instructor certification so I could share that same joy and fulfillment of trick training with you and your dogs in a professional (but fun!) environment. I advocate positive reinforcement and force-free techniques. If you live in Manila, Philippines and want to learn more, please contact BetterDog Canine Behavior Center (details below). Here's to more happy training! Let's do more with our dogs!
  Singapore Singapore: Michelle Chan, CTDI Singapore

Michelle Chan

lead trainer, Pup Pup 'N' Away
+65 9339 9889
Take your dog to new heights!
Michelle uses positive, force free, science based methods to train dogs. Michelle is the lead trainer at Pup Pup 'N' Away, a training school in Singapore that places a strong emphasis on building a happy working relationship with your dog, and which does so through its puppy and basic manners classes, as well as its fun agility, scent work and trick dog classes! Michelle actively competes in agility, earning titles for her two shelties, and also trains for competitive obedience and doggy dancing, and absolutely loves trick training with them. She is enrolled in Jean Donaldson's Academy of Dog Trainers and is also a licensed presenter for Family Paws Parent Education.
Singapore: Amos Peng, CTDI Singapore

Amos Peng, CTDI
Certified 3/11
Phone: 98340387

  Professional Dog Trick Trainer
My training style is to use rewarding and encouraging methods to guide my students toward success in training. My classes emphasize building a bond between dog and owner. I am a professional trainer at Sunny Chong Dog Training School. Singapore: Adeline Ng, CTDI Singapore

Adeline Ng, CTDI
Certified 5/11

  Build a Relationship
I am a professional trainer at Sunny Chong Dog Training School where I have trained in Obedience and Agility. I am currently conducting Puppy Class (up to 1.5 yrs) and I organize monthly events such as dog swim lessons, dog massage, dog tricks, and holiday events. Singapore: Cindy Cheong Singapore

Cindy Cheong

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Singapore City: Sunny Chong Singapore

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Singapore: Jia Wei Lim Singapore

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Singapore: Jeffrey Tang CTDI Singapore

Jeffrey Tang, CTDI
Certified 1/12
jeffreytang2004@ yahoo.com.sg

  Professional Dog Training
I am a professional trainer at Sunny Chong Dog Training School. Singapore: Katrina Tan, CTDI Singapore

Katrina Tan, CTDI
Certified 12/11

  Bond with your dog
I am a professional trainer at Sunny Chong Dog Training School. My classes emphasize building a positive relationship with the dog, and knowledge-based training. I use positive reinforcement training methods. Singapore: Jazz Ng Singapore

Jazz Ng

APawz Fitness & Dogsports Academy
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I'm a chief trainer of APawz Fitness & Dogsports Academy in Singapore. All my dogs were actively involved in local competition such as Obedience, Agility and Jumper Trial. They are also K9 model for some TV/media. We actively demo in pet events such as obedience, agility and dog dancing.
Singapore: Shanice Tan Singapore

Shanice Tan

SuperNova Academy Of Dog Sports
Associate Trick Dog Instructor
Where Every Dog Shines Shanice is the founder and lead trainer at SuperNova Academy Of Dog Sports, a positive dog training school in Singapore that trains both dog owners and dog trainers. She uses positive, reward-based training techniques for all her training programs. She believes in building mutual trust and fostering a good working relationship between a dog owner and his dog through its puppy class, basic obedience, agility, rally’o, canine fitness and trick dog classes. Her dogs, Nova ( sheltie ) and Zeal ( border collie ) are active in competitive agility and obedience, performing for local media and the cable television, as well as, doing demo at pet events to promote positive dog trainings to the community. Through positive trainings, her sheltie, Nova has achieved top titles in Singapore Kennel Club Agility Trials and USDAA. Nova is also an Expert Dog Trick Title holder while Zeal holds an Intermediate Dog Trick Title.
Singapore: Jaykay Zhang Singapore

Jaykay Zhang

Associate Trick Dog Instructor
I have a 4-year old Shetland Sheepdog, Jacey. I recently lost my adopted boy, Kayde,n to bone cancer. The loss made me realize that my dogs are a part of me. After taking some time off I realized that I want to enrich dogs' lives.
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